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Lay Down Your Burdens

When we take note of the ‘feel’ something or someone has, we’re not talking about physical touch or emotion, we’re talking about inner feeling. Essence, state of being, resonance, energy, vibration… these are workable words for it too. 1,013 more words


aggregating content

OR  just panic…. a nice rant about content and media.


First human head transplant in two years?

            The world’s first human head transplant could take place within the next two years, according to an Italian surgeon who claims to have developed a technique for the radical surgery.Sergio Canavero, from the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy , who first proposed the idea in 2013, has published a summary of the Frankensteinstyle technique he believes will allow doctors to transplant a head onto a new body . 309 more words


3 Factors Influencing Your Content Marketing Success

We’re almost three months into 2015, and by now everything must be going according to plan, right? With buy in from your superiors and the knowledge required to succeed, you must be thrilled. 427 more words

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Scriptures to Encourage Anxious Dependents Who Sometimes Worry &/or Lack

There are times in the lives of saints and their congregations when the Heavenly Father seeks our undivided attention.  One of the best ways for God to draw our eyes back to Him is to remove from us some of the many false supports (like His material blessings) which we have come to rely upon overmuch … instead of relying more directly on their Maker and our Lord.  807 more words

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Does Content Marketing Really Work for Writers?

We all know that “content marketing” is one of the hottest marketing trends around, right? People don’t want to be advertised to anymore. They don’t want to be told what to buy. 486 more words


Lynda Barry on Keeping a Diary

The point of the daily diary exercise is not to record what you already know about what happened to you in the last 24 hours. Instead, it’s an invitation to the back of your mind to come forward and reveal to you the perishable images about the day you didn’t notice you noticed at all.” — …

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