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CONDOMS: Man's New Best Friend?

Now that RH Bill truly became a law, here in the Philippines and no one can’t stop it. The (DOH) or the Department of Health… 512 more words

Battle of the Sexes and Contraceptives

People are warning women who take the contraceptive pill that they are more at risk of getting depression, by citing a recent study from the… 1,189 more words


Girl Scouts Targeted by the Pro-Life Movement

As stated in a previous blog post or two, one of our local pro-life protesters (dubbed the “Dicktator”) has a Facebook page that he uses to spout aggressive gospel and pro-life messages. 1,230 more words

8 months on Cerazette, an Easy Fix for the Boob-Soreness Side-Effect and Procrastination.


So, I talked about how I was going to do yoga, meditation, excersise and go to a psychologist regularly this school year (16/17), well I have not done much of any of those things I’m afraid… But I’ve done a bit of it and I’ve been feeling ok. 1,258 more words

Contraceptives- The Birth of A Sexual Revolution & The Empowerment of Women

A majority of my posts will solely surround my need to force opinions down the throats of anyone who would bother to listen.

Contraceptives birthed a revolution of sexual liberation, key to the progression of women. 1,303 more words

Terrified and bothered

I’m currently sitting at the library across the street from my clinic. Normally I do so to observe protesters, but today I’m just killing time until my annual appointment.  418 more words

Oregon House Approves Buehler’s Bill Expanding Contraceptive Access

Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend, championed a bill late in the 2015 session to allow women to get birth control directly from a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. 29 more words

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