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Heal The World

Hello Earthlings!

I cannot believe that another 7 weeks are over but here we are… My final mission is to tell you some stuff about my learning experience basically. 581 more words


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Today, it’s not whether you have a digital presence for your healthcare organization. 84 more words

Too broken to be fixed?

Healing soul, a broken mind,
Will I ever see the world bright?
I seek seclusion, I crave space,
will I ever be able to let someone inside the closed doors? 108 more words

Best supporting role goes to...


As web designers we want our designs to be as colourful and lively as possible. Finding the codes for the right colours and fonts can be increasingly difficult since they are simply so many, however web sites like Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts and also W3 School provide designers with an extensive amount of colour and font codes, they can take from. 325 more words


Things to Do - 1

A self motivational track setter for mostly myself but you might benefit too.

Forget the goals. Instead focus on little tasks that one day might lead you to your goal. 80 more words

a summary for the uninflicted

imagine having something so debilitatingly convincing that it literally causes your entire body to want to murder itself.

yeah, that’s right I said murder. for all you office fans out there doesn’t that make you think of dwight schrute? 439 more words


Mom Tips

Mom Tips:

1. Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. So pay close attention to the thoughts you choose. They have a way of becoming real. 243 more words