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Civilization: Why Knowing What it is Matters to Activists

Why is it important to understand what civilization is? Because you cannot improve or cope with something unless you know what it is and what actually is causing it. 870 more words


BATBAND Ear-Free Headset Works Via Bone Conduction

An interesting project presented by Studio Banana Things wants to create ear-free headphones. Batband is a headset that works on bone conduction technology to free your ears to the sounds around you while still listening to music or having a phone conversation. 228 more words


The Mind Disease

Civilized people have thoughts today that would never be considered by the previous 99.9% of human generations. I do not mean clever thoughts of science, but the thoughts that prevent civilization from coexisting with nature and living in peace with each other. 511 more words


The Control System: Here, There, Everywhere

What is as ubiquitous as air and influences your entire life?

Answer: The Control System.

Short History

The Control system is 6,000 to 10,000 years old. 1,371 more words