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Opinion of the Bible

Thomas Paine expressed it well… I too have a bad opinion of the Bible. Nice to know I am in such good company.

Paul, who wrote many of his New Testament epistles while imprisoned, would probably have admired Thomas Paine, who also wrote while being in prison for just over 10 months. 201 more words


A Tough Life: Do You Understand It?

Our lives are what they are because of the series of choices that we have made over the years. There is nothing as empowering as knowing that life is great as a result of the decisions that you made by yourself. 432 more words


Turkey PM Recep Ergdodan Cracks Down On Media Following Failed Coup

Turkey’s hardline Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is bringing down the hammer on the country’s media following on from the failed coup earlier this month. More than 130 media outlets, including 16 television stations, 23 radio stations, 45 newspapers, are being shut down as the Turkish government moves to consolidate its power. 419 more words


Lets Talk About....All The Senseless Killings

What has happened to our world? Or should I ask what is happening to our world? Why is there so much hatred and wickedness and evil? 285 more words

Trevor Noah On Trump's Call For Russia To Hack DNC: "Are You [Expletive] Me?!"

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah tonight dipped its toes back into the overtly political waters forded regularly under the captaincy of former host Jon Stewart with a fiery, blunt takedown of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. 272 more words


Fiery Joe Biden Touts Top Dems, Roasts "Clueless" Donald Trump & Stokes American Pride At DNC

Joe Biden took the stage at the Democratic National Convention tonight to “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from Philly-set Rocky, and was met with rapturous cheers. 897 more words

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Part Of James Cameron's Global-Warming Video Shown At Dem Convention

OK, let’s try to wrap our heads around the following: Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Republican former governor of California, just talked about global warming at the Democratic National Convention. 200 more words

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