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MAKS-2017 airshow yields contracts to over $6bln - Russian ministry of industry and trade

The international airshow MAKS-2017 has yielded contracts and agreements to a total sum of 400 billion rubles (6.74 billion U.S. dollars), the Russian ministry of industry and trade said on Sunday. 177 more words

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Lessons from Jess Jackson

Sometimes I wonder about Attorneys. We work long and hard hours. We live for our clients and everything else is marginalized for them in and out of court. 504 more words

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Self Aware Contracts enabled by Ledger Technology (or Smart Contracts on Blockchain)

On 17 July Estonian legal tech Agrello went public with a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding campaign structured as a token sale. Leaving aside the issues raised by token sales which will the the subject of a separate post, it is interesting to explore the value proposition of Agrello’s business, which is a legal tech aiming to change the market of commercial contracts. 763 more words


Why ‘trust’ in the Digital world isn’t good Enough – Why blockchain is going to shake up industries whose contracts promise much – Managed Services Providers beware, and bye-bye to the Airline Delay Claims Industry

Blockchain has become synonymous with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is better known for being the currency of choice that ransomware attackers use to extort their victims.  But the underpinning technology that makes this digital currency viable, a Blockchain, is far more than just a tool for the finance industry or a way of creating digital currencies. 1,044 more words

Arbitration Clauses Remain Popular, But Frequently Misunderstood And Poorly Drafted

Arbitration continues to serve as a popular forum for resolving construction-related disputes, but unfortunately, clauses compelling arbitration frequently are poorly drafted and misunderstood by the parties involved. 1,037 more words

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Three kinds of solicitations – SOW, POW, SOO

Upfront: The vast majority of federal contract’s offered fall into one of these three: SOW, POW, SOO. 227 more words


Architect's versus Engineer's: Who leads the project?

Architects and engineers are essential members of nearly every construction project.  There are very few projects where you wont need the skill sets from both.  The division of labor between architects and engineers is a well-known and accepted concept, but have you ever considered, who leads the project? 958 more words