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Young people and right to RH services

In the same study referred to in my post Building youth agency, another finding piqued my attention, that on methods availed of by young people to avoid pregnancy.   454 more words


Issues with Introducing Hormones to Your Body through Birth Control

If you and your partner are sexually active and trying to control your reproductive future, the issue of birth control has probably come up a time or two. 687 more words

Reproductive Health


Viewers corner’s research findings revealed that some group of individuals, most especially the christian groups opposed the idea of abortion and contraceptives. In whichever way we look at it, abortion of any kind to some extent is not right according to Viewer corner’s findings but using contraceptive is favoured by lots of  people world-wide because is like protecting your system before it gets to a stage of taken in. 242 more words


Fewer Teens Are Having Sex Than in the Past

The number of teenagers who have had sex has significantly dropped over the last quarter century, new federal data shows.

The number of teens from ages 15 to 19 who have had sex dropped 14% for females and 22% for males over the past 25 years, revealed new data published by the U.S. 301 more words

Vasagel and the boys.

Rumours around Vasagel have been around for a while now. If you haven’t heard about it, Vasagel is a LARC (Long-Acting Reversable Contraceptive), as a gel injected into the vas deferens – a duct that carries sperm from testes to the urethra. 237 more words


According to Chika: Next month is not assured

Chika is not a Pastor or soothsayer.

She cannot even be one, too pretty for the business calling. And I know her, she will be rotating her sexy bowlegs and peering at you with eyes that hold attention. 913 more words

Mommy Diaries

World Population Day: A market approach to meet contraceptive need

On World Population Day (July 11, 2015) MEASURE Evaluation draws attention to its ongoing collaboration with the EVIDENCE project to work on what is called the “total market approach” (TMA) to providing family planning. 94 more words