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Control, and who have closed it.

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An open letter to a crusader against fatphobia

A friend shared this meme, and I wanted to write this – not to my friend but to the creator of this meme. The thread wasn’t a safe place to respond in this way nor was it the appropriate place to respond. 450 more words


How to make a happy life: think differently

You do not find the happy life. You make it.
~ Camilla Kimball

During a recent yoga class, the instructor weaved her special blend of wisdom throughout the 90-minute lesson. 146 more words


Control, and Collective Humanity.

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Silicon Valley’s Brain-Meddling: A New Frontier For Tech Gadgetry

Introducing his students to the study of the human brain Jeff Lichtman, a Harvard Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, once asked: “If understanding everything you need to know about the brain was a mile, how far have we walked? 1,712 more words

Ethics And Society

When You Think You Are in Control

AJ thinks she is controlling the video showing on the iPad. Notice the cord for the keyboard is not only not plugged in, but the keyboard is incompatible with the iPad she is watching. 645 more words


Drop down Control in PowerApps

Drop down control is used when you want the users to select an input from a set of options that is pre-defined in the app. 89 more words

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