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The skills challenge: are you equipping for the future?

Last year, the UK’s Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development issued a report highlighting Generation Y skill gaps. Commercial skills came out as a priority area – in particular, the ability to understand the point of view of clients and stakeholders. 297 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contracting: A Necessary Evil or a Competitive Weapon?

Unless you happen to be an expert, most people would probably vote that contracts are a ‘necessary evil’. If it were an option, there is a chance that they would be outvoted by those who selected ‘unnecessary evil’. 315 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Strategic goals: do you know what they are?

IACCM works with many of its members, undertaking process capability assessments. These are designed to assess current weaknesses and develop improvement plans. They include industry benchmarks, enabling an organization to target closure of specific gaps or sources of competitive advantage. 249 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Procurement 2016: it's time to find a new master

A new year, but continued pressure to deliver savings.

 That statement summarizes where many Procurement groups find themselves as we enter 2016. So to the casual observer, nothing has changed. 282 more words

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Winds of change in Latin America

A breath of fresh air is blowing in Buenos Aires with a new government under the leadership of Mauricio Macri … and the winds of change may soon be blowing throughout Latin America. 407 more words

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Collaboration: Setting the right environment

Do you collaborate? Is your organization or business collaborative?

In surveys, most contracts, legal and procurement professionals say they prefer to be collaborative – but that their efforts are often frustrated by ‘the other side’. 434 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Part 2 - Contract & Commercial Management 2016: the year in prospect

The speed of change, the volume of change, the nature of change ….. These lie at the heart of risk and opportunity and today we are experiencing a far more volatile and unpredictable environment than in the past. 392 more words

Contract / Commercial Management