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What was used for birth control in medieval Europe?

Birth is a universal experience for humanity and therefore, so is conception. This makes the issue of contraception one which stretched back into antiquity. While this topic is frequently in modern news, the historic practices of contraception and the specific methods utilized are rarely touched upon. 232 more words



Last week my husband had a vasectomy. When I passed this information on to a well-meaning mum at soft play, she replied, “Wow. Brutal.” 778 more words


Misconceptions about Contraception

Woman speaks up about unconsented birth control administered to her at state hospital after having her abortion.

In August last year, a woman who had received an abortion at a state hospital was treated afterward with the contraceptive injection; … 448 more words


Part 2: Those Pesky Side Effects

Most non-hormonal contraceptives have no side effects. So you can track your fertility, use a condom, and have your dude pull out nicely with no effect on your body. 714 more words



When it comes to family planning, women bear a disproportionate amount of the responsibility. There are very few male methods for family planning that are both practical and effective. 44 more words

On why I will never get an IUD again.

I’m nearly 28 years old, I’ve never had kids, I’ve been in a serious relationship for 2.5 years and after over a year and a half on the contraceptive pill (more on that later), in May last year, I examined my options and decided to switch to a copper IUD. 928 more words

Coil Iud