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Prayer for Healing

O Jesus, we believe in you, we hope in you, and we love you.
Strengthen our faith, renew our hope and love, and grant our prayers. 104 more words

As secretary of HHS Tom Price can redefine preventative care to not include contraception

Since the election I have been asked repeatedly, “So what happens next” when it comes to reproductive rights. Will Roe v. Wade fall? Will abortion become illegal? 773 more words


Humanae Vitae and Low Birth Rates

In July of 1968 Pope Paul VI, by issuing the encyclical Humanae Vitae, unequivocally upheld the Church’s long standing prohibition on contraception. In hindsight, we can see that its publication had created the circumstances for a divergence in birth rates between Catholics and the rest of society. 713 more words

Catholic Marriage

6 Quick Facts on the TRO on the Implementation of the RH Law

by Youth for Life (based on ALFI report)

  1. The Philippine Supreme Court in a Decision dated August 24, 2016 DENIED the Motion to Lift the TRO filed by the Office of the Solicitor General.
  2. 314 more words

My experience with the contraceptive implant! 

Before you start reading, please note that there might be more information in this post than you wanted, but I wish I knew this before I went through with the implanon implant – so if you’re considering it, this might help you! 752 more words