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*eyes can opener* *eyes can of worms*

Mornin’ all.

It’s been awhile. What can I say? It’s summer, and the brain’s been on cruise control.

…actually, that’s not really true. While it is summer, and my mind has been on a sort of break, it’s less like easing down the open road on a lazy sunshiny afternoon and more like a perpetual day at an amusement park. 1,895 more words


LIKES and LOVE: A Glimpse at Social Media and Relationships

Glorified images of gorgeous practically perfect women with flawless makeup took over the internet and coined the term “Instagram Models.” – or girls who know how to use filters very very well. 942 more words


Is Alexa Spying on You?

Amazon’s Echo has sold nearly 11 million units as of the release up until The end of January. Every product has their quirks with speech recognition, however this one is a bit odd… Videos have been surfacing all around the web where people have been asking Alexa (the echos speech assistant manager) some rather interesting questions. 79 more words


Mulan Re-Make Might Star Jennifer Lawrenece

Sony is re-making Mulan and 90,000 people are making sure Jennifer Lawrence isn’t in it. After the news broke that the re-make was in development, a rumor started on Twitter that Lawrence was allegedly in talks to play the lead. 90 more words

Him, Her

So, I actually wrote a poem today. I know it’s usually Collin’s thing…but you know! Got to branch out sometimes. Although this one is pretty far out there, if you like things a little more racy. 76 more words