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Bruges, Amsterdam + Ghent, through the lens

Two years ago family from the Netherlands visited. During one conversation in our kitchen I threw out the possibility of me visiting them, a trip that would involve shorts stays in other nearby cities. 220 more words


Where is Africa?

In the North, Center, East, South or West?

You ask, ‘which country?’

You answer, ‘Africa!’

What is Africa?

Is it Nigeria, South Africa, Chad, Kenya or Morocco? 152 more words


(Mostly) Abandoned - The Continent

For most of my youth, The Continent and French Market was the second coolest place to go in Columbus (behind COSI). If it were built today, this area would be considered a Lifestyle Center – a mixed-use property consisting of a mixture of retail and housing. 881 more words

Franklin County

DIY Continents of the World (Felt Tutorial)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. 12 Oktober 2017 Yeay Yeay Yeay… Entah gimana ngeluapin perasaan bahagia ini. Pasalnya kemarin² saya mau buatkan globe yang bisa diputer-puter itu nyari polanya. Eh malah nemu pola flanelnya yang bikin mata berbinar-binar pengen buat. 261 more words


No Longer a Tumbleweed

My husband often uses the analogy of tumbleweeds to describe the importance of history. Tumbleweeds dry out and detach from their roots and stems. They just blow in the wind. 732 more words

African American

A Court of Thornes and Roses, Sarah J. Maas

– Short Story – 

The world is split in two with the fairies, also known as Fae living in the north and the humans living in the south. 388 more words

Book Reviews

A false sense of success..

(Muffy is NOT here for me, business queen that she is)

I had my first REAL entrepreneurial experience about a month ago. This involved the basics- creating a service (in my case a fitness dance class) and selling it to potential consumers in the hopes that it would resonate and somehow become a functional part of their daily routine. 441 more words