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The Russian Ballet - St Petersburg

After our first day in Russia was topped off with a trip to the Ballet.. Now I am not usually a fan of Opera or the Ballet, but really when given the opportunity to watch one of the most iconic Russian ballets (by Tchaikovsky nonetheless) in its birth place you can’t pass that up! 167 more words


Poem of the Week: "There is the Whole World"

We rotate away from the sun like this,

skeleton branches spinning down against the axis that we share.

Tall grass on its way to dying sweeping against your legs. 121 more words


Fall day

It’s beautiful fall day, here in central Arkansas, where I live. Where do you all live? According to the stats I have had people in America, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore and the UK. 92 more words


Have you thought about going on a Europe cruise travel Surely, it is going to be an awesome experience. The Europe continent has a myriad of historic

The Possibility of a Cheaper Europe Cruise Vacation
The conventional prices per head amounts to at least $100 up to $1000 on a day to day basis. 4,249 more words


Vannilisp Tar's Journal: Veilsday, 11 Ojoon, Honeybee Year, Yellow Cycle

We never touched the Great Sand Sea, but it touched us. The road from Bahan Hollow to Hellpsort overlooks the southern reach of the Southlands’ most lethal desert. 250 more words

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Bannia Tar's Notes: Regional Geography and Locales

Hellsport, formerly Jannyn or Saint Jannyn, is the westernmost city in the country of Cammaris. An isolated and insular city, Hellsport is bordered on the west by the Ocean Delb and the Natchmure Isles; to the east the mountainous Jags and Buctles rise and give way to a meager stretch of prairie that is subsumed by the Great Sand Sea. 216 more words

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Attention: Vannilisp Tar

Oh Vannilisp Tar,

In a word, no. I don’t believe you ever laid eyes on the Princes during your time in Hellsport. From what I understand, most of your hours were spent in gibbering revelry as you staggered between poniam dens and liquor pits in High Ock. 128 more words

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