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Where is the growth?

The Financial Times recently published an analysis of Europe’s fastest growing companies during the period 2012 – 2015. Perhaps the most interesting point is the industry segmentation of the list and the extent to which it reflects issues of market competition, disruption and opportunity. 330 more words

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Developing future leaders

Much is written about the importance of developing leaders and last week, at IACCM’s European conference, the concept was turned into action.

Based on a program created and designed by IACCM’s Chief Operating Officer, Sally Hughes, twenty high fliers – all under the age of thirty – gained the chance to step into a new and challenging environment. 276 more words

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Do you negotiate words or principles?

New technologies provide us with the ability to discover things we never knew. This promises to be especially valuable in the world of contracts and negotiations. 470 more words

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Negotiating with purpose

Back in 2011 I published a blog, ‘The Purpose of Negotiation‘. I had cause to re-read it today because it has had a sudden flurry of viewers – quite why, I don’t know. 405 more words

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If you want success, embrace pessimism

“Every human will disappoint you and you will do the same to them.”

That is the somewhat downbeat – but perhaps realistic – assessment of Alain de Botton in an Opinion column in the New York Times. 343 more words

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Communication takes many forms

“Supply chain management is a relationship business,” says Adrian Gonzalez on Talking Logistics. His interview with Brent Nagy, VP of Enterprise Customer Strategy at C.H.Robinson makes many good points – but with a few gaping holes. 519 more words

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Contracts - who needs them!

As we all know, a contract only has real purpose when things go wrong. That’s why organizations engage in a battle over whose form will prevail and it is why people become so frustrated when reaching agreement causes delay. 661 more words

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