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Why do we have abortion?

All made easier because of artificial contraception…


What's the Use?

In the last post, I recalled St. John Paul II’s first reason why natural family planning (“NFP”) differs from contraception. Namely, contraception speaks a “language” contrary to that of NFP. 639 more words


Common Myths About Contraception

Out of all available options, birth control pills remain the most preferred option worldwide. Accidents do happen and you find yourself in the need for an emergency contraception. 10 more words


The Crescent Strikes by Dean Warren

Where I Got It: Review copy

Narrator: David Dietz

Publisher: Dean Warren (2014)

Length: 10 hours 32 minutes

Series: Book 2 The Pacification of Earth… 539 more words


US Museum Acquires Portait of Pope Benedict XVI (Made of Condoms), Sparks Outrage

Pope Benedict XVI is stirring controversy in Milwaukee. The kerfuffle is the result of a depiction of the former religious leader, made of 17,000 multi-colored condoms, which was recently acquired by the… 481 more words

Why I'm supporting "Sweetening the Pill"

Confession: I’m a bit of a social media grouch. I don’t do linkies or share videos of adorable kittens and inspirational quotes. My profile picture were all taken over 2 years ago. 382 more words

"It Can't Happen Here"?

Some are suggesting that we’re overreacting in saying Friday’s ruling is the door to open persecution.  If it weren’t for the fact that Antonin Scalia himself says it is, I’d share their “let’s keep cool heads,” but no, we need to make a stand for religious freedom.   823 more words

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