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My cravings for more and more information paused my blogs. I’ve also been busy working, but not enough. It’s not enough because I haven’t been here telling everyone what I’m learning, which I regard as a job just as important as my money-maker. 620 more words

Out Of The Office

When my ideas come together.

Here is another poster I am happy to show. I felt like the font, color scheme and my ideas all came together on this one. This is the example when after multiple drafts, the piece actually works out. 36 more words

Class Work

I can do that?

When I first started in the Media design program, there was a lot I didn’t know I could do from my own computer. One was creating app buttons for phones! 43 more words

Class Work

Turning the poor work into optimism

Here is a process I am never enthusiastic about. Draw it first, maybe draw it again. Then redraw it on the computer, add some color. This isn’t one of my best pieces, but it’s one that I saved the draft to show. 86 more words

Class Work

The process of photography

Is there a story that you can tell using only images? Black and white images, in my opinion, tell a strong story. In my intermediate photography class we were asked to find subjects that we had a connection with. 207 more words

Class Work

There's always a before, before the after.

On the left is a final poster I had put together for a non existent powwow. On the right is first draft. I had run through about 4 drafts before I found the final piece I wanted to present. 146 more words

Class Work

I think I found a new hobby!

The perks of majoring in Media Design at SKC; there are awesome electives that allow creativity and hands on adventures. Electives that can be the beginning of new hobbies. 93 more words

Class Work