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Chapter 60

We determined that the invasion was progressing well, unlikely to fail at this point, and due to this and other factors we judged it a success. 87 more words


Chapter 59

Journal of Art Limehold
September 4, 20XX

Everything falling apart. Rebels deserting. Government torturing the men and women they capture. King is a wise ruler, strong ruler, ordering firing squads and public hangings. 122 more words


I travel to the continent after the longest period of continence of my life

I travel to the continent after the longest period of continence of my life.

for wanting.

for wanting to be a continent away.
a world away.
a lifetime away from you.
forgive me.
is it beyond my reach to ask.
for my heart to not know pain by your hands. 13 more words

Chapter 56

Journal of Art Limehold,
August 15, 20XX

Insurgency operations continuing as scheduled. Protest actions, sabotage, attacks on government installations. Government remains strong, will not give up soon. 102 more words


It's all worth it; Australia

We all know that traveling can be a bit tiring. Waking up at three in the morning and going through customs with stubborn people and little children running around everywhere screaming and throwing fits on the ground. 277 more words

The Africa tattoo: continental tramp stamp

I write this list with a bashful heart as I was an Africa tattoo enthusiast. I almost etched my beloved continent onto my skin as a badge of eternal African pride. 591 more words