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My trip to Mongolia (Part 1)

Finally, after more than 3 months, I’m ready to sit down and write about one of the rawest and most eye opening experience of my life: my trip to Mongolia. 851 more words


Mushroomhead Makes Us Wet At The Brick By Brick *With Special Commentary*

Sup, biznatches!? What you all been up to? Enough about you all, on October 12 we here at Ugh Metal experienced that great masked band. NOT Slipknot. 1,690 more words

Heavy Metal

Twisted Black

crack open this poem,
smash it to quivering bits,
burn its words,
drown its perfidious voice;

see how it cries,
while my dreamless eyes pray dry, 30 more words


"Crystallize: Part Two"

“You were… expecting me…?” Tightly gripping the strap of my bag, I fought to remain standing as every fiber of my being screamed for me to run. 2,668 more words

Sketchbook Ideas - Bodies in Motion - Scott Eaton

These series of photographs have been captured by artist, designer and photographer Scott Eaton. These are just a sample of the several projects that he has undertaken. 173 more words


"Crystallize: Part One"

Writer’s Note: Any references to real people, places or events is entirely coincidental.

When I was in high school, I occasionally gave thought to the idea of becoming an artist. 2,715 more words

Hypnosis: "Toy Box Pt. 2"

“Inside a dark box… body flattened between the walls… too heavy and too lethargic… synthetic hardness… turned into a doll… new purpose is to be used… control to your owner… naked doll body… place you on the bed… legs behind your neck… heat travels down… lubricant into your slit… I grab your feet… six inches of my cock into you… already beginning to leak… chest rubbing against yours… inhuman arousal… the need to experience orgasm… will never be sated…” 1,106 more words