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I believe the first thing I ever had published was a letter to the editor of my small town newspaper. I was a child and someone ran over my cat and didn’t stop. 393 more words

Another NASA Hoax: Mars Rovers Discovered Staged at Devon Island, Canada

The Book: “And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either” (2015)  provides conclusive evidence the Apollo mission was a hoax that never landed and returned a man from the moon.  800 more words


The Burkini

Do you see the difference between the two outfits above? Is there much of a difference? Could you tell which one was a burkini and which was an ordinary wetsuit? 1,696 more words


The 'saved'

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with Bosco, who has been here from the start, telling us all that Jesus will save us all if we just ask. 898 more words


NASA Lied – USA Never Landed on the Moon.

Comment:  I’ve studied this issue for a long time to discover a large amount of evidence that the Moon Landing never happened.  Like the vacuum of evidence in Obama’s alleged Bin Laden assassination,  NASA has failed to supply the public with any verifiable evidence that a single moon landing was accomplished.  488 more words


Today in Madonna History: August 27, 2012

On August 27 2012, Madonna released a statement through her website in response to the controversy that had been sparked by some members of the American press who opposed her use of fake artillery as props in the… 467 more words


Doing our "due diligence" on social media

Below are two terrific articles by Michael Thomas who writes for Expose the Truth. He explains the phenomenon of pseudoscience and how social media, now a mainstream media platform, facilitates commenting and sharing articles and so-called-truths by sharing without reading. 171 more words

Power Of Social Media