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depending on the grace of God; part one

Depending on the grace of God and finding my worth solely in Him has always been a challenge for me. From a very young age, I battled the effects of being determined to succeed in MY plan by MY strength. 211 more words


It Didn't Work On Him

She thinks that she should mean the world to everyone. That’s why she was all up in his face asking, “You didn’t miss me?! You’re not even going to speak to me?!” and he just stood there looking at her with a blank expression, not responding. 30 more words

The control.

As you know from a previous post, I’m a lover of routine, of organisation and of keeping control. One may call me a control freak, and I would admit that I am somewhere on the CF spectrum if there were such a thing. 525 more words



I was just making sure you were trying to tell me what to do. Send me a postcard from hell why don’t you?

Wasted Days

After my my mother died in 2008, I took on the challenge of sorting through her things. Other than bins upon bins of fabric she wasn’t a hoarder, preferring to chuck things out the moment their usefulness was outlived. 780 more words


finding a balance

My recent bout of feeling anxious and down has several causes I can think of. One of them is the re-prioritization of extensive work in the last 7 months of my life; I worked day and night and with great intensity. 388 more words


In the cold dark light of the full moon

It only takes a little light to reflect the cold barren emptiness of a winter tree on the snow.

It has been cold in Wisconsin. The wind chills haven’t been above zero since who knows when..probably a couple of weeks. 557 more words