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Demystifying CI/CD, and a simple economic concept that enables Continuous Delivery

We often hear the term CI/CD getting tossed around in conversations, particularly in the software world. It has become such a buzzword, like AI and Machine Learning, that our mind becomes saturated. 1,802 more words

¿Qué es Continuous Integration y por qué me interesa?

En este artículo revisaremos qué es CI, sus conceptos clave y el por qué el practicarlo mejorará nuestra calidad de software.

¿Qué es Continuous Integration (CI)? 737 more words


[dev] How we got Travis Continuous Integration for multiple language projects in a mono repo

With every commit that makes it to the monorepo both the Android and Desktop project are built and tested. This post documents how we did that. 252 more words


[Devops / Docker] How to write a good dockerfile

Reading or writing a docker file, as soon as you get a bit familiar with the syntax is quiet simple. But how many time you spent some time wondering why your image is so big, or why the image you download was so big, how many time lost trying to find the port, the volume defined, have you loose. 700 more words

Continuous Integration

Play with Jenkins Pipeline

      We know that CI/CD is one of the best practices for DevOps teams to implement. It is also an agile methodology best practice, as it enables software development teams to focus on meeting business requirements, code quality, and security because deployment steps are automated. 1,311 more words

Automation Execution In The DevOps World

Week 4 of the DevNet Grind - CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) covered for exam day!

(Image above source: https://www.tmap.net/building-blocks/CICD-pipelines)

I was just looking for an image that visualized the idea very well, and they have a great article as well over there that I fully intend to go through myself to review this topic! 1,505 more words