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Use the Five Senses to Build your Community

Trying to build a community of active, engaged customers?

It’s the challenge that so many businesses and government bodies are trying to do when they launch into social media. 517 more words

Content Marketing

Content, inbound och permission marketing - så skiljer de sig åt

Det finns många buzzwords inom marknadsföring – och content marketing, inbound marketing och permission marketing tillhör onekligen de hetaste just nu. Nedan reder jag ut begreppen. 541 more words


Does your brand take consumer education seriously enough?

Consider for a moment how many times you have been unwittingly led astray by the organisations in your life. There are some common ones to us all – the bank, the doctor, the government etc. 873 more words

Content Marketing

How to Turn Bloggers Into Your Brand Champions

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and grow your brand online.

That’s because people tend to trust bloggers they follow more than they trust you or your marketing. 1,000 more words


The 10 Most Loved Marketing Platforms That Can Help Build Your Business

Are you looking for ways to streamline your marketing processes? Want some handy tools that will help build your business?

If you own an online business you will need the help of a series of tools. 52 more words


My Book is Out. Should I Make a Video Trailer? Oh My God! Put Myself on Video?

Alissa Grosso, “the Awkward Author,” – got to love that characterization – is the first author whose video on book trailers I checked out for the subject of making a book trailer where I would make the video myself. 285 more words


CM World Here I Come

The countdown is real.

Yes, there are a ton of sessions I can’t wait to attend.

Yes, there are amazing guest speakers who I’m sure will make me laugh. 340 more words

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