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Know Better, Book Better and Go Make a Difference

Again, I return from a long blog hiatus, and I’m proud to say that I have officially completed my graduate degree. Now I’m happy to share some of the work that’s kept me busy these past few months. 1,425 more words

Communication In The Workplace


The Milwaukee Homeless Veteran Initiative has one sole mission, not to leave our wounded behind. They work to help homeless and at-risk veterans to reach and maintain a high level of independence. 187 more words


My Beauty My Say

Everyone gets commented on every day on the way they look, it can positive and negative comments. We start at an early age being bullied on the way we look whether it’s our hair, nose, eyes, body, or even the way we dress. 409 more words

Content Strategy


The #LikeAGirl social media campaign by Procter & Gamble’s brand Always first came to rise in 2014 when the brand released a highly watched commercial. The Always #LikeAGirl social media campaign focuses on redefine the common insult “like a girl” into something positive. 437 more words


How to create a content marketing strategy in five simple steps

Maintaining a steady stream of news and content is often priority number one for those of us working in communications roles. Most organisations have lots of content and most communications professionals have LOTS of ideas for more great content… but how do we make it work most effectively? 441 more words


Love in the Time of Big Data: Big Data's Role in Online Dating

“Big data” is a buzzword that has become increasing popular as the Internet continues to reach into our everyday lives. Suddenly everything can be recorded and calculated, from what we say on social media to where we are at any given moment. 462 more words

Content Strategy for Small Business

Businesses are continuously creating content, but might not be thinking about it in that way. Every email, report and press release is content. The problem arises when this content is made and used in a hap-hazard manner. 1,030 more words

Content Strategy