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Dear E-Mail Marketers,

Dear E-mail Marketers,




We all know what e-mail marketing looks like. It’s those annoying messages that flood our G-mail with stupid headlines reading “This Just in!”, or “FLASH SALE!”. 255 more words

Unpopular Opinion: Freelancers' Rhetorical Inconsistency between Paying and Getting Paid for Services

Contently’s “The Freelancer” published an article by Yael Grauer today entitled 5 Free Alternatives to Must-Have Freelance Tools. Being relatively new to freelance writing, I read it with great interest, and appreciated Grauer’s helpful breakdown of the pros and cons of various software options. 1,149 more words


3 Ways YouTube Pre-Roll Is Forcing Marketers to Rethink Video Advertising

Story provided by Contently

There’s something about the disruptive pre-roll clips on YouTube that has always fascinated me. As a content creator, I’m starting to notice more and more how important YouTube’s pre-roll format is for determining which brands are successfully connecting with their customers and which brands are falling behind. 1,115 more words


Are you who you say you are?

I would like to pit a new topic into the ring for negative social stigma. There are quite a few articles analyzing the posting habits of the average person, pegging them as more social media savvy than they actually are. 763 more words


The New Website, and what this means for the future of Rosie Writing Space

If you follow me on social media, or you’re someone I consider a loved one you might have heard that I have a brand new website… 446 more words


5 Social Media Articles You Should Read This Week

ParkerMather provides social media strategy development, training, and account management services. However any communications consulting brand worth its weight will look for frameworks outside their walls. 66 more words