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Largest Continent of the Planet

Out of seven continents, Asia is the largest continent in terms of its large size and population. This blog is just a review of this continents important facts i.e. 28 more words


Just bout sick and tired of "Queen" and "Empress"

I’ma try to make this as short as possible. I don’t know about white women, but I know for black women at least about 500 times in your lifetime you’ve been called a “queen” or an “empress” by some dude with a fake name along the lines of Ricki-ticki-tavi King Solomon II who’s in touch with his Ancient Nubian roots, when his name is really Gerarhd Lincoln from the upstairs floor of some project in your neighborhood and the closest he’s been to Africa or his roots is the neighborhood rasta man who won’t even let him use google for fact checking because “the white man.” 716 more words

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Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message - Origin

Its only a day away till the release of my first single Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message of my debut album WTF?

I thus decided to give a bit of a background into what lead me to create this piece of poetry that I have come to love soo much. 235 more words



It would take a few more sunsets until we realize
that there is now a gap between us,
centimeters slowly ripping us apart.

The thing about tectonic movement is… 85 more words


Friday Thought #92 Travelling by train

Europe is a wonderful continent, endlessly beautiful, with ever-changing landscapes and enough different languages and cultures to fill a lifetime. However if you only ever travel by car, the majority of the scenery you will pass by will all blend into one, fairly uninspiring blur; edge of the motorway, fairly mundane and not worth writing home about. 302 more words


Journey to the White Continent — Discover

Paul Zizka travels to one of the most remote places on earth: Antarctica. His stunning photos of the White Continent are both grand and intimate. (Plus: penguins!)

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Falsifier Premieres "Depraved" Single via Lambgoat!

Take a listen to Falsifier’s new single “Depraved” HERE!

Ontario metal quintet Falsifier have shifted into high gear with a new single, “Depraved”. A reflection on the moral corruption and indifference that have surfaced in the modern world, the single serves as a poignant reminder to rise above societal apathy. 163 more words

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