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The chookwatchers' damage limitation tactics

The chookwatchers have gone into full damage control mode on their chookwatch-central site as Hillsong defenders rubbish the CWs’ support of the abysmal ACA beat-up on Hillsong United’s successful music ventures, which are being independently filmed by a US producer. 1,112 more words



As we travel through life, this little dynamic visits with us and will not take no for an answer. It requires a choice and many have trouble with it. 574 more words


Being and not being a Christian?

There are, gathered here on this blog, a wide variety of those who confess the name of Jesus as the name above all names; indeed, with our latest contributor, … 971 more words


John 10: The Possibility of the Supernatural

I have heard it said that the people during the time of Jesus were perhaps more gullible people today, and that is why, as our scientific knowledge expands, it seems to be the case that atheism is the rise. 486 more words


How to be the kind of woman I approve of, because that's the only kind there is

I doubt I’ll ever have the chutzpah to write a how-to book on anything, even if peddling myself as an expert on something might earn me better sales. 517 more words

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Diet Pepsi drops chemical sweetener in an attempt to satisfy public pressure—was it necessary?

In what seems like good news, Diet Pepsi has chosen to take out aspartame (a chemically-made sweetener that is widely speculated to cause cancer) in the U.S. 361 more words