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It's Time For The Nine Dollar An Hour Negro To Sit Down!


Levi Pettit didn’t really apologize for his intentional, well-practiced racist rant that was capturedĀ on a cell phone video. He simply stood before a bunch of supposedly forgiving, wannabe proprietors of Uncle Tom’s cabin, reading off talking points written by Mommy&Daddy’s high powered and very expensive consulting firm. 416 more words


Chooks reveal Reformed agenda

According to Chookwatcher if you don’t embrace Reformed theology you are rejecting traditional and historic Christianity.

Or so they say on their new CWCentral site in their ‘ABCDs’ page. 2,120 more words

Reformed Theology


Aside from sports team loyalty, I don’t have much use for being “true blue” or “dyed in the wool” when it comes to how I view life and formulate my opinions. 868 more words


A Girl Crush

Apparently this song is copping some flak because people think it’s about lesbians (and really, so what if it is?) and it’s being pulled from radio stations. 251 more words


Censorship on the radio today made me angry

This afternoon, while I was driving my son home from archery practice, I heard “Pumped-Up Kicks” come on the radio. If you’re not familiar with the song, it’s by Foster the People and it’s about… 1,020 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

Deja vu is real and ugly

People often ask me how Judaism continues to impact my Christianity. There are many answers, but one of them is starkly relevant today: Judaism has given me a strong sense of empathy, because I am still too keenly aware of the frustration of growing up a minority in America. 637 more words