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Tascha Halliburton About.me Personal Page

Learn more about my education background, previous work history, and aspirations: https://about.me/TaschaHalliburton.


Two Things I am TIRED of seeing as a woman...

I got the idea to write about this post after seeing the BuzzFeed video of it. I was utterly in shock, because all of it is completely true! 792 more words

Why your BEST FRIEND trumps your new recent boyfriend....

Well, for starters… I have to say that my best friend is probably better than yours! Just kidding. We all believe this, only because we found someone that is so much like us, we consider each other family. 428 more words

WHY blogging is my new hobby... and where it's taking me.

First off, happy Hump Day! It’s mid week and the weekend will be here before you know it.

Now that I have more free time on my hands it has given me the opportunity to explore new avenues of my creativity. 238 more words

The Roses, By Stephanie Yost

Anyone who knows me or takes the time to read my poetry, knows that I adore flowers. It borders on an obsession really. I believe my affection for them stems from my childhood. 332 more words


She's So Lucky. I'm So Lucky.

So, my friend, Ashli, has a very successful foodie blog. She’s fantastic at it. She lives in Texas. I live in South Carolina. I love reading her restaurant reviews even though they don’t apply to me. 421 more words