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Intro to Continuous Improvement in Human Resources - Organizing for Wealth Creation

Is your Human Resources function geared up to tackle the challenges of a Continuous Improvement implementation such as Lean Six Sigma or other? Is your company leveraging it’s training, recruiting, compensation, and performance review processes to instill a culture of CI or one of stagnation and status quo? 879 more words


KPIs Point the Way to Improvement

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a power tool to drive improvement anywhere in an organization:  Manufacturing, Finance, Sales, and even Engineering.  The concept is to select a critical area for improvement over the next year or so.  496 more words

Continuous Improvement

10 Signs that Your Factory has Swagger

There are many cultural aspects that affect a factory’s performance and reliability. Some of the cultural elements support operational excellence and some hinder growth. Ultimately it is the role of the company’s leadership to shape a culture that propels the company toward it’s vision. 464 more words


The Detrimental Impact of Cutting Costs at All Costs: A Case of the Goose and the Golden Eggs

A factory and all its glory is a business asset. Within a factory, you have many things at play: people, processes, technology, culture, waste, organizations and sub-organizations, hierarchy, opportunities, dreams, breakthroughs, failures, successes, entitlements, disenfranchisement, rewards, consequences – this list can go on forever. 759 more words


Refocusing work with children and young people

This is the latest blog in a series from the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community Awards, which was held last November. How might your organisation look again at its work with children and young people? 523 more words