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Universal Human Rights

This should be displayed in the offices of every politician and military leader to remind them of their obligations to every human being…


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Institute of Hospitality Awards 2018 Winners

280 hospitality professionals came together this week (19 June) to celebrate the very best in people development at the Institute of Hospitality Annual Dinner & Awards. 862 more words


The What and How of Flipped Learning

An interesting blog post from WIZIQ on the ideas behind the concept of Flipped Learning…

Teachers crave to see all their students participating enthusiastically in the class.

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Data Management and Purposes

The fact that we can accumulate data, does not give it some spurious meaning or validation. The management of data in schools should be about yielding insights into how to engage and improve student and teacher learning effectiveness. Discuss.


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Look at the graphic and then cross reference it to the leaders you have known…

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Women Who Watched 'The X-Files' Pursued More Careers in STEM | www.fastcompany.com

The phenomenon has been known as “The Scully Effect”–named after Gillian Anderson’s character Dana Scully – and the Geena Davis Institute proved it’s real.

Women who watched The X-Files regularly were 50% more likely to work in STEM, and nearly two-thirds of the women surveyed who work in STEM said Scully served as a role model.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)