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André Hemer is a New Zealander painter whose work explores the intersections between digital media and painting by combining the visual detritus of contemporary visual culture with the conventions of painting; landscapes of Photoshop gradations, blurred digital images, vector scrawls, graffiti process, rudimentary 3-D renderings, painted gestures and computer drawn elements are layered, composed and erased on the surface, primarily working in acrylic and pigment. 88 more words


Produce, Production, and Productivity

The summer months are bit of a funny time for an academic. With the respite from the demands of teaching-related duties also comes conference season and the sense that these weeks are… 939 more words


VR technology

Some notes and links, reflecting on the VR mask. The absurdity of the interface is both clumsy and undignified technology orientated experience….

Morton Heilig wanted to create the ‘cinema of the future’ and invented his own stereoscopic camera and projection device. 104 more words


Plotting the Future of the Smart Home

The smart home is gaining momentum across Europe, but there’s still much to do. That’s why the work of the Smart Homes & Buildings Association (SH&BA) is so important. 583 more words


Experimental Psychology Lab

I have been considering what an Experimental Psychology lab looks like. What objects might these contain?

Typically these consist of office like rooms, chairs and tables, perhaps an observation room. 126 more words


Alive In Christ


Another sermon from Marcuss preached on July 15th, 2018.  This is out of Colossians 2 and breaks down a few of the words Paul uses and then moves into a bit of the sinful nature vs the flesh and Christ the Victor. 7 more words