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Incorporating Reading and Writing into the Social Studies Classroom: A Response to, A Sobering Big Idea, by Sam Wineberg.

A response to,  A Sobering Big Idea (Sam Wineberg).

I really feel as though it is silly, or better put an unintelligible comment or action, to say that social studies is not important enough to be apart of school curriculum. 737 more words

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Teaching About Truthfulness: Mount Pelée

Teaching students about the importance of telling the truth is a lesson that they can take with them through their entire lives. Being an honest human being will most definitely take them far in life, and welcome them to longer lasting relationships and careers. 255 more words

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Teaching About Other Governments

From my last post about teaching human rights from learning about child soldiers in Colombia, this began to spark my thoughts about why this is even able to occur in the first place- because the government lacks representation of its people, is corrupt, lacks structure, etc. 117 more words

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Instagram Stories: It's Snapchat For Post-Teens

Instagram Stories is an obsession for me. Well, maybe ‘obsession’ is a tad strong. Passion, perhaps? Either way, the platform is currently one of the fastest growing and a lot of that is thanks to the Stories feature. 241 more words


How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas For Your Blog

Blogs can be a power house for your business in the long term if you keep adding valuable content weekly.

I know what you’re thinking, that you will run out of ideas for your blog. 632 more words

Smart Content Curation Ideas For The Social Platforms

When it is about posting contents for the social media then it is often a challenge for the marketers. As in the world of so many competitive companies, we don’t post just for posting, but also you want to offer information about hour particular industry to engage more audience and better promotion. 654 more words


Catholic Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017

It’s September 19 so it must be, what, Tuesday of the 24th week in Ordinary Time (or the quickie Twitter version)? As sure as I’m Cap’n’ Marrrrrk, it’s also… 146 more words

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