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A journey around Studio 1

As you walk through the door of Studio 1, your way is barred by the corner of a plywood box structure 3 metres high. To your left you see a range of large block prints, textured circles dancing across rectangles of russet, yellow and black overlaid with translucent boxes of cream. 834 more words



The act of teaching as it is done today is of “the one hole fits all” type.

The problem is that not only is each individual unique; but that each individual steps from one uniqueness to another with each passing moment. 380 more words


Lewis Carroll Quote.

Carroll, L., & Tenniel, J. (1899). Alice’s adventures in wonderland ; Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there. London: Macmillan and Co.


Field, 1st Group Idea

Emma had previously used layering in her work to show distance, and we wanted to have a 2d aspect in the work as James mentioned he had been screen printing in his personal research so we though it would be nice to keep that as an open option for him. 139 more words


Dr Doom Painting 2: Latveria

For my final painting I had to change my initial idea of producing a Roman styled Dr. Doom piece based on some concepts I created. I created two graphic compositions based on my photographs and drawn concepts in order to see which of the two compositions I would paint. 669 more words

Problem Solving


At the beginning of the show module it was proposed that we consider arranging the work in ways that challenged the usual degree show exhibition format. 533 more words