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Deployments with containers

This post is part of The Containerization Chronicles, a series of posts about Containerization. In them, I write about my experiments and what I’ve learned on Containerization of applications. 1,190 more words


Build and Sign ClickOnce manifests on VSTS using certificate from Azure Key Vault

So I want to build an old VSTO Excel Add-in using the VSTS hosted build agent – something you’d expect a task to already exists for – and I don’t want to check the certificate in to source control for obvious reasons. 506 more words


Publishing nosetests results in Jenkins CI

While trying to publish test results in Jenkins CI via the xUnit plugin, I’ve set up the Post-build Actions section in Jenkins according to what the nosetests documentation suggests, that is, to “tick the box named “ 360 more words


Benefits of using cloud computing services

It is necessary for every individual to know and understand different features of cloud computing services because it helps them to take maximum mileage of the technology easily. 313 more words

Local Continuous Delivery Environment with Docker and Jenkins

In this article I’m going to show you how to setup continuous delivery environment for building Docker images of our Java applications on the local machine. 1,999 more words

Continuous Integration


Today, more and more organizations are considering buying their IT completely or partially from the cloud. We provide the Best IT and cloud solution to the organization. 97 more words

Deploy with Circle CI on shared hosting via FTP

The following config.yml script can be used in circle CI to deploy code from github / bitbucket to any hosting provider with FTP credentials. Please note the FTP credentials will have to be saved as environment variables in circle CI with the following names FTP_USER, FTP_PWD, FTP_LOCATION. 88 more words