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Health Service Research in High- and Low-Income Countries

CLAHRC WM is just over one year old and its associated international centre is almost exactly the same age. An obvious question then is “how does service delivery/health services research differ among high- and low-income countries?” In some ways, they are similar – the rules governing a cluster study and the need to pilot complex interventions apply in both contexts, for example. 467 more words

Richard Lilford

Is "Love Love"? Exposing the Ad Council's fallacious argumentation in their new video

Sorry that I haven’t made a post in a while; between going to school to finish my degree, teaching two classes at my church, and issues in my family, I’ve just been too terribly busy to stop and write anything. 843 more words


UNITS 1-6:

Progressing to the final unit of the course is a clear indication of my successful completion of units 1-6. As a result, we have been directed to set up a WordPress blog rather than continuing with our previous accounts that are scattered across various platforms, mine for instance being tumblr. 35 more words


Contacting Marimekko

In response to the emails I received back from ‘The Home’ and ‘Funktion Alley’, I decided to take the advice to try and make contact with Marimekko themselves in order to find out more.


Emailing Companies That Sell Marimekko Designs

Once I had looked into Marimekko designs further with the book I have purchased, I decided to look online to find the nearest stores to me that sell Marimekko furnishings and fashion collections. 154 more words