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How to create compelling web content: Content writing 1O1

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

This quote is so true and more relevant in the age when readers have abundance of data, is your data worth becoming useful information? 310 more words


Hey Look! A Squirrel! Overcoming Distractions

Distractions are the bane of my existence and life is full of them. Whether they come in the form of new ideas, grocery lists, memories, emotions, or social media addiction, every writer must learn to overcome distractions and stay focused on the current project if he or she wants to be a successful writer. 718 more words


SEO writing - what's the big deal?

As a freelance writer scouring the online job market, a recurring request from clients looking for content is SEO writing. You can be certain that among a list of requirements in a client brief there are bound to be mentions of keywords and SEO. 543 more words

Content Writing

Writing for Social Media

When you are writing for social media the aim is to get the message across trough all platforms of social media. What might seem to you as an effective tool to reach as many people as possible, can seem like a nuisance to the your audience. 374 more words

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Types of content writing

I am penning down types of content writing so that it is easier to understand what kind of writer falls in each category. This way it is easier to segregate themselves as per the genre. 1,357 more words

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How to make Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I never realised how busy February until I had to do social and event planning for work, turns out its pretty hectic.

With Valentine’s day, Pancake Day, Chinese New Year, the Oscars and even Leap Day this year, there’s plenty of opportunity to plan some fun content for the next few weeks, which is exactly what we’ve been up to in the office. 77 more words



Need a writer? I can do the job for you! Let me put in words what you want to convey! I have a voice and can take the tone needed for your article. 216 more words