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White Split

Streaming white jet trail
slices sky and continent


New Continent- New Intro

The sun rose along the tree tops causing life to start anew. The nocturnal animals took their leave to sleep the day away, while the rest of the world was waking up to their new day. 274 more words


26 hours: The train between Beijing and Hong Kong

ER: Oh my this train was long. It felt longer too as I’d panicked at check in and refused to go to a shop until we’d got to the station and schlepped through security. 302 more words


Paris, France

“In Paris, everybody wants to be an actor; nobody is content to be a spectator”

Paris is the capital and the most populous city of France. 

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

“If everyone could just live near the ocean, I think we’d all be happier. It’s hard to be down about anything knee deep in the sand.”

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St. Moritz, Switzerland

“St. Moritz reminds me of the kid at high school who’s great at sports, has perfect hair, the best girlfriend, and the teachers all love him.

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Coastal California, USA

“In California in the early Spring, There are pale yellow mornings, when the mist burns slowly into day, The air stings like Autumn, clarifies like pain – Well, I have dreamed this coast myself.”

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