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Woman discovers two-way mirror in Chicago-area bar's bathroom

BERWYN, Ill. — Comedian Tamale Rocks recently made a strange and unpleasant discovery while getting ready to perform at a Chicago-area bar.

Rocks uploaded a video to YouTube… 321 more words


Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo: I'm 'Excited' for Meredith's Life After Derek

For all you Grey’s Anatomy fans who swear you’re done with the ABC drama following Thursday’s devastating death, star Ellen Pompeo has a humble request for you: keep watching! 131 more words


The Family

Here’s a piece I wrote for the Illinois Baptist newspaper on the final article in the Baptist Faith & Message on “The Family.”


Bobby Brown Filed For Guardianship of Daughter's Estate

It seems as though Bobby Brown is preparing to settle up Bobbi Kristina’s loose ends. 11 Alive┬áreports that he has filed for guardianship over her estate, a move that will give him the authority to reign over her financial matters and the Houston family is not happy about it. 213 more words


Can we live very long life-spans? If we can, Is it moral?

Many scientists believe that children born today, in the western world at least, will live to an average of 100 years. What happens after that is uncertain, but many influential thinkers believe it will be ultimately possible for mankind to defeat death – to become immortal. 591 more words


Protests and prayers: Wake for Freddie Gray after night of scuffles

BALTIMORE — As a funeral home opened its doors for Freddie Gray’s wake Sunday, a few store owners were clearing the mess from the destruction caused by a handful of protesters the night before. 962 more words


Breastfeeding Mom or Sex Symbol?

So I recently posted this picture with the caption “I support breastfeeding mothers in public! Do you?”. That was my first mistake, I did get quite a response from my friends and most agreed with my views. 349 more words