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What is Important?

I want to sound deep and sagely. But honestly, I am just so tired and looking for a way out. I mean, that’s why we all ask stupid questions like what is important, right? 142 more words


Controversial Comics

Comics are generically known as fantastic, heroic, violent, adventurous.  But they are also an artistic outlet to address more serious issues like racism, politics, corruption, societal struggles, and sexual and domestic violence.   131 more words

Black men will always be inferior to whites

I didn’t make a mistake in the heading, nor is it misleading in any form. Moreover, I’m not a racist in any form. I love every human race as a human. 177 more words


James Reid And Nadine Lustre Finally Speaks Up About Their Controversial Video Kissing!

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The real life couple Nadine Lustre and James Reid prove to the world the authenticity of their relationship with this short video of them together as they were having a candid moment together. 8 more words

On Bathrooms

Lately I have been hearing a lot about the Target bathroom controversy. While I see no issue with Target’s policy, and because of that have not been paying much attention to the great deal of coverage on both news outlets and social media, there is one aspect of the oppositions argument that I just can’t ignore any longer. 1,027 more words

Did Slavery Really Cause the American Civil War?

More than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, historians still debate what really caused the bloodiest conflict in the nation’s history. There are a good many people, especially Southerners, who will argue that the Civil War was less about slavery and more about states’ rights. 980 more words

Geraldo Rivera Sits Down With El Chapo Gal Pal Kate Del Castillo On Saturday

History may have put in development the story of notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, without Kate del Castillo or Sean Penn, from… 169 more words