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The Super Bowl brought about more controversy than expected, is Beyonce at fault for the drama? – for JOUR 4250

By Laura Muensterer

Although I never watch the Super Bowl (don’t want to pay for cable), I always find it interesting to see what ads and performances inspire online discussions and blog posts. 422 more words


Let's Talk About Beyoncé

We need to talk. As you might have heard, Beyoncé performed during this year’s super bowl. As you might also have heard, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding that performance, as well as the new video which she released the day before said performance. 725 more words

American Idol Is Taking Away Your Voting Power — and It's Infuriating

Jennifer Lopez already has a big-money Las Vegas concert residency, a recent Season 2 renewal for her NBC drama Shades of Blue, an A+ Dubsmash game… 569 more words


Should civilians be allowed to wear bullet proof vests?

LAS VEGAS — Former police officer Brian Murphy was shot 15 times at the Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin in 2012.

Now he works for Michigan-based Armor Express and sells the same brand of bulletproof vest that saved his life. 695 more words



3 families on benefits have been given £26,000 in a experiment to see if the best way to get people off benefits is to give them large sums of money. 18 more words


"NASA Banning Jesus"... Some Education

Alright, so about this “NASA banning Jesus” business. Figuring I should address this, considering it’s where I work.

According to news articles released this week, NASA asked a Christian group at JSC to remove the name of Jesus from a center-wide email. 528 more words

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Voting by PRSTV: Use your preferences

A citizen has just one vote. The voter expresses preferences by using the ballot paper to instruct the returning officer as to what to do with that one vote. 265 more words