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NGOs Stink: They Turned Revolution Into a Trend.

Note: I wrote this in Arabic few months ago back then when You Stink was active, but haven’t posted it. Now I decided to post a translation of it so that more readers would understand and relate. 1,156 more words


Why do Trolls fight Trolls?

Why do Trolls fight Trolls?

By Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry

January, 2016

Many of you have begun to recognize the methods, tactics and strategies of myriad controlled opposition agents online and in social media. 838 more words

Plume Gate

Trump isn't going to Win

I hold this to be self-evident and wasn’t going to cover this topic, but I feel like stating it nonetheless. Donald Trump is controlled opposition. He is not going to win the next American presidential election, and he’s not there to do so. 344 more words


Controlled opposition groups - masks and channels for your dissatisfaction

I’ve noticed over the last few year the plethora of videos, campaigns, petitions and groups all designed to ‘unseat’ the status quo. They want a new world order, they just aren’t admitting whose NWO agenda this is. 771 more words

Corbyn's paper crown - is he a hand-picked candidate to take us into war?

If you want to make a viewpoint unacceptable, there is one really simple way to do it – set up a puppet opposition, make that their viewpoint and get the media to throw the rotten tomatoes at them. 125 more words

Anonymous VS. ISIS Illuminati NWO Controlled Opposition HOAX EXPOSED!

The Vigilant Christian

In this video I expose the controlled opposition hoax “Anonymous Vs ISIS”! Be not deceived we are in a season of heightened propaganda! 7 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies