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Jenkins build and incremental packaging

In this post I will share details on setting up Jenkins build server and setting up project to build and incremental packaging of .NET projects. 16 more words

Continuous Integration

10 Things You Lose Without Automation

Automation has a lot of potential to improve software development. Unfortunately, though, automation is often seen as a luxury. Deadlines in the real word are unforgiving, and since test code isn’t product code, automation tasks are given lower priority and dunked into the black hole of the backlog. 926 more words


Shifting left with DevOps and Continuous Integration

Adopting Continuous delivery helps to achieve rapid application development throughout the software application life cycle. It is a methodology, a mindset change,a shift-left approach and a leadership practice to streamline manual processes and enforce consistency and repeat-ability in software delivery pipeline. 712 more words


GitLab Spring-Boot Heroku Continuous Integration and Deployment

Gitlab has in built pipeline for continuous integration and deployment. For every commit to the master branch , Gitlab will build and deploy my code to two(dev and staging) different Environments. 278 more words


TeamCity + XUnit: Not all tests executed

Running unit test on a TeamCity is usually not a big problem but a couple of days ago I noticed I very strange behaviour.

The number of tests executed on the build server was much smaller than the number of tests running on my local machine but TeamCity did not report any errors. 169 more words


Create an AWS Lambda function from an Octopus Deployment

AWS Lambda is one of the AWS Compute Services, alongside with Amazon EC2 or Amazon EC2 Container Service. In a nutshell, AWS Lambda is the serverless offer from AWS, allowing “you run code without provisioning or managing servers”[1]. 503 more words

Continuous Integration