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windward - leeward

I-90 bridge

A sunny, bright and windy morning.


Ranting & raving - pros and cons of getting married - Level 1 & Level 2

Class objectives

  1. Ranting and raving for one minute without stopping.
  2. Ranting about marriage for 3 minutes
  3. Marriage vocabulary & idioms knowledge check
  4. Cost Benefit Analysis of marriage issues…
  5. 727 more words
Level 2

A Contrast of Presentations

Contrasting Presentations
by Michael Romani

To create a sense of place
Helps us all to navigate
Putting on a human face
Helping to be placated
Those with a need to be up-to-date
While keeping the world more sedate

An iconic logo gives some identity
Helping to distinguish between you and me
Butterfly ballots spawn negativity
Centering on a masque of reality
And suddenly art becomes a dialog spoken
In a distortion of the warped and the broken

Complaints waft about with great pessimism
Life lived out in a state of constant -ism
It's all about traversing the known brand
Where words take language in visual command
And levels of a raised sense of motivation
Is found in that contrast of presentations

(c) June 22, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
Poetry And Poems

Day 165 (200 left) Law Of Attraction

Soon and off to bed I go and tomorrow to the sea side.

Since I experienced huge contrast this night (was woken two times and could get to sleep afterwards) I am looking forward to go to sleep. 36 more words