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Book Signing at Brave New Books in Austin, TX, Friday Nov 27, 7PM

Reviewers are calling Locus Amoenus, “one of the funniest political satires of our time,” the 2015 novel that “everyone needs to read,” and ” a great book you will want to share with your friends.”  423 more words

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Locus Amoenus on Shift Frequency

Victoria N. Alexander’s new dark comic novel, Locus Amoenus, is the story of a 9/11 widow who moves with her son, Hamlet, to the countryside to start a sustainable farm. 534 more words

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Locus Amoenus is now in the Reader's Circle Book Club

Attention book club members. Reader’s Circle is a great new book club site with listings for local groups, author events, and author phone chats.  Connect your book club with your favorite author. 7 more words

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Harlem Valley News on Locus Amoenus

Harlem Valley News May 11, 2015 Local author, Victoria N. Alexander has a new novel coming out on June 12th called Locus Amoenus—set in Amenia and the Harlem Valley region Amenia, NY. 518 more words

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Locus Amoenus pre-release discount on Amazon

Get your copy now while Amazon is offering a 21 percent discount. The hardcover of Locus Amoenus will be in stores June 12th. Click on jacket image to enlarge.

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The Millbrook Independent on Locus Amoenus

A Political Satire set in Amenia, New York

Book Review: Locus Amoenus
by Tonia Shoumatoff
When Victoria Alexander moved up to Amenia from Soho is 2003, she got the vibe that people thought she was a city person (a ‘citiot’ as she says in her novel) and that the locals did not think much of her. 500 more words

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BREAKING: Lagos Consultant Admit Error in Faulty Foundation Report

For those that have open-mindedly follows the ongoing coronal inquest into the collapse SCOAN guest house that led to the death of more than 100 visiting members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) can tell, from how the inquest is being conducted, Prophet T.B Joshua will not get justices from the Lagos state agencies that are witness in the ongoing coronal inquest. 875 more words