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Spirit, Authority, and Northwest Yearly Meeting

Another yearly meeting has convulsed because one of its constituent monthly meetings has decided to welcome LGBT Friends fully into their communion; that is, they have decided to start marrying same sex couples. 1,695 more words

Quaker-pocalypse—Advancement: What Can We Say?

What can we say?

. . . when seekers ask what Quakers believe? Here is one version of the answers I’ve been working on.

An “elevator speech”: 1,191 more words


Truth and Transgender- Part 2- Transgender

Now, what is it that God has revealed on the subject of transgender? I still invite you to study it for yourself in the scriptures and words of the living prophets; I offer the findings of my study, simply as a springboard or starting point to your own. 1,641 more words

The Green Dragon Tavern

What Does a Revelation Look Like?

In many of my conversations that I’ve had with members of the Mormon church, the concept of revelation has been brought up with a great deal of frequency.  1,634 more words

Community Of Christ

Missing Revelations?

I have been told by Mormons, on more than one occasion, that Community of Christ has rejected “scores” of Joseph Smith Jr.’s revelations.  And I know that other people have been told the same, so I feel its worthwhile to explore this claim. 1,824 more words

Community Of Christ

Silence -- or Stillness -- as a Spiritual Discipline

April 14, 2015

A good friend who is spiritually experienced and wise but not a Friend recently asked me about the Quaker practice of silent worship. 566 more words

Quaker Practices


Lenten Practice: Lectio Divina
Daily Act: Write a note to someone to let them know how their life is integral to God’s unfolding story.
Weekly Prayer Phrase: 421 more words