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The fairness of contract terms

The UK government’s announcement of a new ‘Commissioner for Small Business’ is just the latest in a series of initiatives by administrations around the world to encourage economic growth. 266 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Beware the traditional lawyer

In a recent article, the Association of Corporate Counsel offers its ‘Top Ten TipsĀ In Drafting & Negotiating International Contracts’.

While the items listed are worthy considerations, they miss the most critical issues and in some instances, fly in the face of good practice. 675 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Ease of doing business: an international dimension

It’s not only companies that impact the ‘ease of doing business’ – it is entire countries.

When it comes to negotiating or performing contracts, there are major international variations. 179 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Fire the Lawyers! Save $100 per hour!

I received a request from an IACCM member who is undertaking analysis of the potential savings if his large, international corporation replaces in-house lawyers with contract managers. 474 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Are you negotiating the right things?

Although the business environment is undergoing rapid change, the focus of term and condition negotiations seems to remain relatively constant. Is that because contracts offer a point of stability in an unstable world, or is it because those who lead negotiations are failing to adapt? 187 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Generating value from suppliers

Organizations continue to disaggregate. The traditional ‘integrated enterprise’ has eroded and current thinking is that organizations are more agile, more efficient and more creative if they use external suppliers and contractors, rather than invest in large-scale ‘owned’ resources. 400 more words

Contract / Commercial Management