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Continuous integration, continuous delivery, & continuous deployment

Continuous integration is a software development practice that involves automatically building and testing a project whenever any new code change is committed to the source code repository by the developers. 275 more words

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery Workflow with Tutum, Docker, Jenkins, and Github


Continuos Integration

Recently I have been playing with a way to easily setup build automation for many small projects Continuos Delivery workflows are perfect for the smaller projects I have so settings up test / build automation is super useful and is even better when it can be spun up for a new project in a matter of minutes so I decides to work with Tutum to run docker-based Jenkins that connects into Github repositories. 729 more words


Executing automated UFT\ALM tests from Jenkins

Hello Friends,

In this post we will discuss about integrating Jenkins CI tool with HP UFT.


Jenkins is a CI tool which basically monitors external job executions and it’s mainly used by developers for building and deployment of code. 3,201 more words


Setup Jenkins Slave on a Linux Box

This post is about how to create a build slave for a Jenkins master in an easy way. Jenkins can work in Master – Agent Model to have different “slaves” to do operations, to read more, take a look to this link. 395 more words


continuous disappointment

joy of feature push

hope crumbles in sea of red

your build has failed

Writing the TeamCity Companion app for iOS

For a while I was responsible maintaining and scaling a fairly large Continuous Integration environment. Our setup at the time included many different projects and my main objective was to keep our developers happy and productive. 459 more words


Using Windows 10 Hyper-V to create Windows 2012R2 Vagrant boxes – Part 2

Let’s quickly walk through the process of how to use Hyper-V available on windows 10 to create the vagrant box file and use them for our tests of puppet configuration scripts. 557 more words