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I want to talk about something different today. For those of you who have read my blog in the past, you know my posts are normally always about comics, movies, games, etc. 568 more words


Sorry, No Offence

Social media is a crazy, fun place to be in. There’s real-time action, news, thoughts, opinions, and almost everything. Millions of souls, millions of thoughts! 377 more words

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The Ethics Controversy Of Informing and Oversharing

After the Parkland, Florida, school shooting on February 14, an article written by Paul Farhi of The Washington Post caught my eye. Titled, “Explaining or exploiting? 419 more words

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Decisions, Decisions

I currently have a few, “opinion posts” in progress and I am trying to get to a decision as to whether I will publish them. 66 more words

Controversy in the Beauty Industry

So there’s a lot of buzz in the beauty industry with so much going on between celebrities releasing their brands, cosmetic brands not releasing enough shades for people of color (PoC), and beauty influencers selling out, changing their content, and cashing their checks. 1,668 more words

Beauty Guru

Has JK Rowling Lost Her Magic?

Listen, this is a really tough topic. We never want to think that J.K. Rowling could do anything bad. She’s the mother of modern magical musings, she has seen us through the darkest of times, and given us quotes to last a lifetime. 431 more words

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