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Forwarder control system upgrade

Stop struggling with obsolete control systems in Forestry machines such as Forwarders with hard to source Joysticks and discrete amplifier cards? STW ESX controllers now make control systems upgrade easy for contractors: 734 more words

Steering High Altitude Rockets With Cold Gas

Amateur rocketry has been popular for ages, with designs ranging from small toy-scale model rockets to large-scale liquid fuel designs with steerable fins. A team out of Portland State works on some large-scale amateur rockets that can fly to very high altitudes. 215 more words

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Quadrotor Control Systems And Kerbal Harriers

Kerbal Space Program, the game that teaches engineers at JPL and SpaceX the basics of rocket design and orbital mechanics, recently had a giant update. There are now science contracts that require you to fly Kerbals all over their tiny globe, collect data, and transmit it back to the Kerbal Space Center. 316 more words

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