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Innovation in contracting

It is widely accepted that innovation is important for survival; it is unquestionable that adaptation is essential.

In a fast-changing business environment, it’s easy to become confused, to be unsure of the right direction, to be tempted to wait and see what happens. 420 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Extraordinary leaders wanted!

Every day there are new examples of commercial innovation. Just yesterday, for example, I read about Electrolux and the ‘uberification’ of washing machines (and potentially other domestic appliances) and the link-up between ABB and Microsoft to transform interactions between suppliers and offer dynamic services to ABB customers. 451 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Help! A machine has stolen my job!

Last week I suggested that at least 35% of today’s jobs in contract, commercial and supply management will have disappeared within 5 years.

The world of work is changing fast. 392 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Do you need contract managers?

“No debate, not a word of warning – just 6 months’ notice that the role is being eliminated.”

That was part of a conversation I had last week with the leader of one contract management group, reeling from the shock of an unexpected announcement. 516 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Are contract and commercial skills relevant to my job?

“The world is held together by innumerable contracts”.

That was an observation of the Nobel committee for economics when making its 2016 award. Add to this the fact that commercial innovation lies at the heart of business and enterprise success and you start to see a rather compelling case for the importance of contracts and commercial management. 331 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

How many Contract Managers do you need?

It is planning season so I am increasingly being asked for data to support headcount and resource estimates. The questions apply to both contract management and commercial management and for organizations large and small. 276 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contract & Commercial Management: Key Messages from IACCM Americas 2016

This year’s IACCM Americas conference confirmed the speed with which contract and commercial management are transforming as business disciplines and in the value they are providing. 1,284 more words

Contract / Commercial Management