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Social Media Advocacy: How to Build a Brand Advocate Program

(Source: blog.hootsuite.com)

While you can boast about your own product and service, social media advocacy is a better way to spread the word. It involves using third-party cheerleaders, known as brand advocates, to promote you through their own social media channels. 1,836 more words

Money Matters

Sharing Is Caring: Two (or More) Computers, One Display

We often receive calls from people asking if they can communicate with their display from multiple computers. Sometimes people already communicating from more than one computer ask us why some of their messages aren’t playing anymore. 841 more words


Spotlight on Wooden Bedroom Furniture Spurs AD/CVD

A Florida-based importer caught the attention of the U.S. government for evading payment of anti-dumping and countervailing duties of bedroom furniture from China when a competitor brought the case to court under the False Claims Act.  333 more words


PSYCHIATRY 101 (Kind Of)


I thought I knew what most of the language being used around me or in medical reports meant. Turns out I was wrong and so were a few of my Doctors. 747 more words


I'm Going To Be Changing Things Up a Bit and I'll Need Your Help

I am going to be focusing my YouTube channel on my fight against multiple sclerosis. My plan is to help provide support, perspective, information, etc. to those who fight against chronic pain, illness or multiple sclerosis, etc.   59 more words