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Using the “poisons of sterility”: Women and contraception during the Middle Ages

The Perceptions of Pregnancy blog, like the Researchers’ Network, aims to reach beyond boundaries and borders, and to facilitate an international and interdisciplinary conversation on pregnancy and its associated bodily and emotional experiences from the earliest times to the present. 818 more words

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Hormones and contraceptives, again (sorry any male readers!)

The plot thickens. Research into female contraception is like scratching an itch you wish you hadn’t.

What is apparent to me now is that there is a potential time bomb waiting to go off. 311 more words

How to overcome Temptation

Temptation begins by capturing your attention. What gets your attention arouses your emotions. Then your emotions activate your behavior; and you act on what you felt. 42 more words

What the Press Has to Say about Our Birth Control Report

Members of the media, here in Seattle and across Washington state, have picked up on our survey of insurance companies providing insurance under the state health exchange, which found that insurers’ customer service representatives provided false, misleading, and contradictory information about  what forms of birth control they covered. 463 more words

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Fighting Temptation

Spiritually, your mind is your most vulnerable organ. To reduce temptation, keep your mind occupied with God’s Word and other good thoughts. You defeat bad thoughts by thinking of something better. 20 more words

New Report Finds Insurers Mislead Women About Birth-Control Coverage

At the request of Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, eight insurance companies in Washington have agreed to revamp the information they provide to consumers about contraception benefits after… 622 more words

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