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Maturing the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

The Maturity Model is a useful assessment tool for understanding your organizations level of Continuous Delivery adoption. Many organizations today have achieved what is needed to move from Level-1 (Regressive) to Level-0 (Repeatable), which is a significant accomplishment and as a reader of this blog post, you’re either about to start your journey of improvement or are already underway. 1,767 more words

Continuous Delivery

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The Crafty Consultant's Guide to... DevOps

On Thursday I once again had the pleasure of presenting at the London Java Community (LJC) meetup. This time I presented a new talk “The Craft Consultant’s Guide to… DevOps”. 288 more words


SonarQube and Continuous Delivery Versioning

Sonar is a very good static/dynamic source code analysis tool, which I’ve used for a number of years; however, since evolving from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery, there are a couple of annoying limitations I’ve had to work around. 428 more words

"Test-First" Database Development

I’m looking at the practicalities of using Continuous Delivery/Agile techniques where the database is a “high scale” project in Agile terms, and therefore relatively difficult ( 298 more words

SQL Server

Livraison continue d'infrastructure : le retour d'expérience de BlaBlaCar

 #TIAD, The Incredible Automation Day, la conférence de référence sur l’automatisation en France, aura lieu le 19 mars 2015 à Paris.
Evénement dédié à l’automatisation IT, The Incredible Automation Day vise à rassembler dev et ops pour créer un espace d’échanges et de discussions autour de l’automatisation. 263 more words

Build Automation Software is still just Software

Whenever you move out of your cozy Java (-Language)/Eclipse/Maven comfort zone you recognize there is a whole plentitude of build systems coming with different environments. While you would probably associate the classic Java language with ant or Maven (or even 5000+ lines of BASH scripts written a hundred years ago), the polyglot programmer must be aware of: 688 more words