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Quiet Living

One thing that most homesteaders and wanna-be-homesteaders seek is a simple, quiet life.  (As we’ve said before — simple does not mean easy.)  We enjoy working with our hands, even the hard work that this life involves.  17 more words


Alma 21: When he saw that they would not hear his words, he departed...

This is my first blog post.  I suppose it is a good place to start as the next few chapters are a flashback or rewind, to explain what Ammon’s brethren were doing while he was in the land as King Lamoni’s servant teaching him and his people.  982 more words

Book Of Mormon

All Kinds

We interact with all kinds of people throughout our lives.  Some of them will become trusted friends and companions, some will only be passing acquaintances and some will be difficult to deal with.  545 more words


Least mindful
Floating intoxicated
Over and above
Contention between
my desires
and the real me
I am the infinity
with an end.


Hand-Wringing and Contention Still Exists Over One or Two Spaces After a Period!

Imagine my surprise after reading this article in the Washington Post regarding spaces after periods. As a writer, I made my choice years ago and according to scientists, went rogue. 192 more words

Basic Writing

Contention and Salvation

Without contention there is no salvation. He that does not wear a girdle and seeks or runs for the truth of life thus he will die and because of dying thus he was born in vain. 14 more words


A Higher Consciousness

The path of less resistance or without contention not only leads to laziness or vanity but also leads to death. And death ends any possibility to any other possibilities, such as a higher consciousness with gladness and joy, in double abundance all five portions, and with the power and the authority of the heavens here on the earth.