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The Ruling Elite’s Control System versus Our Awakening: Which One Will Win?

At this pivotal time in history, the era of our awakening through truth and transparency, it has never been more amazing to be alive. A number of us know that the stakes are high in the fight for our freedom: On one side, we have an increasingly destructive parasitic control system; a well-oiled machine coldly designed by the ruling elite and associates to screw us all over with its false and limiting paradigms. 928 more words

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How to win new business with Robotic Trimming?

Global sales of industrial robots rose significantly and it expected to double to 400,000 a year by 2018.  Industrial robot pricing will continue to decline over the next decade by more than 20 percent… 212 more words

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CAT C4.4 Diesel Engine data logging and alarm system with HMI

May 13, 2017

(This article is currently a work in progress. Updates will be appended as work progresses. This project is my final thesis and it will be shared in its entirety, once completed.) 842 more words


Concert Review: Ab-Soul - The YMF Tour at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto

After quietly releasing his fourth studio album, Do What Thou Wilt (DWTW) in December of last year, Ab-Soul is back on tour and has returned to Toronto for the first time since 2014!  1,220 more words

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Mike Cernovich exposes pedophile control system

Published on Apr 4, 2017

Mike Cernovich talks with Alex Jones and breaks down how the pedophile networks are being closed in on and rounded up. 112 more words


The Control System is Revealing Itself 

Source: Waking Times, by Phillip J Watt

This is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. This is the moment when we can choose to be truly free, or choose our enslavement. 378 more words

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