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Speaker Brains: Pink Floyd Retrospective

It’s the Pink Floyd Retrospective with special guest Frank Del Vecchio!

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Edinburgh Food Social Kickstarter

Crowdfunding can be a pretty tricky thing to get right. For every runaway success, like the Edinburgh Food Studio or Union of Genius, there are many more that don’t quite build inexorable momentum in quite the same way. 299 more words


University of Chicago Tells Students Not to Expect 'Trigger Warnings' or Safe Spaces

The University of Chicago has warned incoming students not to expect “trigger warnings” when they arrive on campus.

In a letter sent to incoming freshmen, Jay Ellison, the school’s dean of students, touted the university’s commitment to “freedom of inquiry and expression” and asked students to prepare to engage with a variety of ideas that are “at odds with their own.” 164 more words


David Provoost, ISG 2016: On Understanding the Link between Sustainable Development and Big Data for Business

“Big Data” is a term referring to all the massive amount of information with which people can work in this 21st Century. It is fundamentally different from the casual denomination of “simple” or “historic” data because there is such a huge mass of information generated with Big Data that normal tools of treatment cannot deal with it. 863 more words


Prisoner of Love

As I venture into the world of BDSM I am shocked at how comfortable I am. I will make a lot of blanket statements; however, I am well aware there are jerks in any group… I have no desire to f…

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Got Eczema Milk?: A connection between breast milk and baby eczema

By Dr. Amy Duong (see bio below)

In the past couple months, I’ve had many breastfeeding moms reach out to me for guidance when it comes to breast milk and baby eczema. 524 more words


Walk Your Talk - Tigers and Strawberries

A man was walking through a jungle when two tigers began to chase him.  He ran to the edge of a cliff and began to shimmy down a vine into a canyon.  22 more words