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Donald Trump Applauds Win As Greg Gianforte Apologizes For "Response" To "Liberal Journalist" Trumpcare Question

Only after winning Montana’s special election for the state’s one seat in the House of Representatives did Greg Gianforte apologize for allegedly body slamming a reporter who had asked him a question about House-passed Trumpcare legislation. 362 more words

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"The Three Rings of the North" on "Mountain Monsters"

With an episode title like “The Three Rings of the North,” (S5/Ep6), you might think that Mountain Monsters was getting into some kind of Tolkienesque fantasy, but the rings referenced were of grapevine, and hobbits were nowhere in sight. 410 more words


Jared Kushner Now "Under Scrutiny" In FBI's Russia Probe

Days after reporting that a senior White House official close to President Donald Trump was a “person of interest” in the FBI’s Russia probe, Washington Post… 276 more words

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It's pretty contro-fucking-versial

I love the F word, don’t know what word I’m talking about? Fairies, forests, forensic science, flowers: stop making me give you FALSE ideas (I do actually love flowers though,  452 more words


A new Netflix addiction?

This show has easily been one of the most controversial Netflix series put out to air.

The show is about a girl in high school who is struggling with being bullied and was forced to face countless hard things that most people don’t even have to face in a lifetime. 249 more words


Why Far Cry 5 Is Going To Be A Very Controversial Video Game

Ubisoft just dropped new artwork for the upcoming newest game in the franchise Far Cry 5.

The image shows a group of heavily-armed, heavily-bearded men, plus one woman and a wolf, positioned in a very Last Supper-like pose around a table festooned with a slightly-modified US flag—crosses instead of stars—and with a vaguely menacing messiah figure at the center. 221 more words


Labor party unsure how to respond to Liberal party ‘Stealthing’ their policies

Labor party members have been left utterly bamboozled and feeling a little dirty with the recent ‘Stealthing’ of their policies.

Stealthing which derived its name from the removal of a male contraceptive during coitus has invoked many similarities between the current messy state of Australian politics. 257 more words