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Rebuilding a legacy app from the scratch (II): Adding Continuous Integration with Travis CI

Continuous Integration (CI) is a Software engineering practice where developers in a team continuously integrate their work in the main stream of source code at least once a day. 727 more words


Changing the operations of a Software Company - Part I

Agile is great… and sometimes painful. Do not get me wrong, I love an Agile work environment when everyone is keen to “Try, Fail, Fix, Learn and Move On”. 704 more words


IT Leader - A Week in the Life...

Lots on, but everyone wants more!

Working on the FY17 portfolio plan. We’re moving data centres between now and next April, upgrading SAP and our entire eCommerce estate but that’s just the baseline. 988 more words


VSTS and Sitecore NuGet feeds

SPECIAL NOTE: This article is a lead up for my November 30th #SCUniversity session on Continuous Integration and Deployment. Register for the webinar now…

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Versioning .Net Applications With Team City and Git/SVN/TFS

Some notes on setting up version numbering for .Net applications and having your build server manage everything (I’m using Team City). I’ll cover some differences between centralised (TFS, SVN) and decentralised (Git) version control. 1,381 more words


Key Software Factory Tools in the Java World

Here are some popular free and/or freemium tools for creating a software factory for a Java project :

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Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery & DevOps - Executive Summary

1. What Is Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery And DevOps

Continuous Integration -> Continuous Delivery -> Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration (CI) is the first step of the Continuous Delivery pipeline, it means that every developer keeps their work-in-progress continually integrated with every other developer. 618 more words

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