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The Brave Truther Warrior

Just like the brave heroic warrior in the above music video, Steve De’ak singlehandedly and bravely takes on the might of an army of 9/11 truth deniers. 353 more words


Antifa riots against Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes

The other day Antifa (or Anti-Fascists or just Communists) started a riot in Berkeley. As far as I understand the riot erupted because the “conservative” journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was supposed to give a speech there. 506 more words


End-Times Narrative

By: Hugh Wyatt Man of Hughtoons

The (illusion of) choice was clear for most during the 2016 (s)election. Third parties will never rise in American politics, so whoever they were is irrelevant. 3,852 more words


Anti-Racist ‘Heathens’: So Pagan They Want to End Our Bloodlines

By: Blutunboden of The Renegade Tribune

“The Germans, I am apt to believe, derive their original from no other people; and are nowise mixed with different nations arriving amongst them…” 2,789 more words


This is Your Brain on the Abrahamic Mind Virus

What Aryan man would threaten to knock a woman out to the point of needing an ambulance called, all because he didn’t pay his internet bill and that is somehow that woman’s fault?  48 more words