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Part 2 sharing Mathologer's "triangle squares" video with kids

Yesterday we did a project inspired by Mathologer’s “triangle squares” video:

Here’s the project:

Using Mathologer’s triangular squares video with kids

Today we took a closer look at one of the proofs in the Mathologer’s video -> the infinite descent proof using pentagons that is irrational: 278 more words

The most irrational number

Any number, whether rational or irrational, can be written as a continued fraction. If it’s a rational number, then the continued fraction ends at some point. 307 more words


A fun math surprise with a 72 degree angle.

We’ve been talking a lot about 72 degree angles recently. Yesterday’s project was about a question our friend Paula Beardell Krieg asked:

Paula Beardell Krieg’s 72 degree question… 245 more words


We will start with RSA and then move on to different encryption and decryption algorithms and primarily their attacks ;-), one-by-one as I understand them and can provide you all with a working proof of concept for each one. 1,081 more words


Exploring a fun number fact I heard on Wrong but Useful

I was listening to the latest episode of Wrong but Useful today:

The Wrong but Useful podcast on Itunes

During the podcast the following “fun fact” came up -> . 297 more words

HD(M\L) < 0.986927

My friend Gugu and I have just uploaded to the arXiv our paper . This article continues our investigations of the Hausdorff dimension of the complement of the  752 more words


Continuing our look at continued fractions

Yesterday we did revisited continued fractions:

A short continued fraction project for kids

Today I wanted to boys to explore a bit more. The plan was to explore one basic property together and then for them to play a bit on the computer individually. 107 more words