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YouTube Live Replay:Enterprise DevOps: It Takes a Village

When talking about enterprise DevOps transformation, many people look for a silver bullet—a magic wand that will convert an old, inefficient organization into a high-performing, DevOps-enabled IT team. 126 more words


Webinar: Lesson Learned in Scaling Enterprise DevOps

DevOps is evolving into a major enabler of business innovation. If done well in a consistent, scalable and repeatable manner, it can accelerate digital transformation at an enterprise level. 322 more words


Infrastructure from scratch. Part 9. Continuous Delivery.

Frankly speaking, I wished to put together CI and CD thoughts. But the post became too large. So, I’ve got the idea to separate them and take the easier way for reading. 934 more words

System Architecture

How to setup Continuous Delivery environment

I have already read some interesting articles and books about Continuous Delivery, because I had to setup it inside my organization. The last document about this subject I can recommend is  968 more words

Summary Terraform vs Spinakker

I recently needed to build this summary, so thought I’d rather share with more people as well. Please feel free to add any points you see fitting. 474 more words


Continuous configuration management with Jenkins and Liquibase

An important aspect of Continuous Delivery is application configuration management. Configuration is often stored in the database, especially for more complex business applications. The ability to automatically update changes and rollback them in case of new application version rollback seems to be very important for devops teams.  889 more words

Continuous Integration,delivery,deploy

Continuous Integration,continuous delivery and continuous deploy are terms used a lot into software world. But I think, in most cases, are used in the wrong way, by me in the first place. 207 more words

Continuous Delivery