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The Difference Between Fair and Equal in Educational Provision

In providing for students of differing abilities and aptitudes we have to realise that  striving for equality of provision, might not necessarily provide a fair solution for all students. 15 more words


Thought For The Day: Caring Adults

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was posted in every school staff room and teachers acted on it…?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

How do you improve schools? Start by coaching principals, says new study

It is good to see that my new book on future-proofing schools by focusing on the qualities of leadership appears to be on the money… this US study seems to confirm my perspective that insufficient resource is devoted to inspiring and developing principals to use the full range of tools at their disposal to improve learning outcomes for students in sustainable ways. 13 more words


The Direction of Travel in Educational Technology...

This article outlines the top ten trends in educational technology development. Some perennials remain in the list like Personalisation and Gamification, whilst others make the list by dint of new technological developments. 157 more words


Engagement Strategies from teachertrap.com

For those days when your batteries are low and you need to come up with some new learning strategies…


Educational False Starts and Heutagogy

I am as prone as the next teacher to exploring new approaches to learning, but it could be said that teachers are naïve suckers for an all-encompassing solution to learning. 157 more words