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Social Media Calls to Action - How and When to Use Them

This is a fantastic resource from Keira Stein which has all the action phrases to get your customers converting! Implement some into your content and let us know what improvements you see ;)


Five audits for more structured content

“Content is most useful when it’s clear, consistent, orderly, organized—in other words, when it’s well-structured. But well-structured content doesn’t come from inserting “the structure” at some point in the process; it comes from applying a structural lens to all of our content activities, from beginning to end,” says… 848 more words

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3 strategies for nurturing a content writer into an industry expert

Here’s a scenario: Jane, a senior writer for a small social enterprise, recently hired a talented junior writer, Chris. Jane was really impressed by Chris’ skills and background, and she came out of the recruitment process with great expectations for what Chris could do for her organization. 615 more words

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Day-to-Day Marketing Success for Health, Nutrition & Fitness Pros

Day-to-Day Marketing Success happens when you are creating articles, social media posts, and inspiring & enlightening “content” that is linked to remarkable products and services. This includes the ongoing creation of engaging information that people are willing to read, watch and share as they begin to refer your brand to friends and family. 1,822 more words

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How to write better content: Tips from Shopify

Preface: You’ll see a lot of blogs about my takeaways from ConFab Central 2017. What can I say? It was truly insightful and there’s much to share.  896 more words

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Free and Easy Ways to Automate Your Content Creation

More and more, marketers and business professionals are starting to see what distributing valuable content to the right audience on a frequent basis can accomplish. It expands your reach, establishes your credibility, and increases conversion rates. 1,454 more words