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So numb I’ve become;

I read your words to feel my feelings,

I seek your love to give’em meaning.

You ask me to pour myself a glass of inspiration… 37 more words


Digital Privacy in America: A Solution to a Nation's "First World Problem"

The United States government recently made an attempt to force Apple to create a backdoor into the iPhone of a terrorist. This is a serious issue in regards to digital privacy rights and the national security of Americans. 1,522 more words

Bicameral Hostility

two brains may be
one brain too many
this constant contention
between left and right
takes a toll on the soul
each intelligent hemisphere
curbed and curtailed… 74 more words


The ticket spinlock

Last time we saw how a spinlock can be implemented using an atomic test-and-set (TAS) operation on a single shared synchronization variable. Today, I want to talk about another spinlock variant called… 1,001 more words


Test-and-set spinlocks

In my previous blog post I wrote about the most important properties of spinlocks and why they matter. This time I’ll present the first out of three concrete spinlock implementations in C++11 for x86 processors. 1,714 more words

Data Structures And Algorithms


동시성 프로그램의 이해
– mutex_lock이 lock을 얻지 못하면 쓰레드는 더이상 진행하지 못하고 sleep한다. lock을 얻을 수 있게 되면 wake해서 실행을 계속하게 된다. Classical implementation of mutex_lock은 lock을 얻지 못하면 sleep한다. 112 more words

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What Do Your Idle Words Say About You?

A Video From The Desert in Phoenix, Arizona

(Watch this 6 minute video!)

What Do Your Idle Words Say About You?

Which words will God judge you by on judgment day? 80 more words