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Street art and birth control.....the connection

I do like a bit of good street art. You round a corner in an unfamiliar town or city to discover a permanent or temporary addition to the urban scene. 436 more words

“You may kizz the Bride…”

Hey guys! So we had another interesting Symbolon session. We watched the dvd episode on Matrimony and Holy Orders. Contrary to popular belief, the marriage isn’t all about the bride… 978 more words

My GYNO says I can't have an IUD. Is she right?

I hear this fairly often – women telling me they asked their GYN for an IUD (yeah!) and were told that they couldn’t because they had never had children. 418 more words

Evidence Based Medicine

Contraception: The Emergency Pill

There are a lot of rumours that go around about Emergency Contraception, or what is known commonly as the morning after pill. If you ask different girls the fact is, you will come out with a significant amount of varied and largely incorrect answers. 310 more words


False Alarm About Stevia

There are many websites today spreading alarm that the powers that be are trying to use Stevia as a surreptitious birth control and depopulation program.  I took me all of 30 minutes to find the truth of the matter.  1,276 more words