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Do You Want to Improve Your Effectiveness on Social Media?

If you own a business your job is to market for customers and then if possible keep them as repeat customers but here is a problem. 850 more words

Prolific content

How do you avoid regurgitating content? People say when your competitor zigs you must zag. But what if an new idea or an innovation light bulb sparks a great opportunity for new business or content but someone one has already gotten there first. 219 more words

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Can You Develop Your Academic Writing With a Copywriting Formula? - TUB-Thump 021

I enjoyed writing academic essays most when I was being creative in the process.

My aim was to guide the reader on a journey of discovery. 460 more words

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5 thủ thuật phát triển thành công chiến dịch online marketing

Chiến dịch Marketing hay Online Marketing (tiếp thị trực tuyến) là những từ khá… đáng sợ đối với nhiều doanh nghiệp mới gia nhập thị trường. 1,569 more words

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Content marketers: These UX principles can help up your game

This article had me nodding at almost every other paragraph.

When you come to think about it, UX principles tie in very nicely with the definition of content marketing: 528 more words

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Content Marketing: Terms you must know

One of the biggest changes that the world of marketing has seen is the digitization of the whole process, from where and how it is produced, to when and where it is consumed, With the whole world moving online and various BIG and Small players in the market competing for attention, Something that they all have in common is need for great and relevant Content. 264 more words

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How to Create a Webinar Using GoToMeeting - Part 1

Are you a professional communicator? A writer, photographer, or content developer? Are you feeling challenged as a content manager to include videos in your content marketing platform? 116 more words

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