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Continuous Education – Connect With John Chancellor!

The eighth (and often overlooked) Critical Skill is Continuous Education.
We live in an ever-changing world where significant and fast-paced developments in technology, world wide competition and demands for work place know how require us to adapt to these challenges simply in order to survive. 264 more words


Continued Education

Look up online courses on anything you want, be it a subject that complements your work (Introduction to Business for me), something that you feel you should know about (WordPress tutorials), or something fun that piques your interest (Art History!). 94 more words

When Learning at Work Becomes Overwhelming

A recent posting by David DeLong in the Harvard Business Review titled “When Learning at Work Becomes Overwhelming” addresses the problem of employee education in a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace. 142 more words


Knocking the dust off this blog

It’s 2015! I just looked at my blog and my last post was end of 2013. well in my defense I worked 240 days offshore last year. 818 more words

Adult Education

What...The Hell.

Argh. I am thirty. THIRTY. I haven’t done actual Math in about twelve, thirteen years. I mean, I can add in my head, (does it count if I use my fingers?), and do basic multiplication, balance my checkbook, and count your money back to you. 892 more words

Adult Education

I Want To Backtest

As I presented my findings this morning, I got some pretty relevant impact from the Cypher Pattern creator himself. While creating the pattern (how cool is that to say) he noticed something very similar to what I did… 381 more words

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