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Fact or Bluff - A Writer's Quirks

I am a big time bookworm. I read any kind of material; no matter how short or long it is as long as it catches my interest. 281 more words

Hire a Copywriter

If you’ve never asked yourself if you need to hire a copywriter for your business, now’s the time to ponder that question.

It’s also time to ponder why the answer is an absolute “Yes!” 276 more words


Why nobody reads my blog posts

Every now and again I lament, “Nobody reads my blog posts.” Then I ponder, reflect and remind myself of the following:

Nobody reads my posts because… 292 more words


Branding Your Social Media Profiles

Your Profile Image

Your picture is kind of like your logo. Everybody will instantly recognize your brand when they see it. Make it something that looks natural. 611 more words

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Looking for information on how to Brand yourself or your company online? Here is a great resource to follow with some tip, and good advice. I know for me personally regardless of my chosen field I have struggled with some of these because, there was once a time when I hated putting myself out there. I was a very private person overall, and hated even the idea of having my details all over the internet however, in the last year or so, that has all slowly begun to change, and I have spread my wings, put the information out there, and seen a dramatic increase of clients coming my way both in and out of the metro Atlanta area. The sense of accomplishment has definitely outweighed the fear that I once had of keeping to myself in my safe little bubble that quite truthfully wasn't getting me very far in my professional career or making it any easier to achieve my goals, and dreams. How does this article make you want to spread your wings, and make some changes that could bring you closer to achieving your dreams, I'd love to hear about it.

Do You Know Bonobo?

My last project was for digital recruitment agency Bonobo’s revamped website, providing content for the site and writing their blog, and we’re currently working together on an… 255 more words


Weekly Social Media Roundup - 23rd May

Hey smarty pants, great to see you again.

This week wasn’t easy for me. I found less curable content. Was that for you too?


Maybe the ones I follow needed some break. 351 more words

Social Media

Failed Connections: Why Your Content Isn’t Landing

Creating content is not the same as engaging your readers; similarly, communicating does not always lead to connecting. This is one of the potential frustrations of content marketing: That you might pool a lot of resources into content development and, on a technical level, do everything right—yet still fail to really engage or resonate with your audience in a meaningful way. 320 more words

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