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Week 7 Review

I took part in a group critique where we talked about the main elements of the grading criteria, what they mean in relation to our work and where to find it in our own and others work. 901 more words

Problem Solving

This Title is 524% Better Without Context

I’m going to advocate a new, completely voluntary guideline for articles related to economics, budgets, any topic which requires numbers: They should include a reference to an unrelated statistic which isĀ of comparable dimensions to the numbers within the article. 282 more words


Tell All Tuesdays: Why I Like AnimeAnime

Tell All About: Why I Like Anime

I’m sure it’s a question many have been asked about whatever it might be that they are passionate about. 1,038 more words


Week six-Project realisation

On Monday I started drawing out my final project. My final pieces are going to be three character rotations and one environment piece. It was decided that normal character rotations were too simple and boring to do, so instead, to push my art skills further I will be doing lots of poses of my three characters. 294 more words