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Mourning My Academic Career

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen is a folklorist, writer, dancer, and sex educator. Her scholarship explores fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, gender identity, … 1,778 more words


Another Telling Report on the Increase in Contingent Faculty


What follows is a news release from the American Institutes for Research. It turns out (1) that hiring more adjunct and full-time non-tenure-eligible faculty has reduced instructional budgets but has not reduced institutional budgets and (2) that the reliance on contingent faculty has an inverse correlation with the compensation of tenure-eligible faculty—that is, the money not being spent on tenure-track positions is not going into the pockets of those who continue to hold such positions. 409 more words

Contingent Faculty

Spending Cuts Lead a Professor to Sell Books

Palladas of Alexandria, 9.175

“I am selling Kallimakhos and Pindar and all these
Cases of grammar, since I have a case of poverty.
Dôrotheus has cut my living wage, 43 more words


Free (Or Fettered) to Teach at the Community College?


The academic freedom wars rage across the country as professors debate trigger warnings, hostile environments, bullying eradication, and multiple other sins infringing on academic speech.   895 more words

Academic Freedom

Adjuncts Are Scholars Too


Kevin Birmingham has a Ph.D. in English from Harvard, where he is presently an instructor in the university’s writing program.  His book, … 1,153 more words

Contingent Faculty

From Academe to Activism: We Gon' Be Alright


Guest blogger Tiffany Kraft tells who she is through the following post:

It’s eight years and three months since I sat for my viva voce exam to defend my thesis (in the United Kingdom the doctoral manuscript is called a thesis not a dissertation), … 1,194 more words

Contingent Faculty

That Awkward Feeling I Get When Discussing Necrophilia with My Students: My Experience Teaching McCarthy's Child of God

I don’t remember much about my seventh grade Health class, but I do recall one particular unit vividly—sex education.  Slides—so many slides—anatomical illustrations of unmentionable body parts and graphic photographs of the damage caused by sexually transmitted diseases. 1,371 more words

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