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When Can a Driver's Negligent Conduct Be Imputed to a Passenger in Alabama?

Ordinarily, in Alabama, a passenger in an automobile being driven by another person cannot be liable for contributory negligence. For example, Dan Driver is driving and Pam Passenger is occupying Dan’s car in front of a truck being driven by Tom Tortfeasor. 443 more words


Pokemon Go: a change of landscape for insurers and gamers alike

As a concerned parent, I have recently had cause to discuss with few fellow mums and dads the whys and wherefores of the Pokemon Go ‘phenomenon’; which, like the word ‘crisis’, has become one of those hyperbolic usages that characterises this age of sensationalism we are living in. 532 more words


Recent Illinois Case: Fox v. Seiden

The First District held that summary judgment was improperly entered in favor of a malpractice plaintiff. In the underlying case, the malpractice plaintiff was found liable for attorneys’ fees even though she was not a defendant in the only count under which fees could be awarded. 123 more words

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Drunk Pedestrian vs. Reckless Driver, Who Wins?

It’s 12 am. You’ve had a beer or 7 and now you’re walking home. Suddenly out of nowhere a car speeds around the corner and hits you straight on. 939 more words

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Tips in Personal Injury Cases

As the weather warms and people are taking more road trips and otherwise on the highways, I share a quick article with some tips in… 41 more words


Understanding The Contributory Negligence Defense

Let’s say you’re driving on Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia going 15 miles over the speed limit. You then notice a traffic jam  up ahead and you slam on your brakes causing the vehicle behind you to hit your car. 406 more words

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Not Amusing - Assumption of Risk, Contributory Negligence Not Applicable to Injured Two Year Old; Triable Issues RE Accident (MD)

McNeill v. Trimper’s Rides of Ocean City, Inc. (Maryland)
(trial court disposition)

A two-year-old boy went to an amusement park under the watch of his uncle.   337 more words

Assumption Of Risk