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Orange Unicorn - Remember This 07

A little bit different than my usual for Orange Unicorn. But it’s something I need to remember. People, with their actions, and their reactions to me, are outside of my control. 53 more words

Orange Unicorn

Hidden Web Site Terms: You Must Obey!

Slavery as a condition of web page use? I found a web site where a hidden term is that you agree to not disobey any employee of the company. 66 more words


Jury Nullification: The Most Power You Have as a Private Citizen in the USA

If you disagree with a law, did you know you can legally override it? You can, on a jury.

You may, of course, vote “not guilty” if you feel there is a reasonable doubt about circumstances in a case, or that a person may have been falsely accused, but even if you think a person violated a law, I was surprised to learn that you may still enter a “not guilty” vote if you simply disagree with the law or if, for example, you think a person violated a law for an honorable reason, like running a red light to save a life. 913 more words


What's Happening Tonight? 9/21/17

The Thunderroads (Tokyo), Control Freaks, Electric Machine Gun Tits

Thursday, September 21 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm | $8

at Hemlock Tavern

1131 Polk St. 157 more words

Google isn’t just EVIL; it is a DANGER to freedom, liberty & democracy… Steve Cioccolanti issues warning

August 31, 2017 by: Mike Adams (Natural News) In case you haven’t noticed all the censorship recently, Google has become a rampaging monster of Orwellian oppression, intimidation and unbridled power, crushing any voices who oppose its hegemony of internet supremacy. 1,051 more words


Mason and King Nebuchadnezzar

Have you ever stopped to think how powerless you really are? We had no say about where, when, and how we were born and who our parents were going to be. 870 more words


Fingerprint Building, Privacy Erosion

Here's a biometric building design, great idea for a crime lab. This building does not exist, it's a digital fake, but a true strange incident did occur involving fingerprints and a building: … 345 more words