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Zika outbreak puts spotlight on Latin America's strict abortion laws

The threat the Zika virus may pose to fetal development is great enough that some countries affected by the outbreak have warned women not have children for the next two years. 763 more words


The Contraceptive Implant Ruined My Life

*You may notice that this exact post was published on another one of my blogs (on August 10th 2015), this will be my main one for now so I just wanted everything in the one place! 436 more words


Zika Virus: The hypocrisy of telling women to delay pregnancy

Featured image: Marcos Freitas/Flickr, Creative Commons

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve probably seen headlines about the Zika virusĀ outbreak which began in Brazil and is now spreading to other countries in Latin America. 822 more words



No, humanists do not eat little children nor do we 711 more words


Climate Change This Week: Future Major Power Disruption, Clean Energy Pays, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

Another Reason to Preserve the Carbon Storing Amazon: Its Biodiversityas personified in this red eyed tree frog. 2,202 more words

My Experience Purchasing Contraceptives From A Nigerian Drugstore, And My Pet Project On Sexuality

The other day, I walked into a pharmacy to get drugs.

I wore a very short gown which I hated myself for.

It was a woman that attended to me. 1,552 more words


Let's Talk About Sex, Baby. Let's Talk About You and Me.

Here are a few pertinent facts about sex:

  1. Not to insult your intelligence, but I have to start with the basics: people have sex, including Americans.
  2. 616 more words