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Online charity helping women safely take abortion pills and contraceptives

Women Help Women is an online project and alliance of organisations aimed at helping women control their own reproductive health. It has advice and counsellors to help women take the abortion pill and contraceptives safely. 222 more words


The Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons — The Catholic Thing

The vast majority of Americans know that life without contraception makes life messy, difficult, and an obstacle to fulfilling one’s personal and professional goals. No amount of “improve your sex life” rationalizing will persuade them otherwise.

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IUD self removal?

A US clinic trialled self-removal of IUDs and found 20% of women who tried successfully removed their own device. Only half (~150) of the women offered gave it a go, but more than half said they would be more likely to recommend the IUD if self-removal was a possibility. 310 more words


Male contraception

Women are only fertile approx. 12 hours per menstrual cycle (assuming a single egg release), but with the exception of condoms and vasectomies, women are responsible for birth control 24/7.   295 more words


Copper IUD side effects - do they decrease with time?

The copper IUD is a nonhormonal contraceptive that inflames the uterus and releases copper, which is toxic to sperm. It is highly effective (~0.5 births/year/100 women) and has a lower dropout rate than the pill. 147 more words


The Pill Causing Weight Gain Is the Myth That Won’t Go Away

11 August 2017 |Stephanie Bucklin | Science of Us

“Most women have probably heard the stories: Someone says they put on ten pounds in three months after starting the pill; someone else says they dropped a dress size not that long after went off it. 688 more words


Contraceptive Pills Side Effects

There are several ways to catch fun but for women taking a pill certainly wouldn’t count as one. This has led to the trending #MyPillStory on twitter. 877 more words