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The Truth Behind an IUD

Nearly 5 months ago Clay and I gave birth to our first child, an incredible experience that gave us a miraculous blessing. However, we don’t plan on expanding our family ¬†again until 2018. 455 more words


When Periods and Politics Intersect

I first got my period in the fourth grade. I was running in gym class and I thought I was just sweating a lot. Little did I know, I just became a ~woman~. 623 more words

Natural Birth Control

There is so much pressure on us from an early age to be aware of and employ safe sex practices. Yet, all of what I personally remember being taught involved the use of pharmaceutical drugs or condoms. 455 more words


Catholics who use Contraception should be Prohibited from Communion

…along with all the false teachers who make excuses for them. Use of contraception is an objective mortal sin; it is an intrinsically evil and gravely immoral act. 955 more words


The politics of LARC

In the days that now remain before Donald Trump is sworn in as president, I’ve both seen and taken part in recommending long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) for people who can become pregnant. 704 more words



I feel such a bitch writing this but I have to get it off my chest. For a long time before Rob got in touch, I thought my sex drive had gone. 650 more words

Save Childbirth in Ghana

Recently, I had the pleasure of to speak with someone form Anesvad about the work this NGO is making in several countries for to give assistance, help and to educate people on remote areas, that way they could be trained on basic health issues: like… 147 more words