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ISIS: the response?

This is the second part of an analysis of ISIS and our response to it. The author needs to remain anonymous, but I am happy to feed back questions. 1,062 more words


Instagram may be getting too personal

Just a few hours ago, I discovered the latest hot headline: “Instagram has blocked the sentence ‘I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ.” 304 more words


Are Apple's Controversial Emojis Too "Yellow"?


And why is a travel website like ours reporting on Apple emojis?

Because whether we’re away from home or not, emojis are ways we communicate with loved ones. 616 more words


twenty seven two

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of debate/drama/controversy/finger pointing/arguing/blaming/whatever you want to call it, going around on campus.

I’m not going to bore you the details because chances are that if you are reading this then you already KNOW what is going on (I’ll put links at the end of this). 471 more words


The Controversy of the Honey Bun: The Not so Sweet Truth

Today on my blog, I’m tackling the invention that changed the face of sweets forever, and the shady history that accompanies it.

When my friend Jacob Street informed me that his great-great-grandfather was the inventor of the honey bun, I immediately disregarded the statement as a joke. 276 more words

Allergies: When Over Protectiveness Can Kill

Food allergies are a major problem in society nowadays. A lot of my friends carry Epi-Pens because they have peanut or dairy allergies. Nowadays I am quite used to seeing my friends carry Epi-Pens. 405 more words