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Mike Cernovich exposes pedophile control system

Published on Apr 4, 2017

Mike Cernovich talks with Alex Jones and breaks down how the pedophile networks are being closed in on and rounded up. 112 more words

The Globalists

The Control System is Revealing Itself 

Source: Waking Times, by Phillip J Watt

This is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. This is the moment when we can choose to be truly free, or choose our enslavement. 378 more words

Collectivism - For The Greater Good, Of Course

Forward section: 6.1 hours

Riveted stainless plug to firewall. The prepunched location I will not be using since the firewall passthroughs flange is too wide to fit.

Painted nonskid to upper forward skin. 28 more words

Forward Section

Master cylinders and brake lines: 4.5 hours

Adjusted master cylinder rod end bearings to proper lenght and torqued jams nuts.

Cut brake lines to proper lenght and installed banjo fittings and clear heat shrink. 31 more words

Forward Section

Adjustable rudder pedals: 1.2 hours 

Cut stainless rod to length and installed parts to rudder pedal assembly. I works great!

Forward Section

Robotic arm simulation in Simscape multibody (Simmechanics)

The arm has been modeled in Solidworks and then imported in MATLAB. While importing, simscape multibody gets all the information i.e mass, inertia from solidworks. 102 more words

Control System