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From Git Push, to Play store - A DevOps journey for Android

Everyone at our Android Engineering team is pretty happy these days, and for good reason! With a final sprint, we were able to achieve a fully enabled Continuous Delivery process. 2,599 more words


Infrastructure as Code Maturity Model

Systematically Evolving an Organization’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure and software development teams are increasingly building and managing infrastructure using automated tools that have been described as “infrastructure as code.” – Kief Morris (Infrastructure as Code)

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Web application not updated after deployment with PowerShell DSC

At a customer I’m implementing automated deployment for one of their web applications. We’re using a PowerShell DSC script that is kicked off by Release Management (which is part of Microsoft Team Foundation Server). 251 more words


Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery & DevOps - Executive Summary

1. What Is Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery And DevOps

Continuous Integration -> Continuous Delivery -> Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration (CI) is the first step of the Continuous Delivery pipeline, it means that every developer keeps their work-in-progress continually integrated with every other developer. 618 more words

Continuous Delivery

How to Build Octopus Deploy in Microsoft Azure (High Availability)

If your team is working on a P1 and S1 issue which impacts the business a lot. During this time if your deployment and configuration management tools are not available to push the application fixes into production then cost to the company is huge. 880 more words


Applied Kanban Values: Transforming the PMO, Part 4

In April a colleague and me went to visit our partner in Delhi. Over breakfast in the hotel we reflected on the difference between the restaurant service there compared to Stockholm (this was a normal chain business hotel). 414 more words


Deployment using Kubernetes Helm

One of the challenges I face in my development setup is that I want to quickly and often create and deploy my robotics stack. I often want to change and redeploy my entire stack from scratch, because I want to iterate quickly and also reduce my costs as much as possible. 929 more words