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Soulfly Reigns at Brick By Brick

On May 21, Brazilian Metal god Max Cavalera finished off his Archangel tour in this website’s home away from home, Brick by Brick. The night featured an array of up and comers and established bands which has become a tradition for Cavalera. 555 more words


This is Hard

Overheard during science test (18 May 2016, week 4 of standardized testing, 2 hours into session):

Teacher 1: Want to go to question 20?

Kid 1: 401 more words

Naturally Flexible

Hi! My name is Sjvm.

I am writing about Gymnastics & Contortion.

Gymnastics, to Me:

  1. Is a thing to do to let out your energy and have fun while doing it.
  2. 130 more words
Ninja LIFE Style

Viscom in AD - Progress (week 7,8 & 9 )

Pictures above are from a manga called uzumaki bu junji ito. The manga sports some very disturbing expressions and that is what I referenced.  The manga itself is very creepy and quite disturbing – I wouldn’t reccommend young children to read this. 124 more words


Binge training and retrograde patterns 

After the International Contortion Convention ended, I had planned to take a few days off and relax from the quite intense past months training for my act. 602 more words


2016 ICC and a new friend

These past two weeks have been really interesting and intense, first I got to perform my act for Silent Savasana at the Brooklyn Bowl

then I attended the International Contortion Convention, a 3 days event of shows and workshops, where I also performed. 515 more words


"Push past pain" theory

I never liked the concept of pushing through or “forcing”, but there have been (and still are) moments in my flexibility training where I know I was stuck and I needed to go that extra mile. 641 more words