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As-a-service contracting

How to remain competitive? That is the challenge for every business. And unless you happen to have some unique form of advantage, competition tends to depend on sources of commercial differentiation – greater reliability, superior support services, lower prices or a recognized brand. 393 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contract & Commercial Management in 2017

As we enter the new year, it is worth taking a moment to¬†consider where we are coming from. I don’t¬†support the view of many that 2016 was a year to forget. 488 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Speed Matters

So what happens when you ask a child to hurry up, or criticize a teenager for not getting a job done? Is their automatic reaction to jump right to it and promise to do better next time, or to find an excuse (or better still, someone else to blame)? 662 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Which terms are risky?

For 15 years, IACCM has been publishing a list of the most frequently negotiated contract terms – and highlighting how these are more focused on risk consequence than on risk probability. 228 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

What does competitive advantage look like?

“Today, it seems to me, we are competing on our ability to take on risk.”

Those are the words of a Chief Operating Officer with whom I met last week. 294 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Innovation in contracting

It is widely accepted that innovation is important for survival; it is unquestionable that adaptation is essential.

In a fast-changing business environment, it’s easy to become confused, to be unsure of the right direction, to be tempted to wait and see what happens. 420 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Extraordinary leaders wanted!

Every day there are new examples of commercial innovation. Just yesterday, for example, I read about Electrolux and the ‘uberification’ of washing machines (and potentially other domestic appliances) and the link-up between ABB and Microsoft to transform interactions between suppliers and offer dynamic services to ABB customers. 451 more words

Contract / Commercial Management