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Why I Hate Pink, € More

I got a bit accomplished, yesterday as far as paperwork organization and getting rid of things. Well, at least getting things together to get rid of. 264 more words


Complete Family, Etc

I don’t remember the last time I bought a litter box. But, yesterday, my old one was done. The bottom leaked and the smell! So I went to Petco and bought a new one. 202 more words


Prejudice Or Racist?,Etc...

I was sick yesterday morning. I think the Rice Pudding I ate the night before was to old.

Then I got a text alert from my bank about Fraud. 243 more words


Paid Up And More

I’m Finished! Paid my last two debts… credit cards…off, yesterday. Now I just need to return some equipment.

NH came yesterday. I now have a tv that works,…Yes, actual channels, people!.., a new cabinet and a new sink faucet, 113 more words



I’m sure I’ve posted about this before to a point, but, I’m going to do it again. That’s what happens when you get excited.

Remember I told you I came into some money not to long ago? 296 more words


Productive Tuesday

The Handyman came, yesterday, that FSS recommended. Let’s call him NH for New Handyman…How creative, right?…Anyway, he fixed my bathtub drain and hooked up my television set so I can watch vhs and dvd’s now. 161 more words


Another Church Experience

I tried a new church again, yesterday and it was really neat. The people were super nice and they are Non-Denominational with more blacks then whites. 216 more words