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DevOps - CI / CD - Continuous integration, delivery and deployment

Nesta abordagem sobre DevOps, vamos demonstrar os benefícios de trabalhar com o processo de CI (Continuous Integration – Integração Contínua), CD (Continuous Delivery – Entrega contínua) e CD (Continuous Deployment – Implantação contínua) no processo de desenvolvimento de sistemas da organização. 706 more words

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Deploying the Azure Cosmos DB emulator when building with AppVeyor

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, horizontally partitioned, multi-model database service. AppVeyor is a Continuous Integration solution for Windows. The key question is how can I test my solution, built on appveyor, with an Azure Cosmos DB back-end? 400 more words

Azure Cosmos DB

Adding Build Statuses to Pull Requests with TeamCity and GitHub

I’m always looking for ways to improve our build server setup and improve our overall efficiency. So a recent change I’ve made is to get Team City to start building pull requests and pushing the resulting status back to GitHub. 583 more words

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New Way To Develop The Applications For The Website

PHP framework is a common one to be used for the development of applications. But in this year of 2017, the new larravel is more than the PHP. 278 more words

Semantic Versioning

When the development scope is being incremented, the complexity of development, Testing & Releases would be more complicated in Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery pipelines. Downloading dependencies in software packages, and versioning is even more complicated of frequent releases if there is no well defined mechanism. 375 more words


Continuous Testing Principles for Cross Browser Testing and Mobile Apps

Majority of organizations are already deep into Agile practices with a goal to be DevOps and continuous delivery (CD) compliant.

While some may say that maximum % of test automation would bring these organizations toward DevOps, It takes more than just test automation. 469 more words

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SWAMP Plug-Ins Update

The SWAMP has released updates for the Jenkins and Eclipse plug-ins. Version 1.0.6 contains fixes for the Windows platform. Get the latest plug-in versions through the Jenkins Plugins Store, Eclipse Marketplace, or by visiting… 14 more words

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