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'The Great Shame of Our Profession'


Kevin Birmingham, who teaches at Harvard as an adjunct, gave a talk last October on accepting the Truman Capote Award. It is… 200 more words

Contingent Faculty

Wooten et al. SETs in Writing Classes. WPA, Fall 2016. Posted 02/11/2016.

Wooten, Courtney Adams, Brian Ray, and Jacob Babb. “WPAs Reading SETs: Toward an Ethical and Effective Use of Teaching Evaluations.” Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators… 981 more words


Muscling My Way Over


Guest blogger Rob Plath is a writer from New York. He lives in a subterranean hovel
 with his cat Daisy. He is a member of the AAUP. 1,553 more words

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The "New Civics" in Action


In an opinion piece published by The New York Times, Leon Botstein, president of Bard College, writes:

American colleges and universities, public and private, are properly seen as nonpartisan elements in civil society, committed to research and teaching in a manner that transcends ordinary politics.

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Academic Freedom

Mourning My Academic Career

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen is a folklorist, writer, dancer, and sex educator. Her scholarship explores fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, gender identity, … 1,778 more words


Another Telling Report on the Increase in Contingent Faculty


What follows is a news release from the American Institutes for Research. It turns out (1) that hiring more adjunct and full-time non-tenure-eligible faculty has reduced instructional budgets but has not reduced institutional budgets and (2) that the reliance on contingent faculty has an inverse correlation with the compensation of tenure-eligible faculty—that is, the money not being spent on tenure-track positions is not going into the pockets of those who continue to hold such positions. 409 more words

Contingent Faculty

On Solving The Tenure Problem

Note: This blog post was originally published on our Inside Higher Ed column. Jamie J. Hagen is a doctoral candidate at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, researching gender and security. 1,235 more words