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New World Order: Female Niggas Start Fight Club At Daycare Center

Compare the video in this second post that is sanitized by the liberal scum media, from CBS New York. They don’t show the clips these bitches were posting online, and they don’t show the teachers’ faces either. 165 more words


You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

I’ve always had something of a temper. It’s a family trait. Over the years I’ve learned, mostly, to suppress the worst of it. I’ve got plenty of tells if you know what you’re looking for, but for the most part I get away with it. 175 more words


FUCK ISRAEL: Body Of Syrian Boy, Others Wash Up On Shores Of Turkey

Here is all you need to know, sheep. Syrians are leaving their country due to the infestation of Islamic extremists. Who is training and giving weapons to these terrorists? 230 more words



i feel like my brain has become two left feet
clumbsy and thinking the wrong things
spilling soda and mixing appointments
i have bruises the color of grape jam… 30 more words

Women Must Not Neglect Our Health

Here is an article that make 6 recommendations for your health.  I would suggest that the discussion regarding birth control pills maybe somewhat misleading.  There is a risk to women of side effects from birth control pills that increases with age.   40 more words

ToJane LED 7level Dimmer Desk Lamp Slide Touchsensitive Control

The most common type of desk lamp style sold around the world today is the shaded desk lamp. These lamps generally have a single base that extends straight upward and is covered by some type of… 189 more words

The Pathway To World Control

One World Government. New World Order. Prophetic inevitability. Whatever you want to call it, it’s coming and it’s coming on a fast track.

Want proof? 611 more words