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What does good look like?

When it comes to contract and commercial management, what does good look like? With some 83% of business people in a recent poll dissatisfied with their organization’s contracting process, you might think that this would be an important question and that businesses worldwide would be seeking answers. 517 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Fear of the unknown

At times of uncertainty, the role of contracts in both protecting and delivering value becomes even more evident.

That is one clear result of Brexit, the unexpected decision by the UK to leave the European Union (EU). 267 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Do price negotiations destroy value?

Should negotiations ever come down to price? Not according to INSEAD professor Horacio Falcao. In a thought-provoking article, Professor Falcao suggests that ‘a focus on price puts both sides at risk of leaving out other interests that are more important’. 387 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Performance indicators for contract managers

I want to share a question that appeared this week on the IACCM message board.

“Has anyone had any success in setting up and managing KPIs for Contracts Management. 349 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Negotiation - an incompetent competency

Censeo Consulting Group and the Public Spend Forum recently announced their findings on ‘the required skills of the public procurement workforce’. They discovered under-performance ‘in nearly 70% of identified competency areas’. 479 more words

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Adjusting to a digital age

IACCM undertakes regular capability assessments for its corporate members. We have data from hundreds of different organizations around the world, enabling individual results to be benchmarked against both global and industry standards. 316 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Focus on contract management is delivering results

Its easy to write about the many areas where contract management could be improved. It is the failures that make the headlines. But sometimes it is important to reflect and recognize the success stories. 255 more words

Contract / Commercial Management