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Ibis Reproductive Health and French-based HRA Pharma are working together to provide the research needed to submit an application to the US FDA to switch a progestin-only daily use oral contraceptive (OC) to OTC. 567 more words


What they don’t tell you about the link between contraceptives and marital ‘unbliss’

Let me first say that I take back those mean-girl comments I made in my teens about ladies who get married then ‘let go of themselves by growing bigger’. 420 more words

Woman Defined

I Am Because She Is

Islam has empowered women with the most progressive rights since  1,105 more words
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To the Pro-Life Crusaders: Think before you de-fund

One of my supporters recently commented on a post that ended up popping up on my Facebook feed. Unfortunately, I cannot find the original post, but it was from an anti-abortion group posting a petition against the regulation the Obama administration issued that would prevent state law makers from cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood or other clinics. 1,637 more words

Here's what you need to know about #NoMenWithoutWomen hashtag

The internet lately was bustling with the hashtag #NoMenWithoutWomen and people thought its just another feminism debate that must be going on between the two sexes trying to be powerful over each other. 706 more words



Almost 12 weeks ago I made the decision to switch from hormonal birth control (depo-provera) to non-hormonal (Copper IUD). The idea for keeping a blog arose out of the changes that came with that switch, and the difficulty I had in finding straightforward, detailed information about living with a non-hormal IUD. 2,647 more words

From Deworming To Distribution of Condoms?

As the Department of Health gets the spotlight for their statement that there is already an increasing number of HIV and AIDS infected Filipinos, that being from 15 to 24 years of age as the most frequent, they have suggested that one way of addressing this problem is by distributing condoms to students. 229 more words

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