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Groupon Australia recalls counterfeit, possibly defective, condoms

Because everything is more fun Down Under, Groupon Australia recently offered a discount on Durex-branded condoms. Unfortunately for the saucy bargain hunters who pounced on the deal, the condoms were in fact counterfeit, and may not protect against STDs and pregnancies. 50 more words

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Intrauterine devices are safe to use among adolescents

This is freakin’ genius and I urge all young ladies and parents of young ladies to seriously consider this method of birth control. There are oh-so-many benefits and very few risks. 277 more words

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Not All Birth Control Covered by Insurance Companies Under Obamacare

Most health insurance companies are offering the free birth control required under the Affordable Care Act, but gaps still remain, according to a new report… 281 more words

Wasn't Sure What To Blog About...Until I Saw This

A woman in Georgia is being denied a drug to help her complete a miscarriage.  The drug, Misoprostol, was perscribed to Brittany Cartrett by her doctor.   220 more words


Safe sex..

I was having sex with my ex and he asked me if I wanted to see what it felt like for him to cum inside me. 42 more words



All about abortion

An abortion is unerringly termed as an exclusion of unwished pregnancy. Intermittently, it is known as pregnancy conclusion, which ensues to take place either by medical abortion or by surgical method. 984 more words

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Poor Women Priced out of “Family Planning,” Film at 11

Extra, extra, read all about it! Poor women are priced out of “family planning!”

Seriously. Someone had to do a study on this to confirm it was actually happening. 529 more words