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Ivan the Terrible and His Son

Images of Horror and Fantasy had the painting Ivan the Terrible and His Son, where I was immediately drawn to Ivan’s expression. The painting captures the moment of Ivan holding his son after murdering him, reality and guilt sets in with what he has done. 206 more words

Subject Year 2

P4 - Research point: Documentary as art

In the interview with Paul Seawright, he talks about the difference between a photograph used in an editorial context and one used in an art context. 997 more words

Research & Reflection

Blockchain – Real-world applications springing from the ashes of recent hype

In recent years the Middle-Eastern nations have been at the forefront of new technology adoption. An early indicator of the visionary adoption of new ‘smart’ technologies was announced in 2014, as Dubai’s leader and local government announced the… 479 more words

Market Analysis

Discipline and Responsibility

A lot of us struggle with self-discipline due to distractions, laziness, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and unable, inspirationlessness, etc. The excuses are endless and the fact of the matter is; it takes discipline to become disciplined. 377 more words


How You -- Yes,You! -- Can Be A Woman Of Discernment

For all our public denunciations of discernment blogs (many of which actually deserve to be denounced), we feel a certain desire to be women of discernment. 449 more words

Christian Doctrine

Nancy Grossman

Artist found in: Images of horror and fantasy, Gert Schiff 

Nancy Grossman’s leather heads delve into the area that I want to take my own work. 211 more words

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Simon Costin

The Mutant Flesh: fabrication of  a posthuman, has a chapter of mutation, it discusses briefly how the figure of a monster can make a man can question his life and re-evaluate his position in the world while fantasizing about his transformation, (The mutant flesh, 2009, pp 82). 159 more words

Subject Year 2