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A Dream of One

Funny how sometimes you don’t realize you have a dream until someone else is living it.

This week, I learned that person is Daniel Markovitz. 86 more words


How to Leverage Opinion Leaders to Implement Change in Manufacturing

In every organization, there are people who have formal and informal authority. The folks with formal authority are fairly easy to spot. They usually have the biggest office, fanciest clothes, and sit at the head of the table. 519 more words


Working together: National Issues Committee Wales Fire and Rescue Services 

The winner of the Outstanding Change Leadership award at the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community Annual Conference was the National Issues Committee. Christian Hadfield tells us more about their work. 419 more words


Manufacturing Execution Strategy: Technique vs Speed

In manufacturing, there is an optimal point where you have achieved the ideal balance between technique and speed for a process. The trick is knowing when you have struck that balance; and the answer may not be what you think. 776 more words


Plant Profits: The Whole that is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

In a healthy product-driven business environment, value is created in the manufacturing process. In fact, the entire value chain lives within the manufacturing (and supply chain) process. 572 more words


Measuring Plant Performance by the Common Denominator in Business

For the sake of its own survival, a business must make money. And it must make more money than it spends. A business that spends more money than it makes is cannibalizing itself – and if not corrected will eventually fail. 821 more words


Is Your Company Inadvertantly Putting the Breaks on its Own Continuous Improvement?

Getting better at something can take a lot of work. As any change agent can tell you, change is difficult, especially when there are people involved. 722 more words