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Be wary of rules - and the behaviors they induce

The Financial Times this week reported on a study that investigated the behavior and attitudes of New York cab drivers. The research led them to conclude that ‘regulatory constraints can prompt sharp practices (including fraud)┬áto recover lost ground’. 234 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

When East Meets West: Is technology a consistent problem?

Back in 2014, IACCM identified the ‘ten pitfalls’ of today’s contracting process and practices – the areas where value is lost or eroded. Pitfall number nine is lack of suitable technology. 407 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Who places value on your contracts?

Do people in your business take contracts and contract management seriously enough?

For most of us, the answer is no. The contract document and the process through which they are designed, implemented and managed is too complicated. 188 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

When contracts fail ....

“Why is it called contract failure? It’s failure of a relationship.”

That was the reaction of a group of law professors in Tokyo this week, when I showed them a set of newspaper headlines highlighting ‘failed contracts’. 384 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Winning contracts with distinctive capabilities

Economist John Kay has highlighted the importance of ‘distinctive capabilities’ in establishing competitive advantage. The correlation to contracting and commercial terms is immediately evident – not least because he sees these capabilities being delivered in the context of external relationships. 389 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Transforming Contract Management

The UK government is at the forefront in its recognition of the importance of contract and commercial management. It is leading many private sector organizations in its efforts to transform. 1,026 more words

Contract / Commercial Management