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The IFS of Wi-Fi

What does “half-duplex” mean anyway? Simply put, communication can only happen in one direction at a time.

Wi-Fi devices are much like people. We talk by generating noise, with our mouth. 702 more words


Ungodly Anger

Continuing Andrew’s great teaching article on Anger Management

Have you ever prayed that the Lord would remove someone from your life who makes you angry? Have you ever prayed that your circumstances would change so that you would be delivered from those things that make you mad? 914 more words


Contentious Times and People

It was a great revelation for me today to see the blessing it is in my life being somewhat surrounded by contentious times and people. I do not know about anyone else, but for me, I would much rather learn the important lessons in life, while in the valley of the shadow of death, rather than on the mountain top, where I want to enjoy fully the beautiful blooming flowers in full array of colors so beautifully displayed in the warm shining sun with diverse textures and fluffs of clouds passing overhead. 772 more words


erroneous ethics

cause ugly collisions

of principled minds

too many homemade

moralities vying for

popular primacy

hatred and scorn

awful byproducts

choking the peace

killing chances for… 22 more words


Heresy From Holywood

I tried. I tried posting once daily. I tried posting every other day. Now I have determined that once a week will be sufficient. Thursdays will be my posting days. 945 more words


Finding What's Most Important

I despair for my involvement in humanity, religious and otherwise. I suppose it was predictable. In fact, a lot of people predicted it. I pretended that I could go it alone, but in the end, it wasn’t possible, let alone reasonable. 689 more words

Korach: In Pursuit of Peace

          The portion of Korach features the rebellion of Korach and his cohort against Moses and Aaron (Numbers 16). They complain that Moses and Aaron have unfairly usurped positions of power when in fact God has imbued all the congregation with holiness, and no individual should hold uneven sway over the others. 206 more words