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Notes on self-reflection (1): Constructive Criticism

Composed during the first months of my previous role as a process excellence trainer in 2013, I was starting to grow as a training professional in partnership with some of the greatest leaders in the process improvement area. 834 more words

Personal Excellence

5 Lessons Learned from Failure

Glenn Llopis wrote and interesting leadership article at Forbes titled 5 Things Failure Teaches You About Leadership some time ago. It is uncanny how often general leadership articles seem to underscore Lean Principles and Lean Leadership. 467 more words


Positive Discussions Encourage Creativity

In the past several years I have worked with the IT departments for several Fortune 500 companies. With each company I have encountered depressing stories about unproductive and highly negative interactions that have taken place in their… 472 more words

Lou Quinto

Top Performance starts with Asking Questions

The challenges of reaching top performance are many. A good start is to ask questions, many questions. Nicolas Bloom and others provide a list:

  1. Clarity and Comparability of Goals:
  2. 132 more words

5S and the Food Manufacturing Industry

5S is more than a simple housekeeping initiative.  5S is a five-step process that transforms a traditional work site into a visual factory and lays the foundation for a Lean Enterprise Transformation.  170 more words

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Team Involvement: Just Half of This Equation

The level of involvement in the change process for the operator on the floor has been an ongoing issue for years.  The operators are less likely to take ownership or even accept the new idea as a solution.   309 more words

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Simply Classic 5-Why's

It’s a cold and rainy night in late October. You hurry out to your car in an effort to keep dry and because you are running late. 411 more words

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