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28 Declassified Pages Do Nothing To Explain Implausibility of 9/11 Official Story

By Joseph Jankowski | PFWnews.com

The long-awaited 28 secret pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 Commission report were released on Friday, indicating that the alleged hijackers may have been in contact and supported by individuals connected to the Saudi Arabian government. 1,124 more words


911 • Twin Towers • Proof of Controlled Demolition Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - YouTube


Richard Gage provides proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the Twin Towers were bought down with controlled demolition

You Decide!!!

9/11 Truth, Building 7, and the New Fight For Liberty with Brian Young

9/11 truth, building 7’s collapse, and the modern fight for truth and liberty in the face of increasing incremental infringement of your rights is discussed with Brian Young of High Impact Flix. 107 more words


Twins falling together

Again, empty buildings leave very little rubble.

The WTC Rockefeller twins were most likely quite empty.

No nukes, no directed energy, no Judy Wood, no planes – just CDI – apparently the only company with a pristine record of beautiful destruction.


Controlled Demolition

“All right then, I’ll go to hell.” -Huck Finn

Next month, I will be talking to a group of anti-war activists about the role of literary fiction in undermining the bad narratives that prevent critical thinking. 1,248 more words

Literary Fiction