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Continued Fractions

In fact, the matrix formulation of Fibonacci numbers mentioned before can be generalized to represent any 2-D matrix and, by way of continued fractions, any real number – not just the golden mean. 167 more words


A continued fraction experiment

I’m a big fan of continued fractions – especially the many different ways that you can use them to help kids learn elementary math. Right now I’m studying square roots with my younger son and he’s taken quite a liking to continued fractions, too. 193 more words

Celebrating Pi day with Evelyn Lamb's idea

Last week Evelyn Lamb wrote a nice piece about and continued fractions.

Don't recite digits to celebrate pi. Recite its continued fraction instead. http://t.co/YMpGj9M1Mk

— Evelyn Lamb (@evelynjlamb) …

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Fibonacci Numbers

I recently discovered a cool fact about Fibonacci numbers that I didn’t know before. Today, I’m going to share it with you.

Some History

Fibonacci himself was an Italian mathematician who lived in the Middle Ages. 600 more words

Number Theory

A game with Pi

Here’s an image of something I wrote down, took a photo of, and posted here for you. It’s a little game you can play with any irrational number. 133 more words


Fun math that I saw this week

At the beginning of 2014 Numberphile published an incredible interview with Ed Frenkel with the provocative title:  “Why do people hate mathematics?””

There is a particularly interesting exchange around the 5:00 mark: 854 more words

1.4142135..., or What is the Ratio of Reading, PA to West Davenport, NY?

As was discussed here, repeating decimals like 0.9999… or 0.33333…. often have other, simpler, representations as an integer (like 1, in the first case) or a rational number (like 1/3, in the second case). 347 more words