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Why We Fight for a #LivingWage (And You Should, Too)

by Leonard Jacuzzo and Bruce Simon, for the SUNY Fredonia Contingent Employment Advisory Group, October 2015 Fredonia Newsletter

As we move on from a rather disappointing negotiation of Fredonia’s Handbook on Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion (HARP), the Fredonia UUP Chapter’s Contingent Employment Advisory Group (CEAG) is turning our attention statewide.   947 more words

Contingent Faculty

Adjunct Professors and the Myth of Prestige (from Pacific Standard, 2015)

Disclaimer: This is a test run for Henry’s new blog. The first post goes up Friday!

Here is the link to an essay I wrote in the spring of 2015 when I was asked to offer some perspective on the national discussion over the exploitation of contingent faculty in American higher education. 81 more words

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The Myth of "The Myth of the 76% Adjunct Majority"

Phillip W. Magness really ought to know better.

First of all, according to his own CV, he is currently both Academic Program Director for the ( 1,687 more words


Games Universities Play

Many of my friends on social media are writers and academics, so it’s no surprise that my feed is full of stories about the University of Akron Press closure… 940 more words


Why Unions for Teachers in Public Schools and Colleges?

Why do educators need unions?  Aren’t teachers professionals and doesn’t it diminish their professionalism if they join unions?  These are questions underneath several of the big issues in education—charter schools as non-unionized competitors for public schools—the role of due-process rights for teachers—the cost of professional salaries for teachers and the cost of fringe benefits and pensions at a time when many politicians want to slash taxes and reduce the size of government.  832 more words

Equity & Opportunity To Learn

#FunnyNotFunny--Satire as Activism Online

Anyone who is mourning Jon Stewart’s retirement or who is a fan of John Oliver knows the power of satire. Its current proliferation is a powerful weapon in the activist arsenal, one employed to great effect since Jonathan Swift wrote “A Modest Proposal.” Online, it’s an equally powerful tool. 554 more words


Adjuncting And Academic Freedom

In another post here at Conditionally Accepted, Eric asserts: “Our academic freedom is protected so long as it doesn’t upset anyone — an obvious contradiction that misses that much of what we do makes the public (and our students) uncomfortable because it challenges bias and conventional wisdom.” 1,627 more words