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Know your terms: content strategy and content marketing explained

You understand content strategy and content marketing. But maybe you’re embarrassed to admit that you don’t quite know how to explain the difference between them. Or how they work together. 329 more words

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8 tips for a un-blogging strategy

As explained in my previous post “Add value, not blog posts”, the following was originally posted on my b-organised blog, entitled as “Are you an all or nothing blogger” 868 more words


Add value, not blog posts

When it comes to advice regarding ‘how often one should blog’ the most common answer I seem to stumble across – whether at live workshops or on the internet – is… 446 more words


Making Your (Power)Point: A Handy SlideShare Checklist

Although SlideShare has been around for nearly ten years, marketers are only beginning to tap the true potential of this powerful lead gen tool. Similar to YouTube, the platform’s native audience is the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential views. 574 more words

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Is It Time for You To Go Native?

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for my friends at Brand Quarterly titled, “To Native or Not to Native, That is the Question.” The impetus for the article is based on my research over the last year on how branded content or native content (whichever term you like to use) has exploded into media and marketing trades. 201 more words

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7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Very few content marketers hit a home run each time they step up to bat. We’ve all had our fair share of strikeouts. Failures, however, are also learning experiences, especially those made by others. 976 more words

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Left Brain versus Right Brain: For Content Marketers it’s a Matter of “And” Not “Or”

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve heard someone label you (or perhaps you labeled yourself) either “right brained” or “left brained.” But I say, why do you have to be just one? 478 more words

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