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Seek to Have a Heart of Peace - Contention Brings Calamities

Captain Moroni must have felt so frustrated that all his best efforts were not enough to get the Nephite people to repent of their sins and be humble before God, so that they could receive his blessings. 216 more words

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...And humility for the win!

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Typically, you have the option of listening to our podcast, reading the notes or both. For this post, because of the conversational story, please tune into the podcast recording and refer to the written post for the corresponding Scriptures. 442 more words

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Horse Sense - anonymous

A horse can’t pull while kicking.
…This fact I merely mention.
And he can’t kick while pulling,
…Which is my chief contention. 

Let’s imitate the good old horse… 22 more words


Cease from Anger (Part 3)

When the Savior came to the Americas near the end of 34 AD, these were among the first words he spoke:

For verily, verily I say unto you, …

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the door when there is no emergency creates a hazard

maybe i’m mistaken about aluminum
but it didn’t keep my sandwich
from drying out overnight
i shouldn’t have trusted material
needing bends and breaks
to protect its contents… 80 more words


Cease from Anger (Part 2)

Not long ago, some odd tidings came my way at work. I was so upset, I jumped out of my chair and took a brisk walk in no particular direction. 541 more words


Gifted with Incandescence.But, lost Foresight.

In this world of CONFUSION.No one cares about DISAMBIGUATION.If we talk about nature’s DETENTION, Man’s greed made major INTERVENTION. To this process of EXPLOITATION,He named the start to be ECOLOGICAL SUCCESSION.To term name with which it ends,I have no DEDUCTION. 150 more words