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Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution (book)

Synopsis: Why do we have to participate in the destruction of the earth to survive? Why do we have to work to buy food? Weren’t food and land free once? 361 more words


Line Following robot(updated)

This line follower can successfully negotiate lines having acute angle, obtuse angle and various curvature. It can also avoid any obstacle in front of it and continue to follow the line again. 69 more words

Control System

Maze solving robot

The robot can solve a line maze having several intersections and dead ends. It traverses the whole maze in the first run using ‘left hand rule’. 79 more words

Control System

Flex sensor controlled humanoid hand

As our academic project in level 3, this humanoid hand was designed and built to imitate some movements of human fingers.We used 5 flex sensors on our fingers(using gloves) to sense the individual finger movement. 114 more words

Control System

Grid solving robot

This robot can traverse a 5*5 grid having some black squares(not shown in the video) on the intersections. It stores the position of the black squares in its memory and avoid those in second run while reaching the final point. 57 more words

Control System

Line following + obstacle avoiding robot

Back in 2013, we built this robot. It can follow a white line on black surface. At the same time, if any obstacle is detected in its path, it can change its direction. 46 more words

Control System

Automatic light detector with LM324

This setup can detect light and turn on/off an LED accordingly. An IR (Infra-Red) transmitter emits infrared light. If the light is reflected back to the receiver, the LED is turned off. 29 more words

Control System