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How to Evolve Continuous Architecture over Time? Think “Minimum Viable Architecture”

How to Evolve Continuous Architecture over Time? Think “Minimum Viable Architecture”

Let’s assume that a team has successfully developed and implemented an application by following the six Continuous Architecture principles.   1,032 more words

Our Road to Continuous Delivery

In 4 months we have improved lead times from 2 months (at best) to an average of around 7 days. We have gone from a heavy delivery process with deployments once every month and multiple handovers to a a lightweight process with no handovers. 275 more words


Restart cancelled go agents - Go Pipeline

I was tired of SSHing into almost 20 agents a day and running the same command to restart cancelled agents due to a pipeline that was taking too long or simply because someone cancelled a job. 109 more words


Bridge the Business-DevOps gap with agile practices

Summary: some organisations are attempting to adopt DevOps without really understanding or adopting agile practices for software product development, and so are missing out on significant opportunities for improved innovation, delivery, and operation of their software systems. 857 more words


Hire Passionate People

“The secret to a successful team is this: look for the people who want to change the world”

– Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

After several months of seeking alignment, we finally got funding for a 4 month experiment to test out a new way of working.

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Towards A Learning Enterprise - Run Experiments

(This is the second post on our journey toward building a Leaner IT-organization, “Towards a Leaner Enterprise – The Beginning” is the first)

For the last 4 months I’ve been leading an experiment at my current client, a big Telecom company in Norway. 561 more words