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Flower Simplicity

  • Introduction:

For this week’s project, I decided to choose this magazine outline from Leaf Magazine. Leaf Magazine is to my surprise, not a garden magazine, but an online writing lesson website for those that desire to improve their writing skills. 323 more words


Photography and Type in a Magazine Spread


This magazine spread about Jaycee Waters shows excellent use of typography and photography. This magazine spread was designed by Grafika Freelance Design, which is a print graphic studio. 481 more words


Principles of Photography

The reason that I chose this article was because I absolutely love the mountains, and I also knew that my trip this weekend would give me the perfect opportunity to take some equally breathtaking photos. 564 more words


Professional Typography & Photography

Original Magazine Layout

This magazine layout initially intrigued me because I absolutely love nature! The article actually comes from a website made by Jasper Lee. Jasper is studying professional magazine layout in order to improve his own designs and he acquired this particular article from a… 615 more words


Dissecting Magazine Designs



Though I could not find a designer for this cover photo, I can say that the magazine Organic Gardening is owned and created by Rodale Inc. 584 more words


National Geographic Reverse Engineer

For this project I chose the magazine layout of a National Geographic magazine about weather. The picture shows a tornado which partially covers the title and creates a dark foreground to contrast with a lighter background. 332 more words

Typography and Photography: Seeing the Invisible


Cover of “Badger Insider Magazine,” Spring 2017. 

Designer: Amanda Breitenbach



Typeface #1: This magazine title falls into the sans serif category (as circled in the letter in green.) It’s easy to see that there are no serifs anywhere, but there are other things that catogorize it as sans serif. 392 more words

Reverse Engineer Post