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Binge training and retrograde patterns 

After the International Contortion Convention ended, I had planned to take a few days off and relax from the quite intense past months training for my act. 602 more words


2016 ICC and a new friend

These past two weeks have been really interesting and intense, first I got to perform my act for Silent Savasana at the Brooklyn Bowl

then I attended the International Contortion Convention, a 3 days event of shows and workshops, where I also performed. 515 more words


"Push past pain" theory

I never liked the concept of pushing through or “forcing”, but there have been (and still are) moments in my flexibility training where I know I was stuck and I needed to go that extra mile. 641 more words


Some days you just gotta create your own sunshine

It’s been awfully long since I’ve put up anything here (blame my crazy busy winter), but now I’ve been going through some things in my head I have to squeeze out somehow to stop it from bothering me. 878 more words


'ANECKXANDER', by Alexander Vantournhout and Bauke Lievens

Jackson’s Lane, London International Mime Festival; 23rd January, 2016

Alexander Vantournhout has been rather the poster child for contemporary circus lately, as images and reference to the prize-winning  800 more words


Goals and injuries

If my first goal with flexibility was simply to become the most flexible I could, now that I’ve seen how far I can push myself, I’ve slightly changed that initial goal into a healthier, long term, safer one. 348 more words