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Fingerprint Building, Privacy Erosion

Here's a biometric building design, great idea for a crime lab. This building does not exist, it's a digital fake, but a true strange incident did occur involving fingerprints and a building: … 345 more words


Are You A Control Freak?

As I was praying I felt the Lord impress on me the term, “control freak.” I sense that there are many of you God is wanting to do a, “heart transplant on.” 470 more words

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Day 255 - Waiting for the future

My sister texted me today: “sometimes I wish I could just look ahead into the future..” I smile and text her back: “so would I..” … 285 more words

June 2017

How a vegan ingeniously declutters rooms

Subtitled: Picking up a disorderly living space through areal topology, using vectors learned in high-school physics, and a little game- theory (to fun it up). 713 more words


New from Slovenly Recordings...

A couple of swanky new releases from Slovenly Recordings of Reno to tell you about….

Slovenly imprint I Shit In The Milk Records presents the second single from Spain’s bastard nuns… 196 more words

What's Going On?

Traits of toxic people and PUA/'game' gaslighting

” They focus on problems, not solutions.”
e.g. Critical theory and being ‘unhelpful’ for…?
“They use other people to accomplish whatever their goal happens to be.” 1,046 more words