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The Monday Picture

No: 364 St Paul’s Cathedral

Taken on the #iPhone_6 last Thursday after we crossed #The_Millenium_Bridge to Peter’s Hill.

The Monday Picture

Themes: Trapped

From time to time a word or an idea fascinates me and a few days ago while looking at a leaf trapped under a sheet of ice on a pavement word the trapped resonated through my mind. 45 more words


Interstitial #4: Stuck in Contrast

I had about half an hour to shoot today, and the conditions were not ideal. It was overcast, light was quickly fading, and it even hailed! 51 more words


I've Made a Colossal Life Mistake... Now What?

I have been on a life journey of figuring myself out and I  get caught up on the little details but none the less “caught up”… I’ve heard repeatedly that one must not get caught up in the how, that it causes one to dull their vibration with “How’ thinking. 407 more words

Compare & Contrast - Things we find difficult - part 3

The difference between the verbs ‘to compare’ and ‘to contrast’ seems to have caused some heated debate. Probably more than it should. I’m not sure why. 455 more words

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