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Webcast March 10th - Drive Continuous Integration in Software Development

Looking to increase quality, reduce costs, and decrease project risk? Then “Shift Left” is the answer for you. Shift Left is a DevOps practice that provides an effective means to perform testing with or in parallel to development activities. 141 more words


Dependencies Properties in TeamCity - Reverse the flow

Build chains in TeamCity allow accessing any build parameters defined in a build that the current build depends on:

Parameters in dependent builds

TeamCity provides the ability to use properties provided by the builds the current build depends on (via a snapshot or artifact dependency).

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My quest for a build script solution in .NET is (finally) over

My never ending quest for finding a build script solution that satisfies my requirements for facilitating builds within .NET might just have come to an end. 2,447 more words


The Crafty Consultant's Guide to... DevOps

On Thursday I once again had the pleasure of presenting at the London Java Community (LJC) meetup. This time I presented a new talk “The Craft Consultant’s Guide to… DevOps”. 288 more words


Sitecore Continuous Integration with Team City and TDS

There are a lot of articles around on how to do automated deployments / continuous integration with Sitecore, which if you’re new to the tools will likely leave you slightly baffled. 716 more words


Tools of the Trade - Getting Started With Continuous Integration (Part 1)

In this post, I’m going to talk about a commonly used software practice, continuous integration, by first describing what it is and the problem it solves. 972 more words

Continuous Build

Which artifacts do you want when you build a system?

A Continuous Integration, CI, server builds a system every time a change has been detected in the version control system. This is a very common practice and something good. 1,014 more words