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Non-Random Readings: Calculating the Value of College

From this week’s New Yorker and just in time for the September board meeting comes a timely review of the arguments made on behalf of (and against) various theories of the value of a college degree, which in one writer’s estimation lead to a conclusion similar to the one we’ve been trying to make in various ways since 2010: 350 more words





Just heard, ArGo is being roped in by top cop RaMa to ‘break’ IMu’s silence. Just also heard in another breaking news that an image of naMo whispering what was claimed a political strategy to his man Friday, during an election rally in Bihar,  was actually NaMo dictating a thank you letter to InMu for having diverted people’s attention from the laMo and SuSwa controversy. 618 more words

2EYES | Lawsuit for "PIPPI" Concept

2EYES has been underway with their comeback promotions, particularly involving their latest single “PIPPI” but apparently, they have been treading on trademarked territory. The concept has been focused on Pippi Longstocking. 92 more words


SM Entertainment | Kris Legal Team Says "Contract is illegal" + SM Responds

This is still being dragged out. It’s been going on for so long that at some point I think I might stop talking about altogether until they can come to some conclusion and figure out something where both parties can agree to walk away happy with whatever decision they come up with. 320 more words


2NE1|CL Comments Outrage Netizens

CL recently gave an interview with Paper magazine, which is a magazine in New York that focuses on arts, culture pop-culture, music, fashion.. all the things we love. 411 more words


500 miles

I’m kidding, relax, this has nothing to do with 500 miles other than that’s the tune that came into my head when I was going to title this post 100 hours. 320 more words

Farmers Branch Shoots Down Proposed Gun Range Near School

FARMERS BRANCH — It was fight night at the Farmers Branch City Council meeting Tuesday. In one corner: The Westwood, a private Pre-K-through-12 Montessori school. In the other: Texas Legends, a company that wanted to turn an old post office into an indoor gun range. 150 more words