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The motive for the known tests

The known tests or to know in truth the tests of one in life thus in truth takes one to a very great struggle or contention in truth to truly understand the good motive of the tests known. 43 more words


Proverbs and The Contentious


We are almost through Proverbs in my Reading Through the Bible group. Leviticus and Proverbs have been interesting to me. Reminders of how just being mindful of certain things in life can enrich and make for a happier life whether you’re Christian or not. 249 more words


Surprising Contention in System.Threading.Timer

While profiling our application’s performance we stumbled upon a surprising contention point inside System.Threading.Timer (I say surprising as System.Threading.Timer is the more appropriate timer for multi-threaded environments out of the available timers) 581 more words


The Open Championship: Day Two

Well Day Two of The Open Championship got off to a wet start and had a dark finish. After a three-hour and forty-five minute delay due to overnight rain, the morning groups finally teed off. 662 more words

Dustin Johnson

Love: What Else is There ?

Fifth Day:
To dwell in love always and towards all is to live the true life, is to have Life itself. Knowing this, the good man gives up himself unreservedly to the Spirit of Love, and dwells in Love towards all, contending with none, condemning none, but loving all. 127 more words


5 July ― 12 Raḥmat


Imagine thyself to be under the eye of God, O Minister! If thou seest Him not, He, in truth, clearly seeth thee. Observe, and judge fairly Our Cause. 381 more words

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