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A fun math surprise with a 72 degree angle.

We’ve been talking a lot about 72 degree angles recently. Yesterday’s project was about a question our friend Paula Beardell Krieg asked:

Paula Beardell Krieg’s 72 degree question… 245 more words


We will start with RSA and then move on to different encryption and decryption algorithms and primarily their attacks ;-), one-by-one as I understand them and can provide you all with a working proof of concept for each one. 1,083 more words

Exploring a fun number fact I heard on Wrong but Useful

I was listening to the latest episode of Wrong but Useful today:

The Wrong but Useful podcast on Itunes

During the podcast the following “fun fact” came up -> . 297 more words

HD(M\L) < 0.986927

My friend Gugu and I have just uploaded to the arXiv our paper . This article continues our investigations of the Hausdorff dimension of the complement of the  752 more words


Continuing our look at continued fractions

Yesterday we did revisited continued fractions:

A short continued fraction project for kids

Today I wanted to boys to explore a bit more. The plan was to explore one basic property together and then for them to play a bit on the computer individually. 107 more words

A short continued fraction project for kids

I woke up this morning to see another great discussion between Alexander Bogomolny and Nassim Taleb. The problem that started the discussion is here:

Find infinum and supremum of a trig sequence…

279 more words

Soft bounds on the Hausdorff dimension of dynamical Cantor sets

Many problems in several areas of Mathematics (including Dynamical Systems and Number Theory) can “reduced” to the analysis of dynamical Cantor sets: for instance, the theorems of… 1,654 more words