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The Self-Forgiveness Prayer

Oh Creator,
Give me the desire and the ability

to forgive myself

for times of being unaware
and not seeing things as clearly as I do now… 86 more words

Self Worth

Four Reasons You Are Controlled By Others

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1. It is easier.

In the short term it is easier just to go along with the bossy pushy controlling extrovert show. You want to control everything? 528 more words


A Measure of Mental Health

The distance, in time

From disaster to laughter

From mortification and justification

To letting go of the ego

Accepting and embracing

This messy realm

Of no control

The Real Reason for America’s Massive Surveillance Program

James Keye

The power/economic elite want to know the mood and movements of society just as meteorologists want to examine the measurements of weather systems. But rather than preparing for a tornado or hurricane, the elite wish to prepare for and prevent challenges to their impunity.  712 more words

US Politics

5 Tips To Control Binge Eating

I didn’t expect me to write about dieting for my first post. But this has recently been my No.1 concern, well after finals, which are coming in less than 10 days (#killmenow), so yea, why not? 745 more words


Grammar gurus are stopping the evolution of the "I" experience

holy god,what this time? Grammar what!

Hmmm….Morphology in Linguistics…any takers??

Grammar makes up a huge percentage of the “i” experience we have with each other, so much so we seem to spend alot of time explaining what we just said because sometimes, doesn’t it just all come out wrong? 204 more words


No: not any, a refusal

When young children start exploring their autonomy and begin to have some understanding that they are separate from their primary carers, they use the word… 592 more words