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Content Marketing: A Cautionary Tale

In the world of healthcare marketing, we go through phases where certain genres of marketing, specific techniques, and strategies take on a faddish quality. Right now, two areas getting a lot of attention are content marketing and brand journalism. 579 more words


5 Steps to Marketing at an Event Outside of Your Industry

The idea of breaking out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself into the unfamiliar is one that we celebrate. When we strive for something new and different despite the risks, we are often rewarded—with success, an invaluable experience, or a discovery about ourselves. 1,054 more words

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How My Husband Created a Video with 15 Million Views

My husband is not a content marketer. He’s not on Twitter. His LinkedIn page exists because it’s as much of a staple as his white t-shirts. 723 more words

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Keeping An Up-To-Date SEO Strategy

SEO is evolving all the time, and like every other facet of digital marketing, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! While some of the changes that are always in the works may be intrinsically beneficial to your business, if you’re not up to date on the way SEO is developing, you’re certain to fall behind your close competitors. 972 more words


How to Boost Your Content Quality

Quality is one of those content marketing buzzwords that everyone likes to throw around, but very few people can really define. We all agree that writing quality content is important, but how exactly do we measure it? 415 more words

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How to Survive a Google Algorithmic Update

Do you know Fred?

No, we’re not talking about a person. We’re talking about the latest update to Google’s algorithm, which appeared like a thief in the night to steal traffic and website state. 471 more words

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4 Things to Include in Your Meta Description

Do you know what a meta description is? It may sound like an overly technical term, but really it’s not. Here’s how SEO Moz describes it: “Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise summaries of webpages. 533 more words

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