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Contingent Faculty Access to Essential Services

In recent years, contingent faculty have sometimes been suddenly cut off from having access to a number of essential services (email, library, Canvas, direct deposit, grading, etc.) at the end of their contract periods. 244 more words

Contingent Faculty

Contingent Faculty, Academic Freedom, and Technology

Currently, I’m taking a class in higher ed administration. Part of the class requires me to read articles and watch videos then respond to them. Last week, we covered faculty in the university and various issues arose from technology in the classroom and academic freedom to contingent faculty. 1,502 more words


Mental Health Professionals-R-Us

So, I’m just going to keep posting the stupid-ass stuff that college administrators keep sending adjunct faculty. Apparently, by completing an 8-hour workshop (for which we will  not be compensated, naturally), we adjuncts are going to help decrease the appalling number of suicides among 15-24 year olds in the United States. 246 more words

Reflections from the other side

It’s been over six months since my last blog post, and nearly the same since I started working at Deloitte. I didn’t exactly want to fall silent during that time, but it happened for two reasons that are hopefully understandable. 2,310 more words

Changing Careers

Welcome to Class, Kids!

I recently received this memo from the “Vice President for Learning” at the community college where I teach. I have never read an administrative memo that so insulted the intelligence of faculty members. 1,715 more words

Teaching About Trauma & Sexual Violence As Contingent Faculty

Jeana Jorgensen is a folklorist, writer, dancer and sex educator. Her scholarship explores fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, gender identity, women’s folklore… 1,332 more words

Teaching And Mentoring

PALS Roundtable: Writing Better Teaching Philosophies

If you have ever put together job applications or promotion packets, you know how difficult it can be to write a teaching philosophy. Most job documents feel more clear cut than the teaching philosophy—outlining your research, for example, is something that we have all practiced with every abstract that we have written. 2,356 more words