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Approaches to Curriculum Change

In case I failed to update my small group of followers, I did end up deciding to get my master’s in Curriculum & Instruction/Educational Administration. I started the program on May 28th, and have been working my tail off ever since. 1,873 more words


Different Media Platforms

Short Video

One primary lesson learned in this field is how to use different media platforms to convey messages. This varies widely. I had originally had a portfolio started on blogger.com that I never really carried out. 64 more words

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Tools for art

I know … this really looks like I may have drawn it myself. The truth is, there is so much photoshop work in this! The images of the coy fish were traced in photoshop, the notebook was a scanned image added in a separate layer. 48 more words

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Building Websites

The first picture on this post shows one of the first websites that I put together from the ground up. This was when I had first started to learn about html, css, and javascript. 109 more words

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Who listens to CD’s anymore? (the funny thing is…I do) Above is a cd cover I created. It is completely not my style, but I thought it would be wise to step outside of my box and shoot for something different. 74 more words

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Image Repairs

A little bit of photo repairing. A skill acquired in my first year. The point of this assignment was learning to use the tools in photoshop but being able to repair photos alone could be a job! 35 more words

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The Science behind mindful learning

An ancient eastern practice, redesigned for western society and backed up by modern day science.

In recent years, improved technology has allowed scientists to measure the impact that mindfulness really has on the effect of continued learning within the brain.

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