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Bill Maher Gets No Smiles From Tyranny Expert: "I'm Not Going To Laugh At Any Of That"

Bill Maher couldn’t get so much as a chuckle out of his history┬áprofessor guest tonight when the subject turned to dictators. Timothy Snyder, author of… 345 more words

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Hollywood Gloats, Jokes & Otherwise Reacts To Trumpcare Failure

Carl Reiner says he got bumped by it, Drew Carey says it’s the makings of a worst day ever, and Rosie Perez says now, now everyone, don’t gloat: Hollywood watched the implosion of Trumpcare today and weighed in. 554 more words

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PBS CEO Says Trump Proposal Threatens "Very Existence"; Denies Partisan Elmo

PBS CEO Paula Kerger said today that President Donald Trump’s budget proposal would threaten the “very existence” of PBS at a time “when commercial news media pushes Americans apart.” 261 more words

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Seer 1 claims his followers who typed 'I receive' to his prophecy got money in their accounts

Can’t help but laugh lol! According to controversial Zambia-based Nigerian pastor, Ejimadu Andrew, aka Seer 1, his followers received strange money in their account after typing ‘I receive’ to his prophesy. 94 more words

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London Attack: Capital Carries On Amid New Reality

Sadly, the sort of deadly attack that hit London yesterday has become an all-too familiar occurrence throughout Europe in the past few years, from Paris… 1,191 more words

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Cats, Bees, and Anxiety

It can be hard to understand anxiety disorders if you have never been touched by one. Outsiders think of it as a lack of willpower, but they don’t understand the subconscious nature of it. 1,068 more words


JonTron Removed From Yooka-Laylee Over Controversial Views

JonTron is known as a massive Banjo Kazooie fan, no doubt why Playtonic asked him voice a character in their upcoming spiritual successor to the game. 181 more words