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The Wishing Well

Rusted chains and rotting ropes
tie his wrists to unstable ground.
Enveloped by rumors and vile names,
Forever snared at the well’s bottom.

Clawing at the mossy walls, 44 more words

August in San Mateo Central Park

The days are getting shorter and I can tell the quality of the light is different.



This hyacinth flower stands brilliantly out against the background.

Above and Below

Stand at the foot of the hill.

Gaze at the crest as it looms above,

Silhouetted against the night sky,

Suddenly light in comparison.

A streak of cloud, the rounded edges of treetops. 22 more words


Day 217 (148 left) Law Of Attraction

Today I am facing contrast, and it’s the same as yesterday, it just keeps continuing and I do not know how to go through it. 214 more words


They were given a house,
I was given a mobile home.

They were given designer clothes,
I was given second hand clothes.

They were given three square meals, 23 more words