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Long In The Tooth

My friend Greg mentioned one of his paternal uncles in conversation, yesterday.  He said, “Uncle Ted’s getting long in the tooth, so I don’t trust his opinion anymore.” I couldn’t help my grin, after hearing the seldom used idiom. 806 more words


The Holiday We Should Change: Thanksgiving

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Due to the recent passing of Thanksgiving, I would like to shed some light on the history of the holiday. In… 888 more words


Is Birth Control Sexist?

Some questions I’ve been pondering regarding birth control, abortion, and the like…

Since we live in an unfortunate ideology where to be a true “woman” we should endorse “women’s rights”… Which in the current day in age is: birth control and abortion… 640 more words



Liturgically speaking, we are stepping in to the beginning of a time of waiting called Advent. We symbolically wait for Christ’s birth which has a predetermined beginning and end. 880 more words


Banned Books in America: An Examination

This was an essay that was written originally for a Children’s Literature class during Banned Books Week 2015.  But the subject of banning books, as well as other forms of art or media, is a hot button issue throughout the year, not just in October – here’s one writer (and avid reader’s) take on the subject.  1,448 more words


Before it gets out of hand & you find yourself angry for nothing, I have to say this. Remember the recent Starbucks red coffee cup controversy, when there actually wasn’t much of a controversy? 160 more words