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#Fear|When is it okay to guess?

The most successful businesses of today are transforming the way we live by delivering products and\or services to their customers easier, better, faster and cheaper… 295 more words

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The Politics of Performance: The Relationship Between Results & Rhetoric in Business

There is an interesting mix of performance and politics present in any group of people who share resources and work together. Performance can be viewed as any activity needed to help the organization to achieve its goals. 1,179 more words


Who needs KPI's anyway?

My #MondayMotivation suggestion for today is for all Leaders to replace the term “Key Performance Indicator” with the term “Client Value Creation Indicator” so all employees are consistently reminded of why you measure what you measure.   23 more words

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Leading from Behind: How do I know what questions to ask when I think there is a problem?

If I could eliminate one common leadership practice it would be “management by fire drill”.  Have you been there?  I have. It’s super easy to get caught up in.   287 more words

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How to Engage Disengaged Employees: Are you asking the right questions?

Employee retention is always in the list of top 5 problems to solve for every business because intellectual capital is just too valuable to lose and great talent is hard to find… 124 more words

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8 Steps for Creating an Agile Enterprise

Curtis Franklin does a great job outlining what he calls the 8 steps for creating an agile enterprise.  I am a Lean (#TPS, #Lean Startup) Guy and this article really struck a chord.   81 more words

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Unlock hidden potential with a lean huddle

In this short video from leadercast.com Jeff Hargett, Senior Director of Cultural Transformation at the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, offers steps you can take to evaluate your/your team’s current workload, quality of work and capability for additional work.   571 more words

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