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My Personal Highlights...The Signature CEO Conference 2018

AUTHOR:  Teaira Abston of Dreamcatcher Stationery

Several, if not all, of my fellow creative bosses would agree that one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your business is to consistently seek educational opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge base. 999 more words

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Tips for Effective #Learning

Learning and retaining need not be such a head-scratcher anymore. Employ the following tips to your everyday life and see the difference!

These tips have been brought to you be  31 more words


How to Learn New Skills While Working Without Losing Your Cr*p

You work. A lot. You come home, cook, family, chores. You exercise because, ya know, you don’t wanna die. Then you wash the funk and crumple into bed at 11:43pm only to waken at 5:50am to rinse and repeat. 881 more words

Virtual Classroom - Making the Best Out of E-Learning!

So, you have signed up for an e-learning course because that’s the buzz word these days. And if you have not signed, then you are not happening! 394 more words


A "Critical Skill" Necessary for the Next Ten Years Is . . . . . . .

Excellent article about the need for a specific “critical skill” over the next ten years. Guess what it is!!

Worth a read . . . click on the link HERE!

Free Webinar: Creating Magic, Augmented Reality Interventions in Child Life

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How do you help a 6-year-old boy smile and laugh while getting a catheterization? 126 more words