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Content Marketing - What is it?

You’ve probably heard of content marketing – it’s a term that has been making waves in business for a number of months now. Yet, even if you haven’t heard of the phrase – don’t worry as I’m about to explain everything about it as well as how easy it can be. 326 more words


10 interesting blog ides to generate traffic

Blog writing may seem like one of life’s mundane tasks. However, instead of simply doing it because other people are doing it, it is important to make your blog work for you and your business. 292 more words


Social Media And Content Marketing Trends Every Contractor Should be Using

Content is King!

That tired old marketing adage is more true today than it was last year, certainly moreso than when I got started, and (if Google has it’s way) the trend will continue in new and exciting ways (think Virtual reality, Live Streaming…) 1,404 more words

Content Is King

7 things to do to stop your business failing

As a business owner myself, I understand how it feels to really want your company to succeed. Business life is not easy and success certainly doesn’t happen overnight. 532 more words


Why content is king

Content is king. Many businesses may have heard of this phrase – but what does it mean and why should you care?

Content can mean a whole host of things but for this purpose, I’m focussing on written content and words – namely blogs. 410 more words


Why is Content the King in a Website?

Do you know what sets apart a great website from the rest? It is good content. Without engaging and comprehensible content, your message will fail to get delivered to your potential customers or clients. 952 more words

Content Writing

Content is King, Broadcast is Queen

Esports Central – Episode 7

They usually say that content is king, especially in a society that consumes content with every waking moment. If your content isn’t the best, what’s to stop us from scrolling straight past it onto something more interesting – NOTHING. 733 more words