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IUDs Are Getting More Popular With American Women

American women are increasingly opting for longer-lasting and highly effective forms of birth control, according to new federal data released on Tuesday.

New numbers from the U.S. 454 more words

The Catholic Church, HIV, and Contraceptives

Partially evidenced in this TEDx video about increased contraceptive distribution in Thailand to stall population growth and the spread of HIV/AIDS was the friction between religious doctrine and scientific consensus on the role of contraceptives in public health. 610 more words

Catholic Church

IUD's Are Growing in Popularity and With Good Reason

 The long-lasting and reversibly form of birth control, called an IUD (intrauterine device), is gaining in popularity for many reasons.  In fact according to Guttmacher Institute, as of 2013 nearly 12% of women using contraceptives were using IUD’s.  215 more words


It's Sex Week on major university campuses

Time for students to learn all about drunken immoral pre-marital sex, thanks to your tax dollars.

Let’s start with the College Fix‘s report on the “Sex Ed Warrior Queen”. 814 more words


Her health is broken (conversations MW)


Morning Walk — June 8, 1974, Geneva

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Prabhupāda: Ignorances. They have opined, they have given the opinion that children born between the ages of twenty years and thirty-six years, they are healthy. 1,704 more words


When she has got a husband, then she's beautiful (conversations MW)


Morning Walk — April 30, 1973, Los Angeles

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Svarūpa Dāmodara: So that is the property of the ocean.

Prabhupāda: No, everything has got some quality and beauty. 457 more words


Your IUD and Implant Last Much Longer Than They Claim, Study Says

Two highly effective contraceptives—the intrauterine device (IUD) and the implant—actually last much longer than they are currently recommended, according to new research.

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