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Brother Nathanael: How The (Zionist) Jews Mock Jesus Christ

Recently, I was involved in a conversation with two deep thinking and Aware women. One is pro-Christian, and the other is pro-Zionism. I brought up the fact that Zionist Jews control a majority of our media, which the pro-Zionist did not deny but did try to minimize. 134 more words



Yeah it’s actually 11:11 as I write this. Uhm, make a wish?

I really wish I had exciting things to write about but I’ve been exhausted and very boring lately. 431 more words


Seeing Your Struggles Through the Eyes of God

God has been speaking to me about my journey amidst the snow and the cold in this season. He is asking me to see my struggles through His point of view. 500 more words

Change Da Channel: Ammo, Internet & Vaccines Update

From the Youtube description: Blowing off some steam about the news.

Title: Ammo Internet Vaccines (BOSS 410) (YT link) Uploaded by Change Da Channel.


Brother Nathanael: Republicans Sucking Up To Zionist Scum Adelson

As usual, the White House is being auctioned off to the highest bidder, and sheeple Americans are none the wiser. Search this blog for Brother Nathanael… 19 more words


Change Da Channel: Debunk This, Vaccinations Are Not Safe!

Change Da Channel is one of the Youtube accounts I’ve started following recently. You’ll se why, as in fact-checking and entertainment style, in the video below. 14 more words


Brother Nathanael: Anti-American Protests Exposed

Search this blog for Brother Nathanael to see similar posts.

Title: Brother Nathanael – Anti-Amerikan Protests Exposed (YT link) Uploaded by The Big Brother.