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I had a plan, or so I thought. I finally decided that Nigel Holmes was going to get a story. It would be a sequel to HOLMES IN AMERICA; HOLMES SWEET HOME-Where he goes back to the UK to solve the mystery of his cousins disappearance. 546 more words

Karen Vaughan

Finding an Idol

If you’re a “Survivor” fan, you know about the hidden immunity idol.  Up until a few seasons ago, people tended to wait for a clue before searching for the coveted necklace, but that all changed when one of the players–Russel Hantz–searched without any clues and found one. 692 more words

Branding yourself.

This morning, my coach and I discussed about “branding yourself” over a cup of coffee and a piece of donut.

At first I don’t know what to consult about branding myself but then I remember the moment when my introvert personality takeover my decisions and also my actions. 255 more words


Loose This Beast

you draw me like the sea
you clear my eyes
my heart
you ignite the fire of passion inside me
like I have never felt… 164 more words



A look, a whisper and you already lost control😈😇

Lady Renalie.

Goddess Lady Renalie

The Mouth of a Whale

Let me write you a story.
Let me tell you a tale,
Of that time we fell asleep
In the mouth of a whale.
Outside there was darkness. 363 more words


(tw: eating disorder)

by Amy Clarkin

I used to soothe myself to sleep with a sense of smug satisfaction borne from the protests of a gurgling gut. 529 more words