Best Buy Faces Alabama Jury Trial Over Geek Squad's Unexplained Data Breach

Every day there are new stories about data breaches involving the disclosure of thousands–and in some cases, millions–of customer records. But even smaller-scale data breaches can have a significant impact on the parties involved. 1,479 more words


#6. A BRIEF ANALYSIS: Are the defences of Consent and Contributory Negligence fair and effective?

The power of the lawyer is the uncertainty of the law – Jeremy Bentham.

Consent and Contributory Negligence both aim to achieve the same outcome – to award fairness to both the claimant and the defendant.

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Top 4 biggest mistakes made by accident victims

Generally, when an accident occurs which results in seemingly minor or soft tissue injuries, many victims presume that they can handle the case themselves and in some cases, they may very well be able to do so. 742 more words

Auto Accident

What Is Contributory Negligence?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and you bring a claim one of the defences that you may come up against could be ‘contributory negligence’. 52 more words

Personal Injury