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Laravel Continuous Integration using Codeship

In my last blog post, I talked about how we test our Laravel applications. In this post, I’d like to expand on how we’ve set things up for Continuous Integration using a service called… 960 more words


TechTip: Dbunit Export from Jetbrains DataGrip

I am an avid test driven development (TDD) advocate nowadays, with a pragmatic slant of course, looking to bullet proof the features that I deliver to ensure that they do what is expected, and work out edge cases. 196 more words

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Mobile App Testing: 6 tips to solve problems

More emphasis than ever is being placed on enterprises to create an amazing UX with their mobile apps. As If delivering error free apps was not pressured enough these superior quality apps must be delivered faster than the competition while facing a constantly evolving technological landscape. Read more Click here

From Continuous Integration to Continuous Assurance

The SWAMP team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Computer Sciences department released a new whitepaper titled “From Continuous Integration to Continuous Assurance.” The paper describes how the SWAMP can be integrated into the continuous assurance workflow, including integrated development environments, source code management systems, and continuous integration systems. 82 more words

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Jenkins – Add Color to Console Output

Jenkins console output is place where you can spend decent amount of time trying to figure out what went wrong (or perhaps right?).

AnsiColor plugins… 203 more words


Fun project: HipChat integration with AWS Lambda

TL;DR: I made a hobby project that gets the pull requests that still need code reviews from Bitbucket and posts a notification message on HipChat to inform developers. 778 more words

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