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The Five Pillars of a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy That Endures

It’s 2017, and the digital marketing world is chaotic. Google powers 3.5 billion searches per day. Vine is dead, and Snapchat is SNAP. We live in a  921 more words

How Voice Search Changes Content Marketing

The way people search for information is changing—and it’s changing fast. You may be used to actually typing out your search queries, but more and more users now favor voice search—a trend that has much to do with the advent of mobile services, plus voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. 418 more words

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Six Easy Steps to Kick-Start Marketing Attribution on Your Marketing Team

Today’s marketers are being asked, more than ever before, to tie marketing investments directly to revenue. And although marketing attribution has been difficult traditionally, the influx of data and technology has made tracking marketing investments a reality. 841 more words

‘Tis the Season for PPC Advertising

Increasingly, marketers and brands must merge their organic content effort with paid advertising offers. Whether you’re looking to get Facebook views or dominate the search engine results page, combining a natural content effort with PPC ads is imperative; picking one over the other simply won’t get you optimal results. 370 more words

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No One Cares About You #CGTCM

One of the lessons I’m reminded of again and again when marketing is that

no one cares about you; it’s our job to make them.

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Google Says Freshen Up Your Content

While there are – probably – dozens and dozens of ways in which Google likes to rank the content on your website, none of them has become more emphasized than “freshness”. 494 more words

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Why there's really no reason to ever use the term "content marketing"...

Ever since marketing emerged from the dark to the middle ages in the 1980’s, computers and databases have been essential marketing tools. Data’s been driving marketing since the invention of desktop computers, as it became easier for marketers to track the way customers and prospects responded to their messages. 1,109 more words