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A Girl's Thoughts On Continued Fractions

I discussed continued fractions recently, and with some controversy. So I imagine people might be interested in another view.

Friday’s post on the MathsByAGirl blog is on the subject. 20 more words



Have you ever wondered what a calendar is? How would you explain the notion of a calendar to an alien, albeit a very precocious one with some notion of homo sapiens common sense? 1,518 more words


Irrationality of Euler's e

Jacob Bernoulli first introduced the number . Later it was showed that is irrational, even transcendental(which is not a root of any polynomial with rational coefficients). 264 more words

Number Theory

Continued Fractions

In fact, the matrix formulation of Fibonacci numbers mentioned before can be generalized to represent any 2-D matrix and, by way of continued fractions, any real number Рnot just the golden mean. 167 more words