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Hackaday Dictionary: Open- and Closed-Loop Systems

Today on Hackaday Dictionary, we’re going to talk about the two basic types of control systems: open-loop and closed-loop. We’ll describe the differences between them and explore the various advantages and disadvantages of each. 1,318 more words

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Ab-Soul - Control System Review

Not a day goes past that I don’t think about Ab-Soul being one of, if not the most underrated rapper in the Rap game, right now. 870 more words

Aileron trim servo: 4.1 hours

Installed aileron trim servo connector. Installed slide tube and springs to control column and servo. Broke off a #6 screw so I spent an hour getting the shank out and tapping the nutplate threads, what fun. 30 more words


What Is The Control System ?

Before describing control system, if you do not understand about “system”, you should first read this page, What Is The System ?

A control system… 200 more words

Control System

Basic Terminology of Control System

If you do not understand about concept of the control system, please read this page first. What Is The Control System ?

Here are some basic terminology that must be known before to understand more about the control system. 404 more words

Control System

What Is The System ?

System is a collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose. For example, the picture above shows a collection of components such as gear, case and others to show time, we call these object as a clock. 54 more words

Control System