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Definitions for a Neoliberal Planet Gone Mad

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Several years ago, I came across the following several times on the ‘net. Considering the current election cycle, I thought I’d share as a public service. 406 more words

9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition


Youtube link

9-11 Gatekeepers and the role they play in suppressing the truth. Dialog with Noam Chomsky. Controlled Opposition is also briefly covered. This video is to help you to understand how the Gatekeepers and the Controlled Opposition protect the official lies of 9-11. 70 more words

9/11 troll activates on hoaxbusterscall.com

Greg starts out the call normally, but then he talks nuclear, including the ever elusive small nuclear reactors that will solve the world’s energy needs. Is the… 149 more words


Controlled Opposition

Candidates (Republican at least)

see “John Doe” is up to his Adam’s apple with the establishment. Elites (who OWN the establishment) are aware of this. But remember the “upper crust” didn’t get (& stay) there, by being dumb. 43 more words


"Brexit" MPs chosen by the hidden hand?

It’s the only conclusion I can come to when faced with the inept bunch that have come forward to ‘front’ the OUT compaign.

I believe all right-thinking British people know that being in the EU is destroying this country. 279 more words

The One thing the Left and Right Agree on

The Jews and Israel are sacred and can not be criticized in anyway.

The Conservative party of Canada introduced a bill that would condemn all promotion of Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS), a Palestinian organization that wants to prevent Israel from further encroaching on their land and massacring their people. 121 more words

Foreign Policy

NGOs Stink: They Turned Revolution Into a Trend.

Note: I wrote this in Arabic few months ago back then when You Stink was active, but haven’t posted it. Now I decided to post a translation of it so that more readers would understand and relate. 1,156 more words