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Unfaithful Conservatives have turned Humanae Vitae into a Fabergé egg

Conservatives complain when the Pope criticizes them. They say, “Why is he criticizing those who are most faithful?” There is an assumption common among conservatives that the majority opinion in the conservative Catholic subculture is essentially inerrant. 2,647 more words


Consulting the Right Experts for Contraception Choices is Advised

For the ones who are looking to get the right sort of professional help in the context must go over the internet in order to find help of the services and experts with a good name in the market and let them serve some amazing outcomes for the money spent. 108 more words


I got a contraceptive implant.

I’ll be straight with you.

I have been in a long-term committed relationship with my boyfriend for about nine years now. We are not religious and we have no problem getting intimate while we are still unmarried. 1,292 more words


Hot Button Issue: Women's Reproductive Rights. Part 3: The Anti-Choice Arguments and A Response.

The Anti-Choice Movement has three fundamental objections to contraceptives and abortion:

1) Abortion and some contraceptives are murder. And using preventative contraception (like birth control pills/patch, diaphragms, and IUD’s) are violations of God’s law because they permit sex for recreational purposes, not child-bearing. 1,499 more words


My Experience with the Contraceptive Implant

First, before we get into this topic, I want to make it very very clear that this is only my experience and that choosing which contraception is best for you is a very personal choice. 1,062 more words


The True Cost of Free Contraception (Hint: It's a bargain)

by Cara Cullivan

Recently it was announced that the government is considering the introduction of a free contraception in the aftermath of the discussion around the Eighth Amendment and, given that in a survey taken last year in which one third of Irish adults admitted to using the “pull out” method as a method of contraception, one would think this makes perfect sense. 612 more words

Women's Rights