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XIV.---Annals of Hell: CMK Construction

It’s now February 2017. We have a permit, so I assume we’re ready to knock this thing out. Bzzzzz…….Wrong, thank you for playing.

The inspector comes back, for the third time now, and the footers are still wrong. 149 more words

CMK Construction

Contractors divided on how best to measure and raise productivity

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)

A RECENT study on construction productivity has recommended that companies adopt better practices in project planning and management for productivity improvement.

It also said construction companies should measure productivity at trade, project and firm levels to be able to set corporate and project targets, monitor their work and assess performance. 539 more words

Money Matters

Developers, contractors must stop enmity: study

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)


ASSET owners and construction companies need to stop being enemies and start working together, a McKinsey & Company study says.

The study found that adversarial contracts between developers and construction firms – which are often a result of project tenders that award contracts based solely on construction costs – are partly to blame for stalling productivity growth in the construction sector globally. 628 more words

Current Affairs

Loft conversion - week...3?

Well I’m not quite sure which week of build we are on (it is either 2 or 3), but what I can tell you is that there is no way anyone can put a tight schedule on this thing. 1,197 more words

When do You Need a Permit? (Part 4) Work Permits

As part of this multi-part series on the most common construction permits, this entry addresses the 6 considerations of work permits.

Click here to read the first part where I explain the 6 considerations in detail. 746 more words


General contractors and friends

There are many layers to working on an old house. Some projects take a weekend, some a month, some…well…a while. We can’t do everything, so when a project is more than we can handle or we lack the expertise to do the job correctly, we hire a contractor. 712 more words

Wildlife, silver, another lazy week

Today it is cold, but on Monday it was almost 90 degrees. We had the air conditioning on for a few hours for the first time. 534 more words