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Bicameral Hostility

two brains may be
one brain too many
this constant contention
between left and right
takes a toll on the soul
each intelligent hemisphere
curbed and curtailed… 74 more words


The ticket spinlock

Last time we saw how a spinlock can be implemented using an atomic test-and-set (TAS) operation on a single shared synchronization variable. Today, I want to talk about another spinlock variant called… 1,001 more words


Test-and-set spinlocks

In my previous blog post I wrote about the most important properties of spinlocks and why they matter. This time I’ll present the first out of three concrete spinlock implementations in C++11 for x86 processors. 1,714 more words

Data Structures And Algorithms


동시성 프로그램의 이해
– mutex_lock이 lock을 얻지 못하면 쓰레드는 더이상 진행하지 못하고 sleep한다. lock을 얻을 수 있게 되면 wake해서 실행을 계속하게 된다. Classical implementation of mutex_lock은 lock을 얻지 못하면 sleep한다. 112 more words

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What Do Your Idle Words Say About You?

A Video From The Desert in Phoenix, Arizona

(Watch this 6 minute video!)

What Do Your Idle Words Say About You?

Which words will God judge you by on judgment day? 80 more words



I have struggled coming up with a topic to post. I think I’ve wanted to have some great topic to put on this site when in reality scripture study is really just a collection of ponderings. 928 more words



High spirits
Evil ones
By midday

Please give us a real excuse
To campaign system abuse

On the open
We will hear your… 84 more words