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Flat Earth Drama and Shilling

There has been some “drama” among flat earthers as of late, and everyone likes to say they don’t like drama, but I do. Seeing people fight on the internet can be quite entertaining, yet the thing about internet drama is that it is mostly entertainment and does not provide much relevant information, so I usually try to stay away from it. 1,803 more words


Part I : Jews and the Libertarian Movement - Capitalism

by Alex Gore

Libertarians in general are against the concept of government. I myself had been a big fan of the libertarian movement for many years. 1,204 more words

Jewish Behavior

Zionist Report EXPOSED as Dishonest Plagiarists Promoting Disinfo Shills

Zionist Report presents itself as honest, hard-working researchers and journalists. However, Zionist Report is a mirror channel that promotes agents of disinformation and wants money for copy-pasting and plagiarising other people’s work. 193 more words


The Alt Right was Led Into a Trap in Charlottesville, Pro-Whites Now Seen as Terrorists

August 13, 2017 Kyle Hunt

In 2014 I organized the White Man March in an effort to raise awareness about White Genocide. Knowing our own weaknesses and the strengths of our enemies, I encouraged people to not engage in any planned marches, but instead to do hit-and-run flash demonstrations and localized activism. 1,739 more words


Pax Dickinson, the Alt-Right Party, and Controlled Opposition

July 31, 2017 Frank Wunder

Pax Dickinson, political-saboteur extraordinaire and (((Curtis Yarvin’s))) most effective puppet, is at it again. Apparently, while all of us have been thinking out strategies to withstand the Jewish-orchestrated subversive programming and the civilization-wide onslaught of the barbarians against our White families, Pax has been planning the final… 4,791 more words

Controlled Opposition