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On the Worlds Behind the Words

As my circle of political friends and acquaintances grows wider, particularly on Facebook, I’m not only struck by the ideological variety, but by the diversity of idiosyncrasies. 155 more words

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The Fork, the Knife, or the Spoon?

If I ever get to have my way in this world, I’ll end up (a) a studious, mostly detached, but still opinionated professional who writes about the past (an academic historian); (b) a less studious, more aggressive, but still careful practitioner of latter-day social and cultural commentary (a public intellectual); and (c) a human being who writes about being human (a human being). 155 more words

Contra Abstraction

Résumé Padding: The Song

A little while ago I scrawled a little poem called “Résumé Padding.” Delightfully, my friend Beka just put it to melody. Check it out here!

My Flash Fiction And/Or Poetry

Rules for Describing the World

You should never describe the world when you are unhappy. People will think you a crank. You’re better off keeping your mouth shut till you wake up one morning and feel not unhappy. 899 more words

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some poems

For reasons best left unsaid, I’ve spent an hour reading my old war emails. You can find an edited and published collection of them here… 1,862 more words

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"Love in the Time of Email"

Longing for the Real is on a roll. Jeff Ludwig, friend and fellow Rochester history maven,  offers a heartfelt meditation on a peculiar sort of love. Highly recommended!