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SNHU Student almost failed by Profesor who refused to believe Australia was a Country

We deeply regret the interaction between our professor & our student. We have apologized to Ashley, replaced the instructor, & are reimbursing her tuition for the course.

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Known as the most European city in South Africa, Cape Town is a magical melagne of art, history, culture, and striking topography

Many talk about quitting the city life for the beauty and tranquility of the mountains, but very few end up taking the plunge. 1,942 more words


Being Asian ...

When I was a toddler i thought my home is the entire world….

When I grew up as child my neighborhood became part of my world ……and slowly my world grew to into my city , then my state and then my country. 260 more words


Somaliland: Kibarkingmad Is Impressed By The Continent's Most Recent Election

Kibarkingmad is impressed by the continent’s most recent election but Olushambles thinks Somaliland should get its act in order. 18 more words


Common misconceptions Brits sometimes have about Africa

Africa, surprisingly enough, is not a country. Worryingly, a lot of people seem to think so.

“So, you’re from Africa right?”. No. I am from Nigeria, one of 54 countries in Africa. 538 more words

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Bruges, Amsterdam + Ghent, through the lens

Two years ago family from the Netherlands visited. During one conversation in our kitchen I threw out the possibility of me visiting them, a trip that would involve shorts stays in other nearby cities. 220 more words