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Mulan Re-Make Might Star Jennifer Lawrenece

Sony is re-making Mulan and 90,000 people are making sure Jennifer Lawrence isn’t in it. After the news broke that the re-make was in development, a rumor started on Twitter that Lawrence was allegedly in talks to play the lead. 90 more words

Him, Her

So, I actually wrote a poem today. I know it’s usually Collin’s thing…but you know! Got to branch out sometimes. Although this one is pretty far out there, if you like things a little more racy. 76 more words

Water Water Everywhere

Wow. This one started a kerfuffle over at gocomics.com/overthehedge. Apparently, a large portion of my audience (now getting smaller) are climate change deniers. The specificity of denial is impressive. 136 more words

Comic Commentary

Problems Arise Along the Way

Date:  5/22/2016


On our spiritual journeys, problems we did not prepare for will arise along the way. Though this has been true in the history of the Church, is true for the Church today, and true even in our local congregation and within our lives personally; there is an effective way to handle these problems when they do arise both personally and collectively. 195 more words


The Discernment Blogger Who Cried, "Wolf!"

In this age of Internet communication, it’s been said a rumor will travel around the globe before truth has had a chance to lace up its boots.  1,615 more words