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Why Worry?

Life with all its ups and downs, and still we are told not to worry, not to stress over the things we can’t control.

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Control, Help

If anything, the last few days have only shown me my need for some form of psychological counselling. I require help, I conclude, I really need it because I am losing my mind and I don’t like that at all. 250 more words


mini booster

Hypnosis is not only a way to de-stress. It is tool to make wonderful changes in your life. To see things more clearly. To be your real self.


the constant

as if an aura buzzed

a neon glow along an edge

of a byzantine saint

a low level dread burns

on the periphery of his days… 35 more words


My Fitness Journey and Dealing with Stress

Of all the difficulty I have faced, stress is the most challenging. I can say it is the worse thing ever; it makes my workout look useless, I end up with bad headaches, I am unable to do most of the things I want to do, and I gain weight. 472 more words


The art of re-fuelling

For the best part of a decade I’ve been practicing peeling. My. Fingers. Off. Of. Life.
Before that was three decades of resolutely and relentlessly applying my will to life, wrestling with and resisting how things were, and crafting them into how I thought things should be. 921 more words


POEMS: "Switch To High Beam" by Trina Graves

“Switch To High Beam”

We’ve been arriving steadily as planned
Each year our numbers grow strong
As each generation brings forth more
Lighted Souls, on Earth we will throng… 375 more words