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Pharmacies must dispense Plan B to women despite pharmacist’s religious objection, court rules

Women in Washington state should be able to get Plan B and other emergency contraceptives over the counter from pharmacies regardless of the pharmacist’s religious views, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday. 112 more words

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Don't remove your own IUD. Here's why.

Removing one’s own IUD is apparently “a thing.” There are even YouTube videos of women sharing their experiences. If you can get a medical degree from Google then why not get your OB/GYN residency from YouTube? 1,225 more words


Broadly publishes an absolutely junk piece on IUDs to scare women.

When IUDs go terribly wrong, screams the headline. It sounds like the lead in to a horror movie.

The piece starts with a snippet of accurate information, noting that the use of IUDs are on the rise. 1,738 more words


Do women need to have periods?

Women in their 20s and 30s are increasingly opting for contraception that can repress their menstrual cycles, a trend that’s opening an interesting discussion about why the pill is designed to mimic a normal menstrual cycle, and what skipping it means for future fertility. 320 more words

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$755 condoms make Zika prevention impractical in parts of South America

Concerns about birth defects caused by the Zika virus have led governments across South America, Central America and the Caribbean to ask women to postpone pregnancy by as much as two years. 221 more words

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One More Reason Why Non-abortion "Services" At Planned Parenthood Don't Matter

This morning, as part of the national protest of Planned Parenthood, I took part in a protest outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Fresno, CA. We displayed signs, prayed the Rosary and discussed various related topics among ourselves. 237 more words

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Remember Her Always...

Remember Her Always… This video tells about an effort to produce an amazingly powerful pro-life film. It is WELL worth the 5 minutes to watch… … 7 more words

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