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Top 20 Feminist Blogs: All Boats Rise

I’ve been building this list for a while, but was particularly compelled to publish it after the whole Patricia Arquette debacle at the Oscars. A critique of her lack of intersectionality is warranted. 478 more words


Unplanned Births Associated With Less Prenatal Care and Worse Infant Health, Compared With Planned Births

Unplanned Births Associated With Less Prenatal Care and Worse Infant Health, Compared With Planned Births
Source: Guttmacher Institute

Compared with women having planned births, those who have unplanned births are less likely to recognize their pregnancy early, to receive early prenatal care or to breast-feed, and are more likely to have low-birth-weight babies, according to “Pregnancy Intentions, Maternal Behaviors and Infant Health: Investigating Relationships with New Measures and Propensity Score Analysis,” by Kathryn Kost and Laura Lindberg.

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Public Health

The Myth of the Perfect Contraceptive

In the days following last week’s post on contraception, I received a few Facebook messages about the nature of contraception.  No one used those exact words, but it was the gist of most of their messages.  1,765 more words

Personal Reflections

Chastity within Matrimony

Chastity is the “successful integration of sexuality within the person (CCC 2337).” Every human, despite popular belief, is called to the virtue of chastity (that’s right! 589 more words


What is the Purpose of the Church?

Last week at our teen club meeting I asked a question of the teenagers, and I was a little surprised at the answers I got. I asked the question, “What is the purpose of the Church?” I got back a variety of comments such as to help people, to show people goodness, to teach the gospel, to show people to follow Jesus, but only eventually did I get the answer I was looking for: to lead people to heaven; to save souls. 1,705 more words

All Matters Catholic

Sex & Love: Sex Ed and The Screen

Take a listen here: 

‘Sex Ed and The Screen’ – partly a generous pun on ‘Sex and the City’ (which is mentioned here), but mostly, these are the two things I had in mind when thinking about this episode. 284 more words

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My latest episode of Spectrum, part of our series on Sex and Love:

My Mom took me to get my IUD

When I was in grade twelve, I was woken up from a nap in my bedroom by my parents.

I opened my eyes to see my mom and dad standing over me with furious expressions on their faces. 896 more words