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Sticks and Stones . . . and Trigger Warnings

Why do we educate? To meet a demand? What kind of demand are we addressing? I’ve been thinking about what it means to educate as opposed to teach. 568 more words

Communal Collaboration

Why I Postered without Authorization

Part-time adjuncts make up the majority of our faculty at La Salle, as is the trend across the country. As my contribution to this year’s… 956 more words


The Estrangement of the #Lumpenprofessoriate

With “Higher Education” among the last “factories” making “measurable” products near the main nodes of the Globalized Society of Control, information workers (researchers, teachers, etc) become more and more estranged from themselves and their surroundings even as they succeed in the unstoppable production of “gold standard” objects (books, essay-articles, patents, policies, etc.,) and “plastic models” (students). 351 more words


Welcome to Campus Equity Week 2015!

We’re starting off this year’s Campus Equity Week with both a Congressional briefing in DC (more on this later) and the premiere of a movie about … US! 129 more words


One Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track English Department Faculty Member's Typical Semester

New Faculty Majority has posted Lee Kottner’s “The 1:1 Fallacy of Contact Hours,” and it serves as the perfect counterpart to SEIU’s Faculty Forward report, “ 436 more words


Why We Fight for a #LivingWage (And You Should, Too)

by Leonard Jacuzzo and Bruce Simon, for the SUNY Fredonia Contingent Employment Advisory Group, October 2015 Fredonia Newsletter

As we move on from a rather disappointing negotiation of Fredonia’s Handbook on Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion (HARP), the Fredonia UUP Chapter’s Contingent Employment Advisory Group (CEAG) is turning our attention statewide.   947 more words

Contingent Faculty

Adjunct Professors and the Myth of Prestige (from Pacific Standard, 2015)

Here is the link to an essay I wrote in the spring of 2015 when I was asked to offer some perspective on the national discussion over the exploitation of contingent faculty in American higher education. 81 more words

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