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Jackson Wright Shultz Reflects On Conditional Gender Privilege

Jackson Wright Shultz (@WriteRadically) is an adjunct professor of writing at New England College (see his full biography at the end).  In this guest blog post, Jackson reflects on his “conditional” male and cisgender privileges — contingent on others’ assumptions about his sex and gender identity — and how they benefit him in the classroom.  1,096 more words

Teaching And Mentoring


It was four years ago — I’d guess almost to the day — when I knew I hated teaching more than I loved it. Just now I read my ratings on ratemyprofessor and the decline in student appreciation of my efforts (which degraded rapidly after this event) confirm the moment. 1,406 more words

Who Are We Teaching?

Where did you go? What did you learn?

November 10, 2013–my most recent post on this blog. Clearly, there is nothing “recent” about that post, and I am rather embarrassed that I let this blog remain idle for so long. 2,174 more words


Let Teachers Teach

Daily Prompt We Can Be Taught! What makes a teacher great?

We know the answer to what makes a teacher great. We’ve always known the answer to this, now just get the government and its testing fetish out of the way of good teachers. 203 more words

Daily Prompt

Martha Kennedy reblogged this on Teaching a Generation and commented:

Today's daily prompt asked us to describe what makes a teacher great... The problem today does not seem to lie with the quality of person in front of the class, but the sickness in the educational system.

A Letter to Full-Time Faculty Members

We live in a time of “adjunct plight” essays. This isn’t one of them. True, I am an adjunct, and I have much plight, but rather than be blamed for whining by you full-timers, let me scare you instead.

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Inside Higher Ed Pwned by MLA Staff?

Inside Higher Ed and staffer Colleen Flaherty usually do well reporting on and analyzing the issues of faculty serving on NTT appointment and grad students. Today’s piece by Flaherty is a notable exception. 515 more words


AFT Adjunct/Contingent Faculty Caucus: 2015 Issues Statement

…as prepared by the members of the Caucus, and with special thanks to Margaret Hanzimanoulis. For more information, contact William Lipkin proflipkin@optonline.net

The members of the AFT Adjunct/Contingent Faculty Caucus support the sentiments expressed by the Resolutions ratified at the July, 2014, AFT National Convention, insofar as they are aimed at addressing the working conditions of Part-time and other contingent faculty: 676 more words