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Always Listening

I started this blog in 2012, not entirely sure what purpose it would serve or from where I’d draw inspiration¬†amid such a broad spectrum of ideologies, methodologies, experiences, observations, and inner dialogue. 665 more words


Content Marketing: From Drip to Deluge

More than ever, content is king.

It drives a never hungrier Internet. It shape-shifts from e-books and blogs to videos, newspaper articles and Internet memes. All of it combines to stuff our faces with brands, messages, agendas and even, on occasion, knowledge. 1,285 more words


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Content Marketing, Sponsored Content and Native Advertising

If you think that the wall, which separates the news from opinion in broadcast and print media, has been crumbling in the past decade or more, then sponsored content or native advertising is definitely not your cup of tea. 798 more words

Inbound marketing

When Inbound Marketing is done well, it gets really good. When it isn’t, it gets incredibly costly and time-consuming. Inbound marketing is the catchall phrase for marketing activities that make your business available to customers whence needed. 227 more words

Marketing Concepts

#HootChat - Content creation with limited resources

My recap of the 8/18 #HootChat hosted by @hootsuite & @iraa.  Join the conversation every Thursday at 3pm EST.

Q1. What is content marketing?

  • Content Marketing is customer centric – News they can use…
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Feed the Content Monster on a Budget

Once you start going down the content strategy route, you have to maintain momentum to make it effective. It can be a hard task creating content as often as you should but even with a small budget and a little time, you can find ways to engage with your customer base and build your brand. 581 more words

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