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Build a .NET Core 2.0 Application in AppVeyor

AppVeyor is one of the Continuous Integration Services in the cloud, ready to use, with minimal configuration. It provides a Windows Server image with tooling to build, test and deploy ours .NET applications. 372 more words

Continuous Integration

Jenkins Declarative Pipeline

Jenkins released the 2nd version of their Pipeline As a Code project appropriately called “Declarative Pipeline” with whole new syntax rules and not to be confused with the previous version “Scripted Pipeline”. 253 more words


Continuous Integration for React native applications on AWS with Jenkins and Bit-bucket (Android)


React native has created an evolution in  building Mobile Applications. Prior, to react native, there were many approaches in creating a cross platform executable for ios and android, like Phone-gap. 593 more words


Gradle Dependencies Oversimplified

Gradle is an extremely powerful build tool that leaves the full power of groovy at your disposal. This power allows experienced developers to make their lives a lot easier, however, it can sometimes make it hard get down the basics. 704 more words


Deploy a UWP application to a Windows 10 device from the command line with Cake

I’ve wanted to improve my continuous integration process for building, testing and deploying UWP applications for a while. For these UWP apps, I’ve been tied to using VS2017 for build and deploy operations – and VS2017 is great, but I’ve felt restricted by the ‘point and click’ nature of these operations in VS2017. 1,326 more words


Pimp My Git - Manage Different Git Identities

I usually work on different Git projects that need different Git identities. My work flow for new repositories was

  1. Clone new repository.
  2. Go to cloned repository.
  3. 617 more words
Continuous Integration

Code Quality with SonarQube

Source code quality analysis is an essential part of the Continuous Integration process. Together with automated tests it is the key element to deliver reliable software without many bugs, security vulnerabilities or performance leaks. 1,693 more words