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Real Talk: "A Good Witch Stays Fit"

When it comes to living the life of a rubberwitch, there can be a few drawbacks. Though the mind finds it quite effortless to invoke sensations of the impossible, the body often struggles to keep up. 1,178 more words

5 Shoulder Opening Hacks for Beautiful Handstands

One of the complements I often receive is “Your handstand line is amazing!” To which I reply, “Thank you! I have a few good coaches and one great acro partner to thank for stretching me until I cried every day for many years”! 1,086 more words


The Hidden Secrets of Being a Bendy Weirdo

This post is simply to share some of the things about developing flexibility I learned while studying Exercise Biology at UC Davis. Some of them may shock you, so continue at your own risk.  583 more words


The Art and Work of the Contortionist

First, let’s dispel the double-jointed myth. Joints don’t come in multiples; however, they do come with what science dubbed hypermobility or joint laxity, both terms for people who can stretch and bend naturally farther than anyone else at the cocktail party. 800 more words

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Body Secrets

I’ve always been very truthful in my posts, I want people to learn from my life while I share thoughts and experiences I wish I could have read about somewhere before. 727 more words


"Interwoven: Side A"

Author’s Note: This is a story which was inspired by interactions with a close friend of mine. As I began writing it, I quickly realized that its content wouldn’t quite fit in a single story, so I’m doing something a little different. 3,355 more words