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So How Does One Train to Be an Air Guitar Champion?

Here’s What I’m Doing.

At this point, I have no idea what other folks do to train. All I know is that I have really lofty goals of what I’d like to be able to do and the drive to start somewhere. 501 more words

Air Guitar

You Want Me To Put That Where?

The only way I dream is big. When I think about getting up on stage and doing air guitar I’m not picturing me just swinging my hair around, doing a simple kick in the air and a slide across the stage on my knee pads. 296 more words

Air Guitar


A few days ago I decided I’d start some sort of excersize regime to work toward being a total badass. I’ve been thinking a lot (A LOT) about what sort of moves I want to encorporate into my air guitaring and a few things are very clear- I need to work on my flexibility, core strength, and my upper legs (I’m forgetting the fancy muscle names right now) Quads? 249 more words

Air Guitar

Audrey Songbird: Concept 10

Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump… A moment, a murmur, a frame, a flutter… Arching, dancing, a weaving of bodies… To be posed so provocatively with a man, it felt so… Incredible… 2,474 more words

What I learned 5 years into contortion

Exactly 5 years ago in April 2012, I attended my first flexibility class and quickly started discovering the love of being supple, bendy, somehow in my mind “ 1,505 more words


Welcome to Pretty Much Professional

This blog is dedicated to following Ava Cochlan’s journey in becoming a professional Circus Artist and recognized social media influence. 

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ava Cochlan and I am an aspiring circus artist and blogger. 116 more words



There’s bendy. And there’s balanced. And then there’s BENDY and BALANCED.