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Fruit and nut double chocolate cookies


  1. Plain flour – 1.25 cup
  2. Unsweetened cocoa powder – 2.5 level tbsps.
  3. Baking powder– 1 tsp.
  4. Salt – a pinch
  5. Dark chocolate chunks – 1 cup…
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Conquer The Cliff 2017

Well that’s Conquer The Cliff done again, it started off a little stress full the gravel on the tracks was like riding on ball bearings, my brand new Mountain Kings seemed to have no grip at all and then to make it even worse as I was coming of the tram at the top of the hill my front tyre hit something on the steeps and blew a hole straight through the side wall, sealant went everywhere and I had to push the bike all the way back down the hill, dad got the remaining fluid out popped a tube in and off I went back to the top, I managed another two practise runs and then it was race time. 140 more words

Ford Lincoln Continental Mark Iii Stainless Bottle Italy 1969 1971 Medallion

Ford Lincoln Continental Mark Iii Stainless Bottle Italy 1969 1971 Medallion
Vintage Stainless Steel Bottle Opener With Ford Lincoln Mark III Emblem And Bronze Medallion. Made In Italy, The Medallion Is Not A Coin, But Has The Image Of Queen(?) Maria Ferdinandi.Measures Apprx 2" X 4.25". 42 more words



Finding good food and pretty ambiance at the same place is a treat. Diggin is giving us the right location to have all our photo shoots. 334 more words

So Delhi


It was all sparked by a Facebook post that made me look into  Puerto Rican food. And the fact that I am able to get my hands on ingredients so easily here too makes it fun. 260 more words


Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Game Play Online

Ice age 4 continental drift game play online

Download Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Arctic Games the same name ” Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Arctic “ Game from Ice Age movie, and you can play as Energy and the Human Journey: Where We Have Been; Where We Can Go. 412 more words

Break bread and have fun

Nasreen Sait
NSoJ Bureau
Hammered !! You bet and how. Everybody is looking for that cool spot to chill out with their friends, family and loved… 287 more words