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PCOS. Help!

I honestly feel like I am fighting a constant battle when it comes to my health. My doctors are awful and I seem to always leave with more questions that I went with. 796 more words


Hot Button Issue: Women's Reproductive Rights Part 5: Solution and Conclusion


These are the facts:  Through all the rhetoric, harassment, outrage and political pandering, there has been no significant shift in abortion attitudes for 45 years. 991 more words


My contraception journey- postpartum

Hopefully by the time your reading this our youngest baby. Since falling pregnant I have been thinking a lot of form of the contraception I want to use. 382 more words


Ladies, Meet Jonny |The New Face Of Condoms For Women

There’s no denying it—buying condoms can feel super awkward, particularly for young women. All you want is to get into the store, shove that receipt into your annoyingly-little-why-are-they-so-small-coin purse, avoid eye contact and get out. 40 more words


It's 2018 - why is female sterilization still performed more than vasectomy?

Sterilization is the most widely used birth control in the US , followed closely by female hormone treatments such as the pill .

But permanent birth control – sterilization – is vastly different for men and women in terms of cost, risk, and recovery for the patient. 1,338 more words