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So why would you want a procurement qualification?

The latest reports on job opportunities in procurement and supply management provide interesting reading – because in general they make no reference to procurement or supply management. 224 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Don't just simplify your contracts

It’s not just about simplifying contracts …. it’s about using contracts to simplify business.

Many people in business are frustrated because contracts are too long, or too complicated, or take ages to negotiate. 264 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Why simplify your contracts?

This month’s Harvard Business Review features an article, ‘The Case for Plain-Language Contracts’, by Shawn Burton, General Counsel at GE Aviation. In his introduction, Shawn observes: “The contracts used in business today are long, poorly structured and full of unnecessary and incomprehensible language”. 882 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contract Management: Poised for Transformation

As we enter 2018, the divide between today’s outdated contract management practices and tomorrow’s technology-enabled reality is becoming starkly obvious. It was Warren Buffett who segmented the business world into innovators, imitators and … the rest. 426 more words

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Culture and Commercial

Organizational culture is becoming an increasing area of focus for every business. As recent events have shown, the speed and power of social media activity demands heightened sensitivity and rapid response mechanisms. 470 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

What is the role of the private sector in Open Contracting?

A guest blog by Sally Hughes, Chief Operating Officer of IACCM

Social trust is high on the political and corporate agenda. Open contracting is attracting growing attention as one way to increase public confidence in the transparency and integrity of business and government dealings. 825 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Open Contracting rises up the agenda

As digital communication steadily transforms social expectations, it should come as no surprise that there are growing demands for ‘open contracting’ – an end to the secrecy and complexity that masks business dealings and performance. 212 more words

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