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Voting by PRSTV: Use your preferences

A citizen has just one vote. The voter expresses preferences by using the ballot paper to instruct the returning officer as to what to do with that one vote. 261 more words

The simplicity of God

I am grateful to Chalcedon  and Dave Smith for their help in trying to understand the language of Marian veneration. But I still feel, as I did reading David Monier-Williams’ explanation of the ‘hows’ of therapy as though I am in the presence of something designed to complicate matters in a way that allows those conveying the language to exercise power; it is the creation of an hieratic priesthood which has privileged access to secret mysteries cloaked in a language of social exclusion: don’t understand it? 661 more words


The Times They Are A Changin'

1964 was a watershed year in the history of the United States.  The division between the status quo and the anti-establishment became more obvious.  The Vietnam War continued to heat up and became an even more contentious event at home and… 741 more words

Cultural Highlights

What is really happening in Amazon

One of the companies that fascinates me is Amazon. I mean don’t you love how Amazon Prime allows you to get almost anything you could ever imagine in two days? 360 more words


Michigan Bill Bans Oral & Anal Sex for EVERYBODY!

LANSING, MICHIGAN — Instead of fixing Flint’s toxic water issue, Michigan lawmakers are focused on more important issues (insert sarcasm) — like making it illegal to perform oral and anal sex. 98 more words

National/World News

Will Smith Responds to Fresh Prince's Janet Hubert Drama: She's 'Brilliant'

You’ll never guess which Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star dropped this little gem in a recent interview: “I think that both of the Aunt Vivs were really, really fantastic.” 196 more words


LGBT+ Controversy

A girl in school (name and sexuality irrelevant) put up harmless posters in school raising awareness for LGBT+ History Month 2016. A teacher took it upon themselves to remove these posters from the walls. 159 more words