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Study suggests contraceptive pill could defend against cancer

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. A recent study by the University of Aberdeen has found that taking the contraceptive pill could decrease cancer risk in women. 772 more words


Pornography as weaponized degeneracy


It’s at least a supernormal stimuli, deeply unhealthy.


“Porno is basically Behavior Modification and Control 101. Control people’s sex drive (through porno) and you control their lives.” 33 more words

Confusion, Doubts, Lack of Evidence for the Existence of an Ultimate Supreme Being, & Gallifreyan 'Gods'

The last week has been interesting. I have found that maintaining belief in there being no God requires just as much faith as having a belief in God requires. 1,613 more words


You can buy condoms anywhere in the US today, thanks to a Supreme Court case that wasn’t really about condoms

Plunk that box of condoms on the counter and look the cashier in the eye with pride—today is the 45th anniversary of legal access to birth control for single people in the US! 378 more words

Lent - Pray against Temptation

Day 21

To Do :  Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Lent - The Devil

Day 20

To Do : Pray for someone fighting depression