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Content Writing: A Writers Perspective

In a recent Twitter conversation, the subject of Content and what it means came up and brought up a few questions for me to ponder related to Content Writing and my understanding of the subject. 842 more words


The Story of Unfinished Notebooks

Or also…

How I got back into writing…

Every birthday and Christmas, I get bound books of some description. Recipe books, fiction books, note books, sketchbooks. 306 more words


Five Questions To Ask A Client Before Accepting Work

The relationship between a freelance content writer and his or her client needs nurturing. It needs mutual respect. It needs open conversation and a large dose of honesty. 697 more words


Introducing Social Media #EmBeism Wednesday's

Recently, in the last couple of months or so, my spirit has been guiding me to do something a little different.  When it comes to 2017 there are some big changes coming at EmBe Writes but, that’s going to take a lot of time to prep, plan for, and design.   387 more words

Content Writing: RAHC

When I was asked to write a story to encourage health professionals to  work in remote Indigenous communities for Remote Area Health Corps, I was ready for the challenge. 863 more words

Content Distribution

How to Write a Persuasive Message

We are slowly moving towards a world where there is hardly a need to memorize, you have google maps to guide your way, your cellphone with your grocery list, and a reminder to wish your friend on their birthday. 510 more words

Digital Marketing

Stories with a 'pullpose'

I’ve been observing how photos and video circumnavigate the globe to oil the economy. There is a lot of power in a still image or ten-second running reel. 490 more words