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#YPlusSummit Do you know how to use a condom?.

Do you know how to use a condom?? I guess No but no worries got you covered.

Check the expiry date, check if there’s pleasure/Air to reduce the risk of using an expired Condom. 184 more words

Contraceptives: Myths and Truths

The “pull out” shouldn’t be the only method in mind. Ladies and gentlemen there are different methods to protect your sex. Let’s not forget contraceptives can also be for  family planning but helpful for your health effectively. 752 more words


M-pill - The Male Contraceptive Pills

 Durex, the internationally recognized brand of contraceptives and sex toys tweeted on March 5, “What’s happening India? 95 percent of Indians don’t use condoms! We’d love to know why.” 438 more words


"Emergency" Food

I am notorious for having a really odd supply of “emergency” items… and this ranges from white out to ibuprofen to dry or canned goods. Now, I wasn’t exactly running late tonight, but I also wasn’t in the mood for anything remotely fast food-y and proceeded to go to work and hoped for the best. 174 more words


Family Planning for Free

This letter appeared in the December 2, 2017 issue of the Inquirer.

My attention was once drawn when I ate in a popular restaurant that offers free lunch for birthday celebrators. 491 more words



Today, I share with you my experience with the contraceptive implant.

During the course of having the implant, it was fairly smooth. It did the job, I did not get pregnant and even better, I hadn’t had a period for 3 years – that was definitely the dream. 322 more words

Biodegradable Implants: A Novel Idea Revisited

Wow, this is incredible technology that I’ll be interested in watching in the next couple decades. It could be a massive game changer for refugee populations and others in low-resource settings. 102 more words