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How Roe v Wade is affecting the upcoming election - and how we can change the discussion.

Life must be interesting for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As the oldest member of the Supreme Court, she is the most likely to retire/pass away in the next 4 years, allowing the next President to change the dynamics of the Supreme Court. 844 more words

Domestic Ob/gyn

Speaking on Anti-Abortion

The Pro-Life Speaker came to campus on Monday. One comes every year to our Christian college to talk about all things anti-abortion. Walking down the stairs to the auditorium, we were greeted with models of tiny, unborn humans — each neatly labeled with the number of weeks of life the carefully-molded plastic represented. 721 more words


Your contraceptive pill might be preventing you from getting the flu.

All the while making sure you don’t get pregnant. Multi-tasking.

While the pill has been getting something of a bad rap recently after scientific research suggested it could be responsible for… 254 more words


The Morning-after Pill

Following the news that the morning-after pill will be made available over-the-counter, without the need of a doctor’s prescription, I decided to share my views on this highly-sensitive topic. 342 more words


Planned Parenthood: #100YearsStrong

For a century, Planned Parenthood has made it possible for women to determine their own lives. Here's to another #100YearsStrong.

President Obama (@POTUS) October 16, 2016

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Too Good to be True

There had to be a catch –there’s no free lunch. We should have known that by now, don’t you think? By ‘we’, I mean ‘them’, by the way -I want no part of this. 1,610 more words