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Trump Releases Election Manifesto, 'Contract With Myself'

Taking a page from the 1994 congressional elections that swept Republicans into power in the House for the first time in 40 years, Donald Trump unveiled a campaign manifesto called “Contract With Myself” to detail the administrative changes he will make upon his first day in office and the legislative changes he’ll seek from Congress in his first 100 days. 3,067 more words

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The echoes of Ross Perot

A happy 86th birthday to Ross Perot, who became a billionaire (a real one) by nurturing electronics companies and eventually selling them. He also ran for president in 1992 and 1996 and is best remembered for opposing NAFTA, telling American workers to listen for “the giant sucking sound” of jobs moving south to Mexico. 337 more words


Cautionary notes on the Phil Scott inevitability, part 2: Bad candidates

So I forced myself to watch the Republican presidential debate last week. Overall impressions?

Ben Carson excepted, these guys are articulate spokespeople for a worldview completely at odds with reality. 664 more words

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How Speaker of the House is Really Chosen

How Speaker of the House is Really Chosen
by JBS President John F. McManus

While the House Republicans are trying to figure out who will be their next Speaker, it’s worth a look back a few decades when this extremely important post was suddenly vacated. 656 more words

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"Burning Down The House": Newt Gingrich's Mean-Spirited Republican Party Lives On In Donald Trump And The House GOP

This is the House that Newt Gingrich built as speaker, in front of us, still alive and well. The house that Donald Trump is building for us all will feel a lot like Newt’s, but more palatial, with more gold “TRUMP” signs all over. 447 more words