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Multi-Part Articles

Did you know that some publishers host multi-part articles on Pinnacle? This functionality is best suited for sections where multiple short pieces written by different authors are tailed-in to create a single article file.  104 more words


Download Complete Issues on Pinnacle Mobile

Pinnacle for Mobile users now have the ability to download a complete issue (or book) to their mobile device. It has always been possible to download articles and/or chapters individually, but this new feature, which appears on the TOC page, allows users to download the complete issue with a single tap: 32 more words


New Feature - Access Icons

Pinnacle has always included an Open Access icon to show which articles are open to the public. With the recent upgrade to version 14.4, new Access Icons have been added to give an at-a-glance indication of which content a user has licensed. 330 more words


Popularity Contest

Pinnacle makes it easy for your readers to discover the most popular content in each publication on your site. The List of Issues, or Archives page for each journal hosted on Pinnacle has 3 widgets designed to point your readers to content that may be of interest: 114 more words


WordPress School: Posts and Pages

Let’s be Lorelle’s WordPress School with the two core content elements of WordPress: posts and Pages.

By default, WordPress displays content in posts and Pages. 2,386 more words


Publication Models - Continuous Publication

In my last post, I described options for FirstCite Advance Online Publication. Another publication model that is becoming increasingly popular is Continuous Publication.

Continuous Publication (often referred to as Issue in Progress) allows manuscripts to flow through the entire composition process before being published online. 162 more words

Best Practices

Publication Models - FirstCite Advance Online Publication

While many journals on Pinnacle maintain a traditional issue-based publication model, it is not uncommon to see variations on that model. Pinnacle allows for lots of different models, but perhaps the most prevalent example of this is the addition of an advanced version of some or all papers. 286 more words

Best Practices