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Continuous Delivery Continuum

Practices such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery should not be confused as point goals or destinations. They are better thought of as a cluster of capabilities on a continuum of applied skills and best practices that reduce risk and increase the predictability and value creation. 353 more words


Continuous integration, continuous delivery, & continuous deployment

Continuous integration is a software development practice that involves automatically building and testing a project whenever any new code change is committed to the source code repository by the developers. 275 more words

Continuous Delivery

Better, Not More

There is currently a lot of interest in automated software practices such as continuous delivery, devops, and other evolving automation capabilities. While much of this interest is driven in the context of agile practices stemming from Lean development, the value proposition for pursuing such practices is centered more on repeatability than on speed. 180 more words


Create a Competitive Advantage with Continuous Delivery

Flexibility and agility are required attributes to be competitive in today’s complex and rapidly evolving market. Yes, so is innovation, but that’s a whole other thing… the ability to successfully own a market depends on your ability to adapt and respond to competitors, market shifts, and the economic drivers of your customers. 249 more words


Automatic release/promotion of artifacts to Maven Central from Gradle

Quick tutorial how to promote/release artifacts in a Gradle project to Maven Central, without clicking in the Nexus GUI with Gradle Nexus Staging Plugin. 699 more words


Infrastructure as code and other prerequisites for Continuous Delivery

Are you ready for continuous delivery? This article outlines three prerequisites: automated testing, infrastructure as code and a staging environment.

Success with continuous delivery (CD) depends on four prerequisites. 368 more words


Building a Safety Net for Continuous Delivery with Developer Tests

It is impossible to develop a software system with a certain level of complexity unless it is built on top of a smaller working system. …

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