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Pro's and Con's: Solicitors, Barristers & McKenzie Friends

We appreciate that Public and Practitioners may well be reviewing this site, given the risks posed by some McKenzie Friends, it was considered appropriate to do a short simplistic contrasting lesson comparing McKenzie Friends, Solicitors and Barristers, so that you get some idea of what each can and cannot do in Family Proceedings. 1,313 more words

A Face in Profile

I took this shot at Coogee a few weeks ago.

I was trying to get a contrast between the rock and the sea, hopefully mostly defined by light and shadow. 13 more words


The most powerful way to make peace with where you are

3:38 If you will just make peace with where you are…this is the thing that almost nobody really gets at first, and once you hear it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t always apply it,because at some level, you’ve always known it. 1,754 more words

Snippet 104

Day 104

This is me and you in one image: similar, very different, and still separate.

(writing practice inspired by unphotographable.com)

The Unsealed Journal

We choose our life

Before we come here to this world, we choose our “best case” life scenario. Imagine having lots of scenarios to choose, like the actors do, and picking the role you want to play to experience and expand your consciousness in the movie called “this life”. 170 more words


How Much Time Will it Take to Find a Consistent Alignment?

30:00 This is the thing we want you to understand: Everything is always working out for you, even when it feels like it’s off. Even when it feels like it’s really off, because the other end of everything unwanted is something really wanted. 950 more words

Remember Who You Are

Transcript in progress

22:20 Really what creating is about is managing the contrast. What creating is about is being aware of how you feel and moving your thought for the purpose of moving your feeling. 361 more words