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Google is being sued, Facebook’s on trial, major companies are getting exposed every day, and college campuses are attempting to suppress free speech. When will it stop?   244 more words


Lets just walk out.

I love the idea of a good protest.  Actually, I lied, I hate that idea.  The protesting around America, at the moment, are out of control.  340 more words


Equal? Depends

Equal rights…exactly what do we women not have the right to do? We have the right to do literally anything we want to do. President / CEO of a company or step into a wrestling or boxing ring. 1,637 more words


Point of Faith

                                                        If I may touch but his clothes…Mark 5:28

Faith is the irrevocable prerequisite for pleasing God, it is the handle by which we operate spiritual realities and make them physically tangible, it goes far beyond our physical sense and many times is in conflict with those senses, it is the primal means by which we receive from God and even by which we give to God, it’s so serious that scripture declares “…whatever is not of faith is sin (Rom 14:23)”. 1,838 more words

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Is Racism Natural? (Controversial)

Racism is Human Nature, and a very crucial part of our revolution. Broadly, racism is cherishing your own race and thinking as the different race as inferior. 391 more words


Stuntman Injured By SUV Driven By Tom Sizemore On 'Shooter' Set Settles Lawsuit

A lawsuit brought by a stuntman pinned beneath an SUV driven by Tom Sizemore during a TV production has been settled.

A notice of settlement was filed March 29 on the suit, which named Paramount Pictures and Sizemore. 130 more words

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And in the top spot is...

 Thank you Watchmojo 😊 thank you very much indeed (Ren and Stimpy beat out cartoons like Cow And Chicken 😉 )

When I saw this list; my initial thought was; those two have to be in there somewhere. 126 more words