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Alec Baldwin Says Ha! To Donald Trump, While Judd Apatow Calls 'SNL'-Watching Prez-Elect "Terrifying Lunatic"

Alec Baldwin gave a big “Ha” to Donald Trump’s Saturday Night Live kvetching, while director Judd Apatow had a slightly more impassioned take on the president-elect’s late-night viewing habits: “You terrifying lunatic.” 404 more words


My controversial views on animal rights...

Honestly I’m not sure where to start with this blog post, because I myself find it difficult to draw the lines with what I’m okay with and what I’m not and how I feel about things because the truth is, we do need to use animals for some things that we wouldn’t use humans for and it is okay to treat animals different from humans… but it’s also really not. 635 more words

Being Vegetarian

Watch where I trip before I fall 

Why does every mainstream romantic comedy seem to end the same? There’s always the pretty girl-vulnerable and open to caring for someone else with her whole heart for the handsome bad boy who’s guarded from his feelings. 1,097 more words


Hollywood Reacts With Disgust At 'Last Tango" Rape Scene Revelations

Actors and other public figures are responding with outrage at recently surfaced news that Last Tango In Paris director Bernardo Bertolucci, in a three year old video… 669 more words

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What's the Tea?!

Tea is a bit of a sneakily controversial beverage.

I am a habitual tea drinker… around 4 cups a day usually. Tea is my happy place and a big part of how I chill out. 267 more words


What's Wrong with Millennials?

I’ve been hearing it for years and years: what is wrong with millennials?  We are the softest, laziest, and most entitled generation ever… At least that’s what they say. 737 more words


CNN Apologizes To Trump Team For Producer's Plane-Crash Crack Caught On Camera

CNN says it has disciplined a producer heard off-camera making a crack about Donald Trump’s plane crashing while setting up for a live Suzanne Malveaux report from the POTUS-elect’s Thank-You Tour kickoff. 123 more words

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