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Story teller by picture

In a class of Toa Tau about story telling, more than fresh knowledge, I learn about fresh feeling of inspirited, passion on what you do. Content with you work is the magically motivation that you can shot to the moon. 85 more words


Reality Television and lessons for a Marketer

If you have not spent the last decade or so hidden under a rock or in a cave , then in that case at some point in time u would have come across the phenomenon called reality television , Which takes the concept of content and programming or the lack of it to a new level all together. 745 more words

How To Create Engaging Contents For Your Social Media

The first rule of social media marketing is that you don’t push advertisements and contents that people wouldn’t enjoy or entertain.

It is a social network and your contents should be created according to that. 302 more words

Content is King

2015-08-02 – If you’ve ever played chess, you know that, when the king is “captured,” the game is over. The king is king. Long live the king. 624 more words

10 Quality Indonesian Movies, WowShack

Here is a piece a wrote for my friend’s website, WowShack. With approximately 40,000 subscribers and growing daily, WowShack is the Buzzfeed of Indonesia. Read the article on WowShack… 986 more words


Have A Little Faith

When I first started writing my blog, I had the idea of writing content that will be helpful and informative (except for a few random personal posts). 211 more words