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Andrew Anglin is a Sexual Predator

Here is the video that this parasite posted in the chat, of his “cousin”. 41 more words


Trump Makes History as First Sitting President to Pray at the ‘Wailing Wall’

By: Kyle Hunt of The Renegade Tribune

While the Alt Right clowns were proclaiming Trump as their God Emperor during the elections, I was warning that he would be the most pro-Zionist president in US history, which is saying quite a lot. 678 more words


If it doesn't work, stop doing it!

This includes supporting non-profit organizations that have failed to achieve their goals . . .  for decades!

By AL Whitney © copyround 2017
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged. 675 more words

Big Pharma

Andrew Anglin & The Daily Stormer - A Timeline of Deception

Andrew Anglin, the self professed White Nationalist and National Socialist, pretends that he is a pro-White, pro-traditional, anti-feminist White male. He loudly professes his hatred for jews and everything they represent. 1,375 more words