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As we become more discerning in the way we consume, marketing has become in many ways, much harder for smaller businesses.

Although we have many more tools at our fingertips such as social media, we have to become more savvy with our content.

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If Content is King, Context is God.

To measure the total return on investment (TROI) as a result of the activities of a program or project, we should always consider the context. That is, we should consider the reason for the project, the problem it intends to solve, the people it is supposed to benefit, is it part of a larger project, or as a result of another project, the underlying or prevailing conditions of the project at the time and so on. 272 more words


WordPress Casual Meet

On the dashboard of my WordPress blog I found something interesting; it was an informal WordPress meet to be held at IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education) based in Andheri- West, Mumbai, India on 2nd September, 2017. 563 more words


Top 10 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tips

People having blogs/websites know about search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. However when it comes to search engine marketing (SEM), a lot of people confuse it with SEO. 1,265 more words

Content Writing Service

Why Content is Still King

Long before the internet was invented, the defining axiom in print was that “content is king.” Today, where online content dominates print content, many of the world’s top SEO and web marketing experts still say that “content is king.” 464 more words


Đừng làm copy past, mà hãy là chuyên gia sáng tạo content thực thụ

Làm content đừng copy và past

Tôi thường nghe rất nhiều CEO, trưởng phòng marketing của các doanh nghiệp lớn nhỏ tại đất Sài Thành bảo rằng:”website nhà anh nó giống nhà hàng xóm quá, em có cách gì để làm cho nó khác người giúp anh không em?” 954 more words

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