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An Oldie. But A Semi-Goldie ...

This is one of those ads that is constantly referred to as being a perfect example of perfect advertising.

David Ogilvy was behind it – spending 3 weeks doing nothing but reading about the car – before producing that amazing headline. 318 more words


I've got my suspicions

Oh, boy! My birthday is here, and here’s my chance to say a few nice things about my shows. Because who’s going to stop me? (Actually, there’s self-restraint: I try to avoid bragging the other 364 days of the year.) 1,135 more words

My Songs To Hear

Day 77 (Monday 16/01/17) WIP

Practical with Lynn

This was a lesson where we talked about ideas that didn’t make it into the commission and made a timetable of the time we have left to turn our ideas into proper showing pieces. 157 more words


Genesis 38: Benefits of Context

Genesis 38 looks at Judah’s marriage, the resulting children, and the role and responsibilities of levirate marriage. However it has caused disturbance amongst many scholars, not due to the subject matter, but because the entire chapter, coming as it does between chapter 37 and 39, “clearly interrupts the flow of the Joseph story” (Hamilton, 1995, p.431). 2,297 more words

Hey Jude -- Praising The Only God Our Savor

Can you believe we’re going to finish our study of Jude today?  After a short break from Monday Bible Studies (I’m thinking probably starting our next Bible Study on February 13), we’ll begin working through Titus.  679 more words

Bible Study

Nurturing Empathy

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the depth of your meditations. People aren’t letting themselves off easily. That’s excellent. Frankly, the more realistically you view yourself the better others will start to look. 687 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought

Numbers need to be put into perspective, or they're just sounds

At last weekend’s end-of-year celebration for my organization, a colleague got up and said a few words about one of his direct reports. As he was bestowing accolades upon her, he shared some of her accomplishments. 282 more words