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Three Ways To Highlight That E-Mail Controversey (2015)

1. Read em.
2. Read em some more.
3. Let’s read all of them.
From every politician, in the modern day-
Even those that have been “safely for another day” stored away.


The One ~ The Only!

Arguably the most beloved person who ever lived, Jesus is certainly the most controversial figure in history.[1] More books have been written about him or because of what he said and did than any other person in history. 744 more words


Racism in the sporting arena

Racism is prominent throughout all aspects of sports. Most of the comments are made ‘in the heat of the moment’ as most sportsmen/women and spectators like to say. 749 more words

Adam Goodes

My Political Statement for the Year...or Not.

Generally, I keep my opinions of politics and other “current” events out of the limelight. It is just no a conversation I enjoy having with people because it becomes emotional and sticky. 653 more words


New Brunswick MP Rodney Weston's unused billboard slogans

Saint John — New Brunswick MP Rodney Weston has gotten a bit of flack lately for over-sharing on his new campaign billboards. Due to the negative feedback, Weston has decided that he will not be moving forward with the other slogans that he and his team had come up with. 29 more words


Is it bad PR for Ted Cruz for calling Rorschach a hero?

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Look don’t get me wrong Watchmen and characters like Rorschach are one of my favorite philosophical characters written in all of graphic novels. But if I was a politician running for either the… 1,071 more words


Why I think Stan Lee's comments on Micheal B. Jordan's Human Torch is Contradicting

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From a recent Entertainment Weekly article Stan Lee discuss among the criticism of Micheal B. Jordan cast as Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch. 969 more words