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I Don't Have A Perforated Uterus And Other Stories From My Womb

I don’t have a perforated uterus. My IUD did not fall out. I’m not pregnant. There isn’t a hunk of levonorgestrel-laced plastic trashing my entrails and burrowing through my abdominal wall. 787 more words

Good Luck, Indiana!

I crossed the country 5 times by car when I was a kid and passed through Indiana on four of those trips. It’s a little unfair to say that Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa are boring states but I just can’t remember much about them except straight roads and a hynotically homogenous landscape. 117 more words


The truth about the pill.

So, long story short, I was in hospital last year because my ovaries suck, yadda yadda yadda, specialist put me on the pill a month ago. 224 more words


Are we really still flushing condoms down the toilet?

Hello! It is now the weekend, which means that if you are a socially inclined person with active loins, you may be trying to get laid tonight. 421 more words



My Dear Children of Christ.

As We enter into the Festive Season of Easter where We Celebrate the Murder of Our Dear Lord Jesus Christ and His Rebirth. 406 more words

Birth Control

Safe Contraception

The secular world tells us that we can have sex whenever and with whomever we please, even outside of marriage, as long as we’re “safe,” and take the “necessary precautions” to prevent children, whether it be birth control, barrier contraceptives, or even abortion. 1,156 more words


FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Barriers to using barrier methods?

This blog is a guest blog from Ruth Abebe, a UNC graduate interested in HIV and sexual health, and was originally published on April 1, 2013. 683 more words