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Pope Francis a Feminist? Not so much

The Washington Post ran an op-ed on April 13 on Pope Francis’s so-called “feminism.” Interestingly, the blog was written by a man, not my first-choice gender to discuss feminism.  564 more words


Almost 100 Percent

I really should know better than to make jokes at the expense of those Americans who were unfortunate enough to be born into ignorant states and districts where abstinence is the only method of contraception taught. 57 more words


Help bring an at home progesterone test to market

As several blogs and Catholic media outlets have already reported, a microbiologist named Amy Beckley has developed “Ovulation Double Check” an at home fertility test that doesn’t just test for lh but also progesterone.   49 more words

Does Contraception prevent sexual diseases and unintended pregnancies?

In light of Pope Francis’ remarks concerning contraception on the plane ride back from his trip to Africa it is worth looking at why the Catholic Church is against contraception. 540 more words

Marriage & Family

The male pill is coming. It will change everything.

Summary: Scientists soon will start another round in the revolutions shaking society by producing a male contraceptive pill. The effects could be wonderful, improving family planning and helping reduce pollution and minimize climate change. 776 more words

Society & Gender

UK teen pregnancy success story threatened by cuts

With the rate of teenage pregnancy in England halving since the government’s ambitious Teenager Pregnancy Strategy was launched in 1998, the programme is widely viewed as a public health success story. 651 more words

Sexual Health

Rejecting Nature – and Breastfeeding

Far away into the future, when people look back at the 20th century, they’ll say that it was the century when mankind has truly begun rejecting Nature. 867 more words

Thoughts About The Future