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Hypnosis: "Toy Box Pt. 2"

“Inside a dark box… body flattened between the walls… too heavy and too lethargic… synthetic hardness… turned into a doll… new purpose is to be used… control to your owner… naked doll body… place you on the bed… legs behind your neck… heat travels down… lubricant into your slit… I grab your feet… six inches of my cock into you… already beginning to leak… chest rubbing against yours… inhuman arousal… the need to experience orgasm… will never be sated…” 1,106 more words

Baboons feed on fruit

http://onlinerelaxing.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/0-24.jpg Baboons feed on fruit
While the troop of baboons looks for food in the forest, a youngster performs contortionist feats in a tree. Baboon, Contortion, Monkey Animal videos, Videos, Wildlife Online Relaxing http://goo.gl/z4nIZ1


"Pseudonym: E.E.G."

“She turned you down!?” I exclaimed in shock.

“I couldn’t believe it either,” answered Esmeralda. “I told her to choose: that writing project or me. Was I being unfair to her?” 2,848 more words

"Pseudonym: Awakening"

Some would say that a split personality and a split consciousness are one and the same: an ailment of emotions through which therapy is often required. 3,045 more words

The Extreme World of Contortionists

The farthest most people can bend is probably by reclining forward and touching their toe! It’s a different answer when you ask a contortionist. A contortion is an unusual form of physical display which involves the bending and flexing of the human body. 345 more words

Weird Stories

"Malleable Spirits"

In spite of a hot summer, or perhaps because of it, the bar seemed empty to Karla on this particular Wednesday evening. Of course, she had no true point of reference for she had just recently turned twenty-one, and tonight was but a third or fourth time entering such a venue. 2,990 more words

"Memoir of a Rubbergirl"

Throughout the whole of my time spent on this Earth, from place to place and generation to generation, there has been but one mantra which has transcended my vast array of experiences. 3,462 more words