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Sarcasm Zone: Deming's 14 Point Parody

Does the name Deming ring a bell?  Think back to your days in academia.  “Oh yeah, isn’t he that quality guy?” you say.  Yup, that’s him.   69 more words

Continuous Improvement

Why Downtime is so Deadly in Manufacturing

Downtime is the ultimate disruption in productivity. It not only limits how much can be produced in a day, it also drains the energy and morale of your production teams. 707 more words


Daily Kaizen: Toyota Way

Hey Business Operations Peeps and Geeks.  By now you probably know I love Lean.  Many of you probably associate Lean with Toyota, but did you know Lean has its roots in the teaching of… 257 more words

Continuous Improvement

Washington State Get's it.

Welcome to 2016!

By now you probably know I am a Podcast addict and a Lean thinking nut, but I was not always this way.  I used to think Lean was just a collection of tools and complicated formulas used by people with different colored belts to cut costs and put people out of work. 207 more words

Continuous Improvement

Lean is Fun!

Last week I was watching a video from Paul Akers, Lean Maniac, founder and president of FastCap LLC and author of 2 Second Lean. On that video he passionately described lean as simple and fun.   269 more words


West on the Road—Jersey Shore, PA

Put on your mask and suit up as Production Manager, Adam Wrench takes us inside West’s Jersey Shore plant. Despite the familiar name, there’s no beach or boardwalk here. 227 more words


Future Vision: Raise Free-Range Kids - Leadercast

Seth Godin.  24 hours to view the video.  How to better educate our children.  He uses the word Ruckus which sounds like Ruqus.  What are you waiting for, click now? 40 more words

Continuous Improvement