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Immortality of identity

The human reproductive process is remarkably inefficient. A male produces sperm throughout his life from puberty on. The quality and quantity deteriorates with age but he probably produces between 500 billion and 1 trillion sperm during a lifetime. 1,172 more words


Insert this..

And now…..onto your health. WARNING: This blog contains very personal information regarding my health as a woman and the challenges I have faced and now am overcoming.  1,247 more words

Why We Reject the Pill

This Tuesday at RCIA we had a little bit of controversy. One of our candidates questioned why the Church didn’t change its doctrine on contraception and homosexuality. 478 more words

Going Hormone Free

Ok, I’ll say it right upfront…this is probably not a post for the guys, but hopefully you figured that out from the title.

I don’t usually like to speak too much about feminine issues because quite frankly, I’m a bit prudish when it comes to that sort of thing. 861 more words


The Consequences of Contraception

Last weekend, my fiance and I participated in a Pre-Cana weekend, a requirement for marrying in the Catholic Church.  Over the course of three days, we covered topics ranging from communication to parenting, and of course, the dreaded ‘C word’- contraception.  1,347 more words

Personal Reflections

Let's Talk: Introduction

The laws around sex education and access to contraception varies from state to state across the country. Up until recently I had been under the impression that sex education was mandatory in my state, so I was a little confused as to why my public high school had offered next to nothing as a means of access to sex education. 253 more words

Breaking Barriers

Contraception and Marriageability

As a convert to the Catholic faith, one of the hurdles I’ve had to deal with, at least intellectually, is the Church’s position on contraception.  As one who was born in the 1950’s and came of age in the 60’s, I always thought the birth control pill was one of the great inventions of the 20th century.   643 more words

Sacrament Of Marriage