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Do you come across as 'too negative'?

One of the challenges associated with risk management is the tendency for those identifying risks to be seen as negative. And a consequence of that perception is that their views and advice start to be ignored. 514 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contract drafting: Limitation of Liability

“But do we know what our competitors are doing?”

Anyone who has had a role in setting policy or drafting contract clauses will be familiar with that question. 639 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contracts gain Nobel Prize - would yours qualify?

For those who say that contract management doesn’t really matter, the announcement of this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics must come as rather a shock. It has been awarded to Professors Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom  for their work on contracts. 515 more words

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Let's turn back the clock ...

There are few better ways to establish irrelevance than to be a barrier to change. Could this be the fate awaiting many business negotiators and contract managers, if they continue their reluctance to embrace technology? 450 more words

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The good, the bad .... and the future

Is it really 17 years?

This week I was taken by surprise when messages of congratulation started flooding in. They were a reminder that it is 17 years since… 386 more words

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Is globalization on the retreat?

In the Financial Times (September 7th), Martin Wolf commented that globalization ‘has stalled … and it might reverse’. He cited the unexpected consequences that have flowed from the globalization of markets, such as mass migration and growing inequality, which are reducing public and political support. 263 more words

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Do we actually care about results?

The quality movement has been around for decades and regulated trading standards go back centuries, yet still we struggle to generate the right results. Our process for establishing and managing contracts frequently does not help. 355 more words

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