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Pre-Existing Duty and UCC §2-209(1)

As we know, a Pre-Existing Duty cannot constitute consideration, with a few exceptions. When it comes to the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC §2-209(1), the rules are a bit different in regards to pre-existing duty as it relates to consideration. 142 more words


Pre-Existing Duty (in a Nutshell)

The Pre-Existing Duty Rule essentially means that if you are already obligated to do something for a certain agreed upon amount, you cannot increase that amount just because you want more money. 234 more words


Zen Protocol is the next step for cryptocurrency contracts

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Zen Protocol (ZP) came out of stealth mode earlier this month to present an alternative to Ethereum. ZP is a platform designed to make moving… 548 more words


Kevin Spacey: Netflix Can't Fire Me

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In House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has a real talent for making the viewer root for a truly horrible person, Francis Underwood. 827 more words

Money Matters

Contracts –Waiver of liability for fraud (bar review note) - repost

Here comes a “movement” that proclaims itself to be “apolitical, inclusive … based on the principle of volunteerism.”  It calls itself AKO MISMO, and it vows the greatest of intentions (to promote “positive change”), but it is run by an advertising agency, DDB Philippines.  385 more words

Philippine Law

Less Shakespeare, More Third Grade

In front of the CIA Headquarters in Langley, there is a piece of artwork that was installed in 1990 called the Kryptos (Kryptos comes from the Greek word “hidden”) 575 more words

Cubs Pitchers Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis Are Now Free Agents

Well, this was unexpected.

The Cubs had made offers to pitchers Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis that would have paid them somewhere around $17 million to return to the Cubs next season, but both decided to see what they could get as free agents instead. 43 more words