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Austin Daye’s Net Worth, Stats, Contracts, Wiki, Career, and Family

An American basketball player, Austin Darren Daye is the forward player for NBA, who previously played for Umana Reyer Venezia of the Italian Lega Basket Serie A… 26 more words


Short Term vs. Long Term

As I write this, I’m in the middle of negotiations to write another screenplay for the company that optioned and produced Running Away. This time I’m having an attorney look at the contract. 367 more words



And when we sign our name
The whole world changes
Not the same
Entering into
The big boys game
When we sign our name

And when we take a chance… 72 more words


Farm Law Resources to Keep an Eye on: Farm Commons


Farm Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening local food systems by providing free legal resources to farmers. Registration provides access to tons of free information about navigating legal issues affecting farmers and local food systems. 105 more words


Shadows. Chapter Thirteen - A Place that was Ours

People on a street like the one I grew up in rarely used taxis.  A cab fare took a sizeable slice of the weekly benefits cake, leaving too small a margin for such family essentials as TV, potato crisps, canned sugar drinks and beer.  3,721 more words

Choice of Islamic law as the governing law of contract in Nigeria

At Triojuris LP, this is our specimen choice of court and applicable law clauses in civil and commercial matters for those who wish to govern their transaction by Islamic law. 163 more words

Net Worth of Austin Daye 2018 | Salary, Contracts and Brand Endorsement

Austin Daye is currently unable to play NBA level. So, he is trying his luck playing overseas and for a school team. Otherwise, Daye is part of NBA and have played for teams like Detroit Piston, Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks.

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