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The joy of pretend world

When my son plays with his toys, like Lego, dinosaurs, hot-wheels or whatever he chooses. He is lost and submerged in his pretend world. Happy carefree and having fun. 341 more words


It's an Adventure

Every time I hear my wife say “It’s an adventure” I know what she is really saying is “John, just calm down – things will be ok even though you do not know how this will turn out.” She is right. 1,105 more words

Dealing With Changes In God's World

When chastity kicks in

I have been locked in chastity for a while now.

There really is not much I can about it. It just is.

I remember so well the struggling days when I just did not know how to cope, when I was learning, if you like. 381 more words


Parental Reflections From First UU

Originally written 4/12/15

Today our church, First Unitarian Universalist of Richmond, held its child dedication ceremony. This is a relatively simple service where the minister offers a blessing of sorts for a child and their family, and then the congregation vows to take an active and positive role in the raising of that child. 606 more words


Intimacy Not Just Sex

What happened to us?
Did we forget how to discuss?
Men and women have forgotten the art of intimacy
All they do is have sex indiscriminately… 45 more words

I Forgive You

It is been three years now
Since I allowed you to hurt me somehow.
Tonight with tears in my eyes
I scream to the cloudy skies… 79 more words