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12 things to do in your teamsite after organizational change

An organizational change can have many consequences. Business parts, names, focus, responsibilities and people change.
The team site you work in needs to reflect the current situation, so this is always a good moment to take a critical look at your site. 763 more words

Do More With SharePoint

Beautiful Content

I learned something in a recent experience with Netflix. In content, we don’t want just brevity, clarity, efficiency, or effectiveness. What we really want is beauty. 797 more words

Content Strategy

My Will Not Work For Free Manifesto

I openly admit that I’m probably going to come off as sounding like a crazy kook, but how would you feel if someone asked you to work for free? 497 more words

The Buzz On The Biz

Pulsar Publishing offers the Social Content Pro Pack for Brand Illumination

The Social Content Pro Pack Cuts Through the Noise and illuminates your brand.

How do we do that? We take the heart of your brand identity and write powerful, moving content that is meant to inspire your readers.   240 more words