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Struggling With Your Content Marketing Campaign? How to Respond to Adversity

There are now 46 days until I run the Boston Marathon, and I’m nervous—like starting-to-freak-out nervous. Not only am I extremely worried about the daunting Heartbreak Hill, which has crushed many runners’ dreams over the past decades, but I also have a nagging injury to deal with. 505 more words

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Brand Success: How To Have a Killer Content Strategy

By now, if you haven’t heard the term “content strategy” then you should step out of the shadows and into the light. Loosely defined, content strategy refers to planning, developing, and managing content. 512 more words

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Content Marketing (Part4): 8 Success Ingredients

For the perfect recipe, you will need to prepare your best ingredients!
Thus, the winning recipe for a content strategy contains 8 simple ingredients but in my opinion, essential. 850 more words


Creating a Content Strategy: Finding and Nailing Your Voice

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the technicalities of planning a content strategy. If you’re new to the world of content and copywriting, the entire process can seem overwhelming and confusing. 1,080 more words

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Why You Need a Content Audit (featuring Vince Vaughn)

By now we all agree, don’t we, that a content strategy is key? It’s key to search, key to owning your message, key to lead generation, key to your overall communications strategy. 283 more words


What's your algorithmic content strategy? LA Times and AP have one

First a robot wrote an LA Times article about an earthquake. Now the AP will have a robot write baseball articles.

Rather than fear or dismiss this, I’m interested in thinking through how algorithm-based editorial could be used on the branded content side at scale. 153 more words

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Content Marketing : Source of Delightful Information for Free

I’ve been a microscopic (or rather nanoscopic) part of the Blogging World since 2011. In that Era (yes, it qualifies as an Era in the Digital World), the Blogging Sphere was inundated with people who wanted to write but didn’t find publishers. 606 more words

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