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Contortion Myths (spoiler: there are many)

I thought I would address some of the painfully predictable misconceptions I often hear when I tell people I’m doing contortion, or when people see my contortion practice videos. 1,391 more words


Fear poses: Reprogramming Your Brain To Calm Down

Do you have poses that make your heart skip a beat? When you go into it, you feel your heart racing and feelings of anxiety and dread crowding your body. 873 more words


The 'Perils' Of Being Self-Taught

I’m aware that this post may potentially be quite controversial, but I feel that it’s important for me to express my opinion about being self-taught rather than being coached. 1,324 more words


Bending My Way Forward

Recently, let’s say the past two months or so, I’ve been practicing contortion. I sort of stumbled into it after casually doing a five day contortion workshop in February and fell in deep love/ a long term obsession typical to my personality. 1,687 more words


Why I took up contortion at age 47 & joined Sam's Circus

When a friend I met through the yoga community invited me to join him at a contortion class, I immediately said yes because I am always down to try something new. 891 more words

Real Talk: "A Good Witch Stays Fit"

When it comes to living the life of a rubberwitch, there can be a few drawbacks. Though the mind finds it quite effortless to invoke sensations of the impossible, the body often struggles to keep up. 1,178 more words

Week 3

This update is a bit late as I’ve had an emotionally heavy week that I’m not ready to talk about yet, but will affect my life quite substantially. 552 more words